Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zorro Revisited

Pa decided that the earlier pictures of Zorro did him no justice, so he went down to take proper pictures at Mount Pleasant East at 152 East Coast Road.
Zorro is a really happy dog. Always grinning and friendly. Not a single bark came out from him. He is toilet trained and he happily went back into his cage with no prompting!
He might be 6 years old, but he knows all the basic commands and really very happy to do them. He seems very calm and collect, generally very happy.
Pretty small in size too! We really would love to have him rehomed to a great family. Please spread the word. You can contact MingLi (the lovely girl here) to view Zorro at 96939590 or leave an email at
We also met Simba and he is like 42kgs! Really great with people too! Pa's brother was even humped by Simba... Simba simply loves to hump people. So Uncle Song warned Simba not to hump him... but Simba being Simba... he still humped Uncle Song.

So Uncle Song humped Simba instead.

Which would have been ok except a passerby walked by and gasped at the entire scene.


cancanma said...

Great work u have done there! Hope Zorro finds a home soon! :)

Amber-Mae said...

Zorro is always smiling. He must have such a great temperament too!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Nikki said...

Such a cute boy. Can be my boyfriend :)

eneres said...

He Zorro is one cute boy! I'm sure he will find his new home soon! I will spread this in my blog too.. cheers!

Unknown said...

What a lovely dog.....