Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Farewell Bruno... Its been an honor.

I remember it as if it was just yesterday...

But we're all old now really.

Dec 2007. That was when I first met Bruno.

 We had a great time together... its been a blast the pass 8 years. I know I haven't really been updating the blog anymore, but really its because Pa is so damn busy now... even I hardly see him.

Bruno has always been the happier, dumber one I suppose... but he has always been one of the greatest.
We have like all best of friends, fought and bonded... kiss and bit each other. Like real brothers we have grown to be.

Look what we have achieved! I've been on fashion runways... and he was the star in a suria drama serial. We trained and served together with the SCDF and briefly, therapy dogs. I think as dog lives go, we have been pretty cool.
 We have been to as many places as Pa has humanly brought us... and even more so to places where no one thought possible. Dog runs, High fashion shows, pools and screams... we have been everywhere.

Bruno has generally behaved well and has been the gentlest doggie I have ever known. A true heart of a Chi Wah Wah. Even with kids that decides to grab his tongue...
 Bruno, you will be missed. You will always have a placed in everyone's heart that you have touched. And you have touched many hearts.
 So let us meet over that rainbow bridge. You know which one you dufus. Stop running all over the place. The pain is gone I'm sure... now go over the bridge and wait for me there.... I'll be coming along soon enough. I am a whole 7 dog years older than you.
 Yes... Daddy will be coming along soon as well. Don't worry. He wun forget about us. I know it from the bottom of my heart. He's busy in this life. But when he meets us eventually... he will dedicate his time to us.
Bruno was laid to rest at the place he spent most of his life in. He had just turned 8 years old. I am already 9 years old... and I can feel the age creeping up on me as well. I've recently turned completely blind and relies on my sense of smell to get about.

I can still smell Pa and go to him.

I hear that I get my eyesight back once I cross that bridge. I just can't wait to see Pa as well. For now, I'll be contented to smell him as long as I can.