Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nature Versus Nurture

Nature is a wondrous thing. It can make perfection out of imperfection. A beautiful flower growing in the middle of a jungle with NO ONE to appreciate. It will wither and die and no one would know it existed.
Boiling hot springs flowing in the jungle that no one really bothers about. Little miracles in life.
What a great life for a dog living beside a hot spring. I wouldn't mind it either.
And nature is what drives us to eat little children. First we tenderize them...add a little slobber seasoning...
Then we set them on the grill and stare at them till cooked.
These are actually Pa's Client's Kids. They really love us a lot. I wish I could keep them. not that I didn't ask.

They gave us belly rubs the entire time! Better than Pa i tell ya... he is so busy he just ignores us most of the time!

Aren't they simply adorable?
Pawtobellows is closed. Too bad we couldn't really give a real big goodbye for them... but we will definitely look out for the next thing they are setting up. It has been a really good experience and we will miss EVERYONE THERE. Its so sad. We heard that there were ex-staff that asked about us and where we were...

Thank you very much. The memories are priceless.
We will remember Pawtobellows till the end of our time... and tell our currently-non-existent-kids about the place as well.

Really really.

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