Saturday, December 22, 2007

How Bad a Rottie Bite can be

Remember Mambo? He is the JRT that was attacked by the 5 Rotties that were kept by some very irresponsible people.
Just to let you know that Mambo is ok. The following pictures are genuine as far as I know, and it is not a widely shown about. It might be a tad disturbing, so if you are a sensitive soul, just look away.

I remember that it was widely debated just how badly Mambo was injured... and whether or not the issue was blown out of proportion. The following pictures if true are a confirmation on the severity of the attack, as well as the exact fear both dog and owner feel when the pack of 5 attacked.

This is a testament to anyone who wants to have a dog. Be responsible. Socialise your dogs well. If you are not willing to learn how to, or do not have the time to do so, then for God's sake, do not own dogs.

As a disclaimer, these pictures may or may not be Mambo's injuries. Any resemblance to any living creature alive or dead is purely coincidental. The source of these pictures are kept strictly confidential. View the following pictures at your own discretion. Do not link your blog or dlogs with these pictures. If you like, just ask people come to this entry directly. No permission would be given to post these pictures up any public forum or any other blog/dlog etc. or similar media printed or digital.

This was no Play. Mambo is lucky to be alive. As for Mrs Singh, I sincerely advise that you no longer keep dogs and that you should be required to pass an exam in Dog keeping if you want to continue to do so. When I looked at these picture. The anger I feel can be called irrational. Us Rotties do not need owners like you. It is owners like you that give us a bad BAD name.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bruno and Bear

Pa might be adopting another dog called Bruno. (not Axle!!)

Bruno's pretty sweet, but not as sweet as me! He's about 43kg which is a whole 10kgs more than me. I'm a little be miffed with him right now... Just got spanked by Pa... but he took my toy without permission!
We do rest around the same though... I guess it'll be some time to get used to each other. And we have still Christmas to decide.

Monday, December 17, 2007

PA IS BACK at last!!!

What a bloody long trip he has taken to DUBAI.

Why would he go for so long a time I wonder... There is nothing but strangers, sun and plenty of sand over there. And he didn't even buy anything for me.


He is also more interested in pictures of other things than of me... and he heard that Axle (another 1 year old rottie) is going to be up for adoption... that's so sad. Apparently Axle's owner is moving to Indonesia and Axle cannot go along.

That's pretty sad...

Was there any updates on the Rottie Issue? Pa wasn't around... and I cannot read the papers... Oh well...

...over 600 pictures to sort out apparently... so I just picked the ones that tell a story...
NO guesses what happened here... Pa brought some very VERY sturdy fish tanks over and the BOTH broke and shattered... ON ONE SIDE.
So he ended up putting his fish in other people's tanks instead...
well, admittedly, I think they look better too!
These were some of the organisers that Pa went to Dubai with.
Just some random dinner my Pa had in Dubai. According to him, this is as far as fine dining in Dubai is...
Pa also went to something called a Desert Safari. Look at how soft and water like the sand is like! Apparently its really very fine sand.
Dubai's Sunsets can be seen with the naked eye.
Some Desert Camp dinner thing... They had some belly dancer come out to entertain everyone.
Pa's honestly more interested in the food.
Some of the other guys getting stoned smoking some tobacco.

OK... time to end off with a picture of myself.

Monday, December 03, 2007

More Bad Press, Rottie Attacks Dog! Clip available here!

There was a time when roaming free was allowed. Where leash and cages didn't matter. When people actually tried to know about something before getting involved.

The Rottie issue has just escalated. The Newpaper dedicated up till 5 pages on it and they even kindly included an article of how a HUMAN bit off another HUMAN's ear.... what has that gotta do with it I have NO idea.

The Singh family was also caught out of a lie about their dogs not attacking humans. Now.. not only do we look worst, but they will be public enemy number 1.

What will happen now?

Since everyone is so interested in Rottie attacks... I have here just how ferocious Rotties can get. This video was made with no one getting hurt... I hope!
I was accidentally minding my own business one day when I accidentally tripped over a small little dog in the office. No... I didn't do it on purpose. You can see my tongue sticking out as a little cute "oops" gesture.
That fellow doesn't know anything about why size matters. But I gotta give it to him... He has a big heart.
After the attack, we all took a break together... before causing my Pa's computer screen to crash to the ground. We all got scolded. :(

Click here to see the Defenceless Dog bite BEAR!