Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swimming Lessons Doggie Style...

Meet Gucci... Auntie Crystal's 12 year old JRT that goes crazy over reflection. For an old man, he is pretty active.
Here we are playing with Auntie Crystal at the pool... she doesn't know how wet she is gonna be...
We also spotted a new breed of dog in the pool the other day... Vera was being polite and giving the other dog a greeting.
Meet Kitty... Yes. it is not a cat.
And of course... Kitty's mom... whom we had loads of fun with...
She's quite gentle... so I decided to play tug with her...
She was good fun.
Check out the expression on her face.
Decided that she would look good in the water.
Almost there...
And.. I almost got her....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jay Jay Adopted!

I spied a beautiful single white streak running across the sky today. And I asked Pa what that meant? He told me that it was a plane that is VERY high up in the sky. What does it do? It brings you to many places in a very short time.

I'd like that I said. And I will bring all the dogs that needs new homes to where ever they are wanted and needed.

Maybe its not a plane, but a dog running really really fast. Could be... Pa said. Well, since we can't see the plane anyway.
Another day in Paradise then. Bruno's butt has a fungal infection. God knows where his butt has been sitting.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jay Jay the Mini Chow in need of a new Home

Remember Jay the Mini Chow? We still have not been able to re-home him! I need all your help in finding him a new home soon! Apparently the owner's dad has put a strict timetable on his survival.
As you can see, he is 5 years old, not a very big Chow at all! that why we call him a Mini Chow! He is rather well-behaved and makes a great companion! But it looks like he is in need of a grooming soon!

Just in case you guys have forgotten the contact details, it is Mandy, 96567222.

Or you can also contact Pa at killertouch@hotmail.com no problem.

Update on Trip (previously known as Tripod)

Auntie Lillian was kind enough to update us on Trip's condition and even sent us some photos!

This was what she wrote!
Dear friends and well-wishers of Tripod (now Trip),

Here's quick update - it's been exactly one week since Trip has moved
in here to his new home and he's gotten pretty comfy pretty quickly.
He's all puppy goofiness and falling over all the time and he's also
a quiet and independent dog.

He loves his doggy toys (thanks Petbuddy!) and sleeping on my stuff.
He likes grass and flowers and butterflies and bees. He's a picked a
corner of my study that he loves sleeping in and he loves that corner
so much I've seen him lick the wall. That's all I've figured out for

He's got a bad case of mites now (it's not contagious) so he's itchy
and has to wear that cone for a while more. It's not helping his
balance much! He's a on a bunch of meds so we're hoping to beat this
thing soon though it will probably take weeks.

I'm afraid I don't have more interesting photos of him because
everytime I whip out a camera, he comes running excitedly towards me
(see photo #1). So, the only in-focus pictures I've managed are ones
of him sleeping.


Trip hopes to meet you all soon if he hasn't already!

- Lillian
Sounds like the little brat hasn't changed a bit! I especially like the bit about the Grass, Butterflies and Bees! Bees?? Trip Trip Trip... somethings i guess you will have to find out about yourself.Looks like Auntie Lillian has quite an eye for pictures as well... I hope to see more pictures about Trip here!I hope he doesn't get TOO lonely... cause hey... you are welcome to come back to visit anytime Trip. And we'll go run in that big ass field i've been telling you about.Until then, Bruno's been waiting for you to get back... I've told him that you weren't getting back. "good riddance" I heard him utter under his breath... but as he suns himself, I catch him look at the gate waiting for you.

Mr Foo the taxi driver has been in contact with us, and money has been offered back to him. However, he would hear nothing of it, refusing to accept even a small compensation. He wants Auntie Lillian to use the money for his medical fees.

While it is great that we have people like Mr Foo, it is also obvious to me that we cannot always depend on people like him to save us dogs. We have been thinking of starting a fund so that dogs that need emergency procedures like Trip here, can depend on the collective good rather than the individual.

What do you guys think?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goodbye Little Tripod, Buttons... What's in a Name?

What a little brat Tripod has been... hahaha... I have been told its not nice to call Tripod that... I am sure his new mummy will give him a better name!

Tripod's all excited to be going to his new home. We gave him the normal prep talk we give all the little Doggies we re-home... Be a GOOD BOY. We told him of all the places we can go and hope he will visit them with his new mommy.

We brought him to a few places and he got really excited... Some humans that he was pretty strange but still very cute. Even in his Hairless State... See you soon Tripod!
As we watched him wait eagerly to go to his new place, we put a little video together of just how irritating he is when he was with us.

He will be missed, but we hope he wun be a stranger and come visit us... or we can always see him at all the doggie places.

Have fun Tripod... 4 or 3 legs, its not what you have, but what you do with it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tripod's Adoption Day / An eventful past week

What a week... Its been a pretty hectic on for me and so many things have happened!

Take a look at the video we made on Tripod and the rest of us while we looked for a new home for him!
After his first jab, Tripod's immunity dropped and he contracted Demodex... But not to worry, it is already recovering... He's just a little ugly now. We would like to thank everyone for spreading the message so well that we had 3 families come on down to take a look at him...It was RAINING that day! We couldn't keep our promise to Tripod... We wish we did... He was so great... If you look at the video... he was moving about totally fine. Clumsy, but fine.Indoors or outdoors, it didn't matter to us one bit. Bruno as usual was asking for his normal rubs. That little baby.Tripod Was also a strangely happy, contented and confident dog. He slept when he did... played when he did... and not once did he mess the place up. *cough* unlike QQ *cough*Even when there were other less... accepting dogs, he was behaving like a champ he is!One family had to pull out because their current dog just simply couldn't take the outdoors too well... But really, he was already very lucky to have his family... I hope that one day we could meet again and play...
Meet Lilian, Tripod's new family. We could only choose one family and Lilian we hope would be Tripod's best choice! We look forward to hearing more from her... Hope she updates us regularly what is going on with him!
Tripod is a lucky lucky fellow to have so many strangers love him. Yeah yeah yeah... we love him too. We'll try to keep that promise of running in that big field of ours.
Dexter here came all the way down to meet Tripod too! He had a really good deal for his Sony Alpha 200 at $600!!! Keep in touch Dexter! Take more pictures of me!
Talking about taking photos, We stumbled across an event at the Doggie Run and we took pictures with very pretty people! WOOHOO! meet Jean Danke! Bruno's head is bigger than hers. Some might be wondering what's QQ doing with us... well.. she ran away! And didn't want to go home!
Hahaha... but she misses home... I can tell. And she will be home soon...
Of course not until we all had a little fun at the field... Tripod could have seen it!
But hey... time is all we've got when we got great parents... All we need to worry about is being good and confident.
Attaboy. Be that smart, confident, friendly dog I know you are... You definitely have a little Rottie blood in you... so dun let me down you hear?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Adoption Viewing for Tripod on Good Friday!

Tripod will have his potential new parents coming to take a look at him. We have received pledges and people going to the clinic trying to sneak a peek at him... Now you can! However the clinic is closed on Good Friday, but the viewing will be conducted at the nearby farm... My farm...

Com'on down to 15 Seletar West Farmway 1 in the afternoon! Anytime from 3-4 pm onwards to 6-7pm. If we aren't there... just go to the big field right outside Farmway 1 and you will see us running about in the field.

If you aren't sure how to get here... go to gothere.sg and you can find all the info you need on how to get from where you are to over here. Drop an SMS if you can to Pa's HP (98152481) so that he can also inform you where we are.
The big field mentioned is right in front of the letter A, just across the road... see the lush green field?We will be waiting for you at our nice field with Tripod... and as promised, run in the field with himWe can't wait to show him what fun actually means!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

1st Runner up to Club Pets Magazine!

Oh my GOODNESS! I have won 2nd place in the Cover Dogs Magazine! Though Pa was a little disappointed i didn't win the entire contest... the prize for 2nd place is pretty darn good. It really couldn't be better...Go check out the sponsor's cum photographer's webpage! it has a cool book flipping function too!
Your lovely dog "Bear Bear" came in 2nd in the contest for the Clubpets Cover Dog Contest 2008.
The prize that I sponsored is a 4R coffee table album featuring 20 photos w/ box.

You may choose to select 20 of your favorite photos from the last shoot we had with Bear Bear to be show cased in the album. Or alternatively, you may arrange with me for another complimentary photo session (within the month of April 2009). And from there, select 20 images for the album.

Do let me know which way works better for you and Bear Bear.

Best regards,

Lundy Wong

35a East Coast Road
singapore 428754
studio: 6345 1069
mobile: 9180 3227
website: www.themenatwork.com

OH GOSH!!! A COFFEE TABLE ALBUM! how cool is that? Anyway since he offered, I really wouldn't mind having new pictures taken and then made into a cool coffee book... Who wants to take a picture with me and have in immortalized into print!?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

3 month old Tripod is needs a home!

Meet Tripod. The 3 month old Rottie Cross. The markings might change in the future, but looking at the temperament as well as the size of his remaining paws, its likely he has a Rottie blood in him.
Tripod had his Front right paw crushed by probably an automobile accident. The person that struck him did not even stop. It was probably days later that a kind taxi driver, thinking that he was dead, brought him to the All Pets & Aqualife Vet Clinic (219 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799442. Tel: 6481 3700)
The Taxi uncle spoke to the clinic, and somehow decided that he would cover the entire bill for treating the dog. However, he couldn't adopt the dog after he gets well as his situation didn't allow it. All Pet & Aqualife Vet Clinic also decided to waive some of the major charges like the entire surgery so that the bill was a little more affordable.
Tripod came in like a champ. His right paw was totally gone, the broken bones were jutting out, maggots infested his flesh. As the staff of the clinic cleaned his wound, they had to cleanse and purge a massive amount of dirt and grime and maggots. Amazingly, Tripod with a little complain, didn't bite or was defensive. And till date, remains fantastically affectionate.
He even comes toilet trained. Not a SINGLE time did he pass motion or even PEE in his own cage or holding area. He would call to be put on the grass where he would do his business. It would be about a week before he is ready to go to his new home. Please help pass this message around... a small contribution to the taxi driver would be a great thing. He helped where he didn't need to.

and he put his money where his mouth is... even in these trying times with the economic downturn and all that.

4 legs, 3 legs or even 2 legs, a dog will always be able to adapt and love you no matter what. And with such a strong fellow wanting to live, he would love to be trained and loved in returned.

Other from the obvious missing paw, Tripod is healthy and very very good natured. its really amazing.

I will need everyone's help in putting this on your blogs and forums. Please call All Pets and ask for Mingli or email killertouch@hotmail.com if you would like to adopt or contribute a token to Tripod's medical fund.



Feel free to indicate how you want your money used, however, whether it is eventually used as such is up to Pa.

The Taxi driver uncle has ALREADY paid in FULL and he has no idea about all this arrangements. If he refuses to take the money, or that there is excess funds, it would be used to help the medical cost of either Tripod or any other dogs requiring emergency medical attention.
Hey Tripod, see you soon on our field. We'll run and play like there is no tomorrow.