Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Dog Bite by Uri

 Looks like it pretty bad month for Pa overall, other from the fact his car got trashed twice through no fault of his... he manage to get badly bitten by Uri, a dog he helped rehomed to a friend.

Uri was getting along all fine... until he got tick fever, dying and weak, the first spinal shot was given without fuss.

But those in the know would realise that Uri would be taking another painful shot after he recovers. And so he did. Apparently he struggled badly and when the needle did go in, his anal sac loosened and shot out fluids. It must have been incredibly painful and traumatic.
 Uri was ok at first following the next few days, then he steadily got worse. By the time Pa was consulted, he had bitten 3 people in 2 days, drawing blood. First, he bite and walked away. Him being 3 years of age, might have been a dominance thing.

When pa saw him, he seemed fine. He followed commands and was even in a down position with his front paws crossed. He faced his back towards him and even allowed interaction that way.

Pa got complacent and when his hand got too close to his mouth, he chomped down on Pa's hand with no warning.

No growl, No standing up, No raising hairs, none of the traditional warning signs.
 After he bit down, Pa didn't pull his hand back. It would have been futile. With his left hand on a secure leash, and Uri shaking his head, all Pa could do was to follow his head movements as much as he can and waited for that split second he will let go to adjust his bite.

And when that came, Pa managed to remove his hand, minimizing the damage to his hand. But the damage has been done.
Uri lunged and tried to go for Pa, totally unprovoked. This was a huge concern as it is unclear what was the trigger.

In retrospect, if someone had to be bitten, it was good that it had happened to Pa. His hand is big with very thick skin. He didn't pull away a normal person would have. The wounds ended up being totally superficial.

If it had happened to a girl or a child, the damage might have been greater or worse.

Uri was scheduled to be put to sleep. But the Vet advised that medication might help, so now he is on it... being given a second chance. Hope that helps him.


Uri wasn't given any additional meds by the Vet, but instead, the Vet advised that the leash that was used normally for walking him made him pissed off that Pa was preventing it and hence the attack.

...huh? I totally disagree with that assessment. Dogs simply do not associate things that way!

A couple days after that kind piece of advise, Uri placed his head on Uncle Josh's uncle's lap... and everything seemed fine, until the uncle pat him. Uri leaped to attack the uncle. Uncle Josh who was already wary, manage to pull him back before his uncle got bitten.

The shocking thing after that was the uncle ran into the kitchen and closed the door. Uri chased after him and slammed against the door repeatedly. After which he darted to the side door to gain access. The uncle had the presence of mind to close that one too.

Uncle Josh and his dad were shocked and startled at the aggression. When he tried to call off Uri, He turned round and gave a low threatening growl.

Uri was put to sleep on the 7th of November 2012. He will be sorely missed though he did become a danger to those around him. Pa wish he could help, but being unable to diagnosed the problem or trigger, there is very little he could do especially with an injured hand.

Rest In Peace. Hope you are less angry over the rainbow bridge.  

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

 Its been a pretty long time again since I last posted. Heard its the 7th month, so Pa is a little stuck in his work flow. He even managed a trip to the Dog Run at Bishan and brought his big ass camera to show off. Took a picture of Charlotte and I have to grudgingly admit its actually pretty cool.
He's got her back and she has got his. That's how its suppose to be, that's how's its suppose to always be.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Family Photos

 Hello Everyone... really almost seven years since my last update. Pa has disappeared from our lives and he is just too busy to even bring us out. Bored out of my mind, I found these photos of Grandma and Grandpa... they were so pretty and handsome. I wonder what happened to Pa hor. Grandma and Grandpa still very chio.
 Its unbelievable that the quality of the paper photos are of such great quality. People really did things right in the past. It might be fashionable to take dated photos nowadays, but digital will always be digital with that hint and element of modernity.
 When you look at a vintage photo... there is really no mistaking it. Its just so hard to fake.
 The family then. Check out the hair and fashion sense.
I know its not about dogs this time around... but lets just hope I don't have to wait another 7 years to post again.