Friday, August 31, 2007

Taken with the new Sony DSLR. First sunny day after a pretty long time. Its about bloody time.
Oh my gosh... What an expensive 2 days Pa just had. He came back the other day looking at me with the most guilty eyes...
"Bear... I'll be on a strict diet soon to lose 40kgs. I think you should do the same."
Same? I'm ONLY like 36kgs!! Is my Pa hiding another Rottie somewhere inside him? No wonder I thought he smells familiar.

But after a while... I decided that something else must have happened... so I went into his office and guess what I saw...
A BRAND NEW iMac! With the coolest keyboard ever! That couldn't have been cheap... And then...I saw another thing that made my heart stop.
A Sony DSLR? What's going on? OMG! its the COMEX show at Suntac! Pa has gone MAD! that's at least $3500 in 2 days! What on earth is he going to feed me now? I going to have to take things into my own hands and start a "Feed-The-Bear" Fund. I know of at least one person that isn't entirely mad. Right Godma Lian? You will feed me right??

Pawzcafe had their first ever BBQ and it was pretty fun... Held at the roof top of Toa Payoh South CC, it was pretty fun until Bubu came along and brought the Rain. After that I met Monty and Godma Lian! (dunch know why suddenly Godma, but she claims to be my biggest fan and promises to buy food and treats. I'm convinced.)
Monty and I hit it off pretty well. Godma Lian is smitten by me. Its all good.

The last SKC show was HUGE! We met plenty of people there and I'm really glad I went. Saw Bruno and Axel, two other male rotties there as well. Bruno was so happy with the cold floor that he's always spear eagled on the floor.

Then off to Pawtobellos!This is Monty and Godma Lian. He's just pretending to be good. We were hanging out with each other and suddenly i saw VERA!!!
I didn't see her for some time... so I just had to kiss her like the French do... Bruce taught me that! Monty looks sad though. Maybe because Vera wasn't too sure about him yet. Or maybe he's just PLAIN jealous.
Pa better take much better pictures of me soon. One last thing... CHECK THIS OUT! I'm a Featured Dlogger on Nuffnang! That's probably better than SEX! Not that I know what that is yet. Its an expression I heard from Pa... It must be good though... He keeps moaning in front of the new iMac.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pa has been following closely on the Rotties issue... And it is disheartening to see people how claims they know about dogs to comment so negatively. In the comments column, this person even comment twice under the same account 2 mins apart. With 3000 over comments on this account alone, it is obvious that this person has really nothing better else to do... and knows next to nothing about dogs.

First he comments about muzzling the dog 24/7 to prevent them from barking. Then he talks about lambs to slaughter. Can one consider this an opinion coming from an uneducated source? Human politicking can sometimes be pretty ugly.
Sigh... Admittedly, I myself aren't too happy about the newspaper report on the 5 rotties like that. I guess it was simply making the best situation of a bad situation. However, as they say, prevention is better than the cure.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Girl, six, mauled by rottweillers
A six-year-old London girl has undergone plastic surgery after being mauled by two rottweillers at holiday accommodation in County Antrim.

Sophia Kimpton suffered 17 injuries to her head, arms and back during the incident at Conagher self-catering chalets, on a working farm in Dervock.

Her mother fought off the dogs which were later shot by the farmer. The chalet owner refused to comment.

The Tourist Board has suspended the tourism classification of the business.

It said it was investigating the incident.

Sophia underwent plastic surgery to repair her ears at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald. She also has lacerations and puncture wounds.

Her mother, Natasha Beckett, said she thought her daughter was going to die during Tuesday's attack.

"They were attacking her like a bit of meat, eating her and biting her," she said.

"They were horrifically big. We were yelling to get them off and they were not budging. My husband was kicking one of them, I was kicking the other one off. They were just attached to her head.

"I used myself as a human shield. The blood was just pouring out of her.

"They were like dogs possessed, they were like wolves. They just wanted to get to Sophia, to kill her."

"She kept saying to me: 'Mummy was I going to die?'"

Victim support

Natasha said her child rolled herself onto her front, which saved her face.

She asked if the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, who approved the family accommodation, was aware that the owner kept dogs.

"This was advertised as a family home and you do not expect any dogs of that kind to be on a working farm, where there is children," she said.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board said it was shocked to learn of the attack.

It said it had spoken to the family and offered support through the Tourist Board's victim support fund.

"A code of conduct exists in relation to the promotion and advertising of all tourist accommodation," it said.

Caroline Adams of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board said they could not close down the business.

"The legal responsibility is with the operators and it can never be us as marketing agents and inspectors," she said.

"So therefore we need to be more specific and ask people to sign up to what they promised to undertake, not just for inspection but all year round," she said.

Ballymoney Borough Council is also investigating the attack.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Provoked or not, the dogs should have been better managed.

Rotties or not, this could have happened to any breed of dogs.

Unfortunately...once again... The Rottie name is being dragged through the mud. Not only is a little girl badly hurt, but two dogs lost their lives over irresponsible ownership.

What probably happened...

1. The two dogs are kept together since young or together most of the time.

Mistake 1: Dogs kept together (2 and above) tends to form a pack.
If the owner isn't a part of this pack, then the pack is dangerous as the Dogs would only follow the pack leader who in turns follows the owner as far as it wants to.

Solution: Never keep dogs together. Its ok to let them socialise and play. But not left unsupervised the whole day together, Food to be fed separately, and the dogs to sleep separately.

2. The two dogs were confined to a certain location and rarely let out or socialised with other people, dogs or animals.

Mistake 2: When dogs are confined to a particular location, that becomes their entire world. Like teachers in a school, some lose sight of the bigger world beyond the school (no offense to any teachers here). Dogs are similar. That little plot of land is your whole world. And suddenly, an unfamiliar sight and smell enters your world.

What can you do but defend what little you have? The girl must have seen the dogs and wondered into the area they were confined in.

Solution: To bring the dogs out more often, socialize them well and let them see that there is a much bigger world out there. Training your dogs with various other people will enable them to learn what is considered acceptable behavior. Dogs and kids should be supervised all the time.

Mistake 3: Kids like to aggravate strange dogs to have a reaction from them. eg. mock barking.

Solution: General Education to everyone on dog-keeping would lessen this sort of attacks on persons.

Pa also came across this Blog about Media and Dogs...

Like the Singh article a few days ago, where they kept 5 rotties together... they are doing almost everything wrong.

They allow the rotties to form a pack without them, indiscriminately breed them without doing a proper hip score, never let them out to socialise...and hence they actually "escape" the compound every once in a while.

That too is an accident waiting to happen.
Things were so much simpler when I was just a pup.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Its time for a Diet for Pa... he reckons he's getting a little too big.
Can anyone guess what is this? Pretty cool huh...its like less than 1mm big.
Some of my Trainers... Grandma says they love me really a lot. But of course dunch you think?
Pa played the Silkair Monopoly Challenge... didn't do that great...but he had lots of fun!
Looks like Bruce doesn't need help with the ladies in Singapore... Anyone else wanna meet him?

For those that do not know about the current doggie situation in Singapore...
OWNERS Japinder Singh (left), 30, and Karanveer Singh, 26, their five rottweilers Cleo, Rexy, Juliet, Popeye and Romeo are harmless. -- ST PHOTOS: EDWIN KOO

Aug 19, 2007

Rottweiler ROW

Family has five rottweilers; neighbour says they are a threat to other residents, but the family disagrees

A FAMILY'S five rottweilers are making their neighbour nervous.
The dogs, known for their aggressive nature, are a noisy nuisance and a threat to others in the neighbourhood, claimed Mr Foo Seck Siong, 66, who lives next door.

And why, he asked in The Straits Times Forum on Friday, was his neighbour allowed to have five dogs?

'I have to keep one eye on their gate when I am watering the plants outside, in case one of their dogs slips out. I fear for my safety,' the semi-retired businessman told The Sunday Times.

He tells his wife and grandchildren to stay indoors when he sees the dogs in his neighbour's 20m driveway.

But the dogs' owner is arguing that they are merely playful pets who stay within the grounds of their Lengkong Tiga bungalow in Kembangan. They are never let out.

To Madam Satpal Kaur, her parents, her three sons and daughters-in-law who live there, they are ultimately harmless.

'Right now they are only puppies, so they are like playful young children,' said the 51-year-old IT business owner.

Though they did occasionally slip out through the gate, a dog trainer's weekly 'obedience' classes have worked.

She has five dogs, when three is the maximum allowed by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), because her original pair produced four puppies.

Their 'father' died last August, leaving the 'mother' and her four pups, now about 15 months old.

Madam Satpal said she appealed to AVA to keep them all as some are handicapped, and putting them up for adoption will mean new owners may face high medical costs. She did not want to kill them either.

She got her approval.

Even so, rottweilers have often made news for attacking people and smaller dogs - in a 2005 Straits Times report, a rottweiler attacked its owner's seven-year-old son.

Madam Satpal admitted that the 'father' of her family of rottweilers once bit another terrier after the other dog 'snapped' at him. But the rest are no trouble, she said.

She said Mr Foo was mistaken about seeing her employee 'attacked' by the dogs last Sunday, an allegation he made in his Forum letter. 'The worker has known the dogs from young and often plays with them,' she explained, although it may have seemed otherwise to her neighbour on that day.

Mr Foo has lived in his house for 17 years, while Madam Satpal's family moved in seven years ago.

Yet neither has ever spoken directly about the dogs. Madam Satpal said she was too busy, and Mr Foo said 'there is just no chemistry between us'.

Other neighbours along the stretch of terrace and semi-detached houses are not as agitated as Mr Foo, as long as the dogs are safely locked up.

Still, in Singapore, they are required to be muzzled when in public.

Mr Koh Boon Cheng, a neighbour who owns a husky, pointed out: 'Rottweilers are very fierce and they have big mouths. They should wear a mouthpiece all the time.'

Even if they do not attack, their loud barking bothers nearby HDB residents, two of whom can hear them in the early morning, barking at people walking by.

Mr Foo has offered this solution, which Madam Satpal is considering: 'Build a manual gate in the middle of the driveway so the dogs won't accidentally run out.'
Honestly... Pa doesn't know what to make out of them... Firstly they breed their dogs... irresponsibly. Secondly they are placed all together as a Pack. Does this report help the Rottie Cause? NO! In fact, it probably worsened it. What do you guys think?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here are just some random pictures I found on my Pa's camera. These are pictures from his recent Shanghai trip. Check out the cool Lego structure!
Apparently, its never too young to start in China. I wonder what they experiment on? Or maybe they are the ones being experimented on!
Apparently some classic Chinese dog Pa came across when he was walking in the residential areas. This one doesn't look it'll make a good meal. Those horror stories of them eating dogs must be untrue.
They even have little pussy cats that look exactly like the ones we get in Singapore... Not so different we are from them....

There has been a lot of reports about Rotties lately in the newspapers... Pa's very displeased how they are portraying the breed and feels that these random reports and nonconstructive comments only makes things worst.

Some of the people give very uneducated remarks. I listened to Pa and I am very upset as well. I wish I have a chance to tell everyone that it isn't about the Dog. It is about the Owner.

Remember Bella? She is SO happy now... Her new owners are so great... her's is a story I would love to share eventually... and G... If you are reading this... Send me some pictures or get my Pa to go and take some pictures of the Happy Family... So that he can tell a story... and hope that the few people that do read this site would spread the futility of Breed Legislation.

Friday, August 17, 2007
Pa's briefly mentioned over here with some other famous bloggers that look a Hell lot better than he does.

I also just realise I never had a good picture of Nigel on my Blog. Pa recently took a really nice one of him and I decided to put it up here.

You should see the both of us together... Boy we are a seriously mismatched pair. Nigel's pretty anti-social... but he's so tiny no one really cares.

At SCDF training last week...I did really well! and I even found this really comfy hole in the ground... Can you see me? forum has a BBQ for everyone on the 25th of August 2007! Be there!!! I will even give out some of those really cool doggie mugs! I'll post up some pictures of them and you will judge for yourself!

Toa Payoh South CC rooftop 1999 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh (S) 319258
Location Link

$10 per person (Passion cards members)
$15 per person (non-Passion cards members)


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Say hi to Bruce, Pa's fren from France... Not the first time in Singapore... And he is looking for some girls to bring him around town! Any takers?
Pa told me to look like I just love him to bits.
My Wet hair slick back look! Dunch I just look cute?
Bruce is tagging along with Pa all over. Is he a Rottie too?
The Staff of Pawtobellows are really friendly!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

More Photos at the Doggie Pool! As you can see...Pa used some Black and White film to check out the effect.
Tian Ahn is Pa's little nephew. Very playful fellow.
Not very good at the PSP apparently.
An accident waiting to happen

Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Pictures from the National Dog Walk 2007. What a great day it was!
Some doggies were as frenly as me!!!
Calm Old doggies should be left alone! So regal hor?
Everyone likes the Bear. Here...people plead not to make a meal out of this husky pup, Macho.
In a perfect World... All dogs are equal. All humans love me.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Photos from the HRSS 2007!! Its a Rabbit thing... and you guys know how much I LOVE Rabbits...
I think she was a little worried... and the rabbit fur she was grooming was flying ALL over the place!
father in the background was a little worried...
But the kid was totally fine with me!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Meet Forest the English Cocker Spaniel. He is 9 months old and looking for a great home. Let me know if you guys know of someone or have a great place for him. He is already neutered and requires a firm hand.
Happy National Day!

What great day it was... FOR PA yesterday.

He showed me all these cool photos and I just wanna BITE him to death. He says that for the longest time he never took pictures of anything else but me so this entry will be about his day yesterday.

I told him no one would be very interested. *flips hair*
This was the view Pa had from the stage. In my was pretty far off. There were THOUSANDS surrounding the area... Hence he felt that bringing me would probably kill someone of a heart attack.
Its the same view... but the lighted balls was all over the water. Quite cool. I wonder if the balls were like the ones I like to play with. (Get your head out of the gutter.)
Pa's pretty proud of his fireworks pictures this year. They're pretty good.
And suddenly the entire sky is filled with fire....Wow.
Pa before that met up with some friends to watch the Nuffnang movie Rush Hour 3 and had a little food to eat...Met with PLENTY of people... But everyone was asking about ME... HAHAHA. My Pa is not very popular.

Will post up more pictures soon!


Pa just realised that he did something and didn't mention about it... He gave some gifts to and Here are some of his friends posing with them...
HEY! Its ME!!
Pa says that mini-me makes the girls here look better. But of course dunch you think?