Monday, February 26, 2007

This is the final installment of the Dog Hash Pictures Feb 2007. Here I am looking great.

This is Princess, looking mighty proud of herself. She was the smart dog...she took a short cut and saved a whole lot of running around.

What you do not see is HOW Uncle John risked life and limb to take this particular shot!
When Princess "walked" into the water, the water with all the settled muck looked very shallow. Princess then climbed up onto the ledge you see here and posed. Uncle John sensing a great opportunity ran down the bridge we were standing on to the bottom, next to the water you see here.
Uncle John leaned out as far as he could and snapped away.
After a few shots, Uncle John decided he wanted another angle of Princess and proceeded to take his shoes off.
Pa was on the bridge jeering at him...
"John! just walk in with your shoes! Dun be a pussy!"
Uncle John wisely ignored Pa and took of his socks as well. With his Canon DSLR and a $1.2k lens, Uncle John took the first tentative step into the "shallow water."
Must to his surprise...and Pa's, he never felt the bottom...just after 1 step! Uncle John's first thought was to save his camera, and so he raised it above his head and at the very last moment, threw his camera onto dry land.
What looked like just 50-60cm of water was at least over 2 meters deep.
Uncle John after that pulled himself out of the water and Pa even took off his top to let Uncle John use it as a towel... As Uncle John was frantically drying his camera, Pa said...
"Well, that was certainly unexpected. But look on the bright side...
...At least your shoes are dry."

Sunday, February 25, 2007

We went to another Dog Hsah today... (Yes, its on purpose...I really do think people shouldn't get anal over a word...)

And BOY did we have a real bit of fun.

Admittedly it was less organised than the other Dog Hash but both has definately different merits!

You can see some of the shots over at
Thanks for everything guys!

Now, for a little preview on Uncle John's works...

I am really at a loss for words when I look at this picture. If Uncle John was a bitch, I'll be happily humping him all the time. Or I'll let him hump me....ok...that all sounded wrong.

As I said...I'm loss for words.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rotties can be rather graceful! Thanks to uncle John!
Think it would look good on my Pa's wall?
I think it would!
Maybe Honda will pay Uncle John something! Cause the Jazz is great for furkids!
Is it time for the story of how Uncle John took such great pictures of Princess?
Maybe in the next installment of pictures!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

As promised, pictures and more pictures in the next few days... What do you think?

The Dog Whisperer...

Hey hey Kayli... What you looking at?

Princess getting dirty... There's a nice story that goes with this picture and Uncle John. More later.
Uncle John makes me look uber good.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Its been quite a few days...
I'm just happy Pa has came home in one piece.
Grandma was torturing me when she calls Pa, puts him on speakerphone... and tells him to call out to me like a trained monkey.
Anyway...more photos soon!

Monday, February 05, 2007

A little teaser on the upcoming post for the Hash pictures...

Meet Jose after the Hash. I think this would make a great portrait in the Hallway.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What a GREAT HASH!!!

But only Pa wasn't allowed to go on the Hash at first because there was a New Rule... (Which Pa didn't know...)

For the safety of all HUMAN runners, members/guests must wear proper RUNNING SHOES on the trail. Members/guests in sandals, flip-flops or slippers will not be allowed on the run.

No one told Pa... so Pa went in Croc Shoes like these...

These Crocs are called Off Roads. Obviously they were meant to be heavier duty trekking shoes.

Here are several Reasons why Crocs are better than normal shoes.

  • Crocs are made out of a patented closed cell resin which is REALLY soft and super comfortable .They also mould to your feet as you wear them creating a perfectly fitted shoe.

  • Designed with a Orthotic heel, built in arch support and a massaging insole Crocs ensure the comfort and health of your feet.

  • Resistant to bacteria and odour ensuring hygine and making smelly shoes a thing of the past. Crocs feel like they're barely there - weighing only six ounces.

  • Designed with vents so air passes through the shoe keeping your feet cool.

  • Ultra-hip Italian styling. (ok...this point is debatable)

  • Incredibly slip resistant, will not scuff or mark floors or decking.

  • Easy maintenance, just wipe them clean or sterilize them in water or bleach.

  • They float.

  • Water, sand and debris pass through the vents.

  • The strap can be worn at the back of the foot or forward for a clog look.

During the just past Hash, people WITH track shoes still sprained their ankles, at least 2 went into the water, and some scrapped their knees.

Pa was TOTALLY ok...though he didn't REALLY join in the run. We had a Really good time and I will post up some pictures John Heng took. They're really great.

Some of the Hash Organisers were fine with Pa's footwear but others were very much against Pa wearing Crocs "Off-Roads"

Pa would like to also say that SPORTS SHOES will not help. But these will.
Let me introduce you to the SAF US Gortex Combat Jungle Boots which are both supportive and waterproof. Yet the material lets your feet breath.

This would definately minimise the risk of sprains and other feet injury during the jungle run.

As scrapped knees and branch attacks are also common as well as sliding down muddy hills, Pa also suggests the SAF Combat pants in Kaki Green as it would hide the dirt and mud, and totally protect your legs from Mozzie attacks and minor cuts and bruises.

Now, we can do away with all the ugly SAF no.4 tops and instead use this body hugging uber cool combat shirt. This would suit your combat pants and protect you from injury. Not to mention you can break for cover without risking ant bites.
Now... We all know the head is the most important part of the body, and we should wear proper helmets into the jungle. This would protect our heads from falling and hitting any sharp objects and branches. The optional visor would also help protect our eyes from any soil flying through the air from the front runner's boots.

A walking stick that can double up as a baton would help clear some overgrown paths and have minimal protection from wild animals or over excited dogs. A couple of whacks from the stick should be enough to convince the animal that you are not to be trifled with.

Of course the best would be color coordinated and as we all know, Black is the Black. This sort of outfit should be proposed to all future Hashes. Like that, we can be ready for Anything.

Slips. Falls. Mozzie attacks. Wild Animals. Riots.