Monday, May 24, 2010

Only man of the Hour / Bye bye Bouncer...

Auntie's Hsien-Li's Bouncer passed away on Saturday at 3pm. He has not been well for some time... and he did live a happy and fulfilling life with Auntie Hsien Li.
You might not remember her much, but she was the one that gave us the super tough plastic ball designed for Tigers. Bouncer and us might not have interacted much but we adore her all the same.

We wish her all the best and our heart goes out to her. He is definitely in a better place now.

Dedicating these songs to Bouncer...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A short update on Mousie the CHH's condition

Found this on my tagboard (on the right side) today...
jeanne: TK, you are a fake and a phony! and i am not afraid to expose myself. i hope no more abandoned animals will have to go through a hypocrite like you anymore. HAHA!
(Logged: jeanne 21 May 10 18:56

I'm leaving this on my tagboard. Just in case you guys don't know, Jeanne is actually Crystal's own sister.
So its heartening to see them supporting each other. (Though the bit about "HAHA!" is a tad confusing...)

Pa wrote in Reply:
Jeanne> dear Jeanne, I will leave your entry here. Crystal being your own sister would be happy to know she has your support in the CHH matter. However, please note that the CHH has been rehomed and by his own rightful owner. For your info, Mousie currently has be diagnosed with undescended testicles.

One (testicle) can be felt... the other is lost somewhere inside. He would need surgery or risk long-term health issues. You are free to inform your sister on this, and that his new family is quite well-to-do. The surgery will cost probably over $2000 estimated.

Pa had no intention of dragging this issue up again, but it was left on my blog's public domain. Hence some sort of reply is warranted. Though it was not really Pa's intention to rehome Mousie (renamed Micky as Mou-sie sounds like death in hokkien) because of his medical condition, Pa is glad that he is with a family that is more than willing and also able to afford his medical bills.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our visit to Mutts and Mittens / 75 dog project

As generally photography isn't allowed... and Uncle Furry takes much better pictures than Pa, we are fortunate to have him there when we visited the project and assessed the situation at Mutts and Mittens. Auntie Leng was clear ecstatic to finally meet us at last! We dun mind... she smells great.
Sounds like the project was taking a lot of heat from the media... and where the kennel was, the owner was clearly not very happy with the limelight. Especially with the crowds that have gone down to "take a look."
Moving to Mutts and Mittens then basically made the most sense especially when it cost about the same and the conditions are so much better than the other place before.
Armed with Uncle Furry's Camera, let's go visit the doggies we are helping out!!
Auntie Lynn has came along to see how the massive amount of money she collected has helped the doggies! About $6000 from her side alone! Impressive!!Doggies Galore!!! There were SO MANY OF THEM!!! And most of them were totally friendly.
Auntie Lynn totally enjoyed herself...
Yep! they smell totally great!
She wish she could bring some home... but she already has Jayden and Jenny, so she will be encouraging others to instead adopt one home!
Some we could see that they have been through a lot... and there is a lot of pain behind their eyes... But now... now its totally different... They were no longer sickly.
And they loved getting cuddled!
Meet Zeus who has been adopted by one of Auntie Lynn's friends! He hasn't gone to his new home yet... but should be this coming weekend! So happy for HIM!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My new Anti-Car theft Alarm system

Via uncle Furry Photos... More of his excellent photos coming on our visit to the 75 dog project site at Mutts and Mittens.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking a break and its all about me today...

Its been a long few weeks since i blogged about just ME ME ME. this entry is about just ME.... and Bruno of course. This picture was taken over at the fashion runway thing... but it was actually corrupted. However, after having a few more pictures taken on the card, suddenly the picture is ok again... I like this picture. The male MC on the right kept fearing me... and he made it known over the mike... I wonder why. He must know he taste good.

She's way hotter.
This was after the group photo picture after the very hot morning sun. Bruno was as usual just chilling and i like this picture... He looks really stupid here.
And this was his handler for the morning... the one he happily dragged around the shoot location.
Ahhhh... Auntie Lynn's Doggies! Say hi to Jayden! He is a confident and beautiful dog... healthy too! nothing like the same ones like the BBC clip on them which i put up earlier in my blog.
And that is her beautiful sister Jenny. They had a WHALE of a time at the Doggie pool.
Jenny isn't as daring as her younger brother... but she had so much fun she ended up having a blister on her foot.
Jayden on the other hand, never been to the pool... but here he is impressively jumping right into it!
He tested the water first of course... but after seeing so many of us just jumping into the pool... he couldn't take it and had to join in the fun!
Admittedly... his leg here seems to be in a rather awkward position... but I am sure it will improve as he practices more.
Absolutely nothing to worry about. We'll both watch over them... like we watch over others.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Puppies for Adoption!!! / Pets Magazine Photoshoot! / 75 dogs project

Time is running out.

Auntie Teri from Pets magazine recently found some really cute puppies and are looking for homes for them. Please contact the numbers above if you wanna adopt a new puppy for your family!
Well, Pets magazine had a photo shoot organized for the pooches that did the fashion catwalk... and I had to go and pose again.
Bruno however wasn't part of the shoot but he insisted on coming... so he had 2 minders with him... not that he mind... he was still up to his mischievous self anyway.
Other from the fact that it was a 8am shoot, nothing really happened... and when it was all done, we had a fantastic picture with the Pets Magazine gang.

That said and done... there has been an sms going around with very inaccurate information. Pa himself have gotten quite a few.

Please visit the proper webpage over the 75 dog project. I'm proud to say that we have garnered over $2000 worth of donations already for the project and hopefully more would contribute.
Please also go take a look at Uncle Nick's Webpage for any updates as well as some really good photos taken.

Time is running out. Do what you can to help them out.