Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Doggie Forummer Complains! / New Paper Oosters Review

Big Shocker yesterday... I was "officially" complained upon! The Mods have taken down the postings which i think is the right thing to do. Cause Jojo had really nothing to do with it and it was her adoption thread.

The Exchange between Fluffy and Bear Bear...
Fluffy: before you want to help other dogs. control your dogs properly first. yours are big dogs, rotts.. trying to attack me and my dogs. i ask you to pull back your dogs, and you never did it. i read you kept got dogs for fostering, adoption. i'm angry over this matter. you should be a good owner first before you want to help other dogs. and you never even say sorry to me.
Bear Bear: Hi fluffy, there definitely some sort of misunderstanding here. If my dogs caused u any pain or suffering, allow me to apologize right now. Those that know me and bear + Bruno will know that isn't what we want.

1. Unfortunately I do not recall this episode, maybe it was crowded. Please kindly refresh my memory.
2. Maybe they might have been a bit happy to meet u and your dog. "Attacked" is such a strong term. Cause I think if they did, then I doubt u would only be merely "angry". I think the term "injured" or "decapicitated" would be more accurate.
3. Helping another dog to get a new home has probably nothing to do with whether I have big or small dogs, well behaved or not, or even whether I do have a dog. I mean I need not help the mentally handicapped unless I have a family member that's suffering from that right?

Finally, this is to rehome a dog. If u have something u would like me to take notice or complain, feel free to pm me and even date me out for dinner. And then complain to my very willing ears + a counter argument why u are probably wrong.

Fluffy: why would i want to date you out for dinner! you go and recall. SMU.
Bear Bear: Of ALL the things in that entire chunk I wrote, all you could focus on is THAT?

Well, if you want to be rude about a sincere apology, then obviously you do not have the class to accept one.

Perhaps next time you will have the "good" sense to run far far away when you do see Bear and Bruno, just in case they "ättack" you again and make you "ängry".

PS> SMU is suppose to be the Uni Bear and Bruno attacked you or some insulting acronym?

Fluffy: the thing is not i insulting. your rott did attack me n my dog. i was carrying my dog. i try to push away your dog, and told you to push away. but you did nothing. the person beside you help you to push your dog away from me. you are lucky that my dog is not hurt. if she is hurt in anyway, this will not be a simple matter already.
Bear Bear: Dear Fluffy,

Do you UNDERSTAND the term "attack"?

1. to set upon in a forceful, violent, hostile, or aggressive way, with or without a weapon; begin fighting with: He attacked him with his bare hands.

If my dogs "attacked" you, trust me... you can neither "push" them away, or would ANYONE else except me would be able to.

If its was such an attack, was I standing to one side laughing?

I think I have been more than cordial answering your accusations. Your story unfortunately does not add up. This thread is about rehoming Jojo. So if you have anything to add, just PM me or start a new thread about the definition of an Rottweiler attack.

I have been very careful about my dogs and I think many that have met them would agree that they are not capable of what you are saying here.

However, if your definition of attack = sniffing your dog's but as well as yours, then YEAH... My rotties "attack" everyone that comes within reach. SO stay far away next time. It is dog owners like yourself that aren't socialised enough and give the rest of us a bad name.

And then the Mod stepped in to delete the entire exchange.

If Fluffy does come over here... then this message is for you.

I hope you will get to understand dogs a little better. I have been working very hard to clear the issues surrounding my breed. I understand that you might be a little scared of me and think that what I did was an "attack" on your poor doggie. Really it isn't.

This is simply how dogs meet and greet one another. If you carry up your dog, then your dog's butt is just simply a bit higher... which I can still reach when I stand a little closer.

remember people... if you want your dog socialised, then do not carry your dog up when meeting a bigger dog. Or act all scared or run away on sight. This anxiety is transferred to your dog as well. Your dog then learns that this is the correct thing to do when facing a bigger dog. if you have any questions about socialising your dog, just post them here and I will do my darnest best to answer it right as far as I know.

What is SMU mentioned in Fluffy's entry? issit an insult or telling me where the "attack" took place?

On an another note... Pa has once again disappeared to eat good stuff without me. Uncle John only invited him and NOT ME.

Beery, beery good
IT was on a lazy Saturday afternoon that I took our panel of judges to Oosters, a Belgian brasserie for good food and good beers.
By Yvonne Phoo
27 August 2008
IT was on a lazy Saturday afternoon that I took our panel of judges to Oosters, a Belgian brasserie for good food and good beers.

The menu boasted Belgium authencity with the words 'Welkom in Oosters!'.

Glad that it was a non-work day, the panel kick-started the food-tasting session by ordering ales from a selection of 25 imported Belgian beers.

Ms Kris Yew, 28, a nurse at United World College settled for the popular Hoegaarden available on tap while the men chose the bitter and heavier dark ales.

Coming from a country that produces 400 beers, Belgians take pride in beer-pairing, rather than the usual wine-pairing for other cuisines.

Head chef Iskander Latiff, 26, is responsible for the brasserie's menu. A former head chef at Muse, he said that he joined Oosters to 'perfect the mussels'.

Oosters uses top-grade black mussels from Tasmanian waters which they dutifully order fresh every day.

We were served two pots of mussels soaked in gravy - the moules au vin blanc (white wine gravy), and moules au pesto (creamy pesto sauce).

If you find yourself in doubt on how to make the best out your meal, not to worry. The helpful menu suggests which type of beer goes best with the food you order.

What we liked

Everyone voted the Hoegaarden cod the star of the meal. Mr TK Haw, 31, director of Aqua Bridge International, said he would go back to Oosters just for this cod served with a Hoegaarden-infused cream sauce.

'The fish is springy, and unlike most cod dishes where the meat breaks apart, this one doesn't,' he said.

On a whole, I noticed that it was the Belgian beers that the panel seemed to love the most as our glasses were getting refilled faster than the food disappeared!

What we didn't like

Mr Haw felt that there should be some variety, instead of serving just fries with every dish. I also had to agree with Mr Kevin John, 34, a former F&B manager at a fine dining restaurant, that the service was poor.

It was difficult to get the attention of the service staff as most of them seemed to be distracted with a dance competition being held outside.

Two burps for Belgium!

#01-39 Suntec Galleria
Singapore 038983
Hours: 12am to 12pm, Monday to Saturday.
Tel: 6334 2889

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog protected abandoned newborn / Dog Show at the Expo / Virgin iPhone Pics

Story Highlights
-Resident heard the baby crying in a field behind his house
-Infant was found in chilly weather with a dog and her newborn puppies
-Doctors determined that the infant was only a few hours old
-The 14-year-old mother came to the hospital but said little about incident

(CNN) -- A dog sheltered a newborn baby abandoned by its 14-year-old mother in a field in rural Argentina until the boy was rescued, a doctor said Friday.
A resident of a rural area outside La Plata called police late Wednesday night to say that he had heard the baby crying in a field behind his house. The man went outside and found the infant lying beside the dog and its six newborn puppies, said Daniel Salcedo, chief of police of the Province of Buenos Aires. The temperature was a chilly 37 degrees, Salcedo said. The dog had apparently carried the baby 50 meters from where his mother had abandoned him to where the puppies were huddled, police said. "She took it like a puppy and rescued it," Salcedo said. "The doctors told us if she hadn't done this, he would have died.

"The dog is a hero to us."
Dr. Egidio Melia, director of the Melchor Romero Hospital in La Plata, said police showed up at the hospital at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday with the baby, who doctors say was only a few hours old. Though the infant had superficial scratches and
bruises and was bleeding from his mouth, he was in good shape, Melia said. The next morning, the child's mother was driven by a neighbor to the hospital and told authorities that the 8-pound, 13-ounce infant is hers, Melia said. The teenager was immediately given psychological treatment and was hospitalized, he said. She has said little about the incident.
The child has been transferred to a children's hospital in La Plata, 37 miles from Buenos Aires

How rare it is nowadays to have someone report a heart warming story like that. Dogs have always been the first to understand and PROVE unconditional love. And even across species. The dog had her own pups to take care of, and she dragged the infant 50m back to her little den to make sure the infant doesn't die. Later on, we had a fun day with Pa's guest... we went to the Doggie show at the Expo!We had all sorts of people wanting to meet us, yet rather fearful. We even met readers of our blog site! WOW! Please leave a comment guys... we would really love to get to know all of you more. Little girls like this one had absolutely no fear... and she really wanted to take pictures of us! I hope she visits our site here soon! Also check out MOMO and his Mommy (the little green eyed monster) in the background!Others took one look and simply decided that having her just take pictures with us isn't enough! they just joined in! Hey... I enjoy being caressed by pretty females of ANY species. Unconditional Love BABY!Oh yeah... Pa is kinda jealous why no one puts their hands on his ass like this girl here. I told him simply that he just ain't got the charm! One thing Pa's guests remarked is that in France, people aren't very wary like us Singaporeans here. People simply doesn't run away screaming. I also noticed that when Bruno and I walked, people kept out of the way. But when we stopped, the excitment level grows and then everyone just wants a piece of Bear Bear's Ass. Make up your minds humans. if i wanted to br a Bad Dog, whether I move or not isn't really an issue. Doesn't mean that I can be less ferocious when I'm lying down. Oh well, Big Boys like us are rarer i suppose.All these new photos were taken by Pa's new toy. Apparently he seems to have bought quite a few... Would you like one? According to Pa, its not as pretty as me, but it came damn well close.

Bah. Whatever. I might not be able to open the door for him, but lets see if an intruder can just carry me away in his pocket. Size matters.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fifi is up for adoption / Jojo the female JRT is up for adoption

Looks like CanCanMa's got another JRT in need of Rescue!

Name : Jojo
DOB : Sept 06
Not sterilized.
On dry food/canned food
Reason for giving up : No time for the dog.
Smaller size JRT, friendly and playful JRT :)
For viewing, please email me at

Like many others like to remind my Pa, Time is what you make of it. Not having enough time for a loved one just seems to me like pure carelessness. But you probably have to give them points for being brutally honest.

Also looks like Aunt Suzanne is personally going to conduct the viewing and probably even foster the dog first. Knowing her, she would probably secretly wanna adopt Jojo. So you guys better be fast!Fifi's still up for adoption. Whiskey has been successfully rehomed. Actually I dun get it. Fifi's a super affectionate dog. She seems to be able to form bonds pretty quick and she's no dumb bitch. She also didn't get all scared and snappish when I met up with her... So even she knows I'm friendly. I think its about time she foud a new home. Please contact us soon!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dogs have a sense of right and wrong/ Professional USDAA Pics

Dogs have a sense of right and wrong
By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

Dogs have become more intelligent, and even learnt a sense of right and wrong, through spending time with humans, a study shows.
Although still controversial, recent research is beginning to support the view that an owner is perfectly correct when they pat their pet and coo "who's a clever boy then?"

Because of the way owners have selected smarter and more empathic dogs down the generations, these pets now appear to have a limited "theory of mind", the capacity that enables us to understand the desires, motivations and intentions of others, New Scientist reports today.

A decade ago, most scientists would dismiss the claims of dog owners that their precious pets could experience pain, excitement and other "human emotions" as sentimental claptrap that anthropomorphises the abilities of animals.

Now that dismissive view has been challenged by studies presented a few weeks ago at the first Canine Science Forum in Budapest, Hungary, which back the idea that the 10,000 years that the descendants of grey wolves have spent evolving alongside humans have had a remarkable effect on dog cognition.

In a remarkable experiment to probe canine cognition, Prof Ludwig Huber and colleagues at the University of Vienna put dogs through a classic experiment done with children in which an instructor demonstrates to a toddler how to turn off a light using her forehead, once with her hands clearly visible and once when wrapped in a shawl, so that she can't use them.

When invited to turn the light off for themselves, toddlers who were shown the first version use their heads, but those shown the second use their hands.

The standard interpretation is that the first group conclude that there must be a good but non-obvious reason for using the forehead method, as otherwise the instructor would have used her hands. Dogs do the same thing in Prof Huber's experiments, where they had to pull a lever to obtain a reward, lending support to the idea that dogs have a rudimentary "theory of mind."

They possess a moral compass too, in order to negotiate the complex social world of people, adds Prof Marc Bekoff from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

He argues that the fact that rough-and-tumble dog play rarely escalates into full-blown fighting shows that the animals abide by rules and expect others to do the same. In other words, they know right from wrong.

Dr Friederike Range from the University of Vienna, Austria, has found in experiments where one pooch was given a treat and another denied it that dogs possess a sense of fairness too, though she stresses that the data are not yet published.

"Dogs show some aversion to inequity," she says. "I prefer not to call it a sense of fairness, but others might."

Barking is rare among feral dogs, suggesting that it evolved during domestication to allow dogs to communicate with us, says Prof Péter Pongrácz from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. His team has even found a way to use a computer program to understand what dogs are trying to tell us, and can disern whether a pet is barking at a ball, or wants to play with greater accuracy than their owners.

Akiko Takaoka from Kyoto University, Japan, played dogs recordings of unfamiliar voices - both male and female - with each voice followed by a photo of a human face on a screen. If the gender of the face did not match that of the voice, the dogs stared longer, a sign that the image did not match their expectations and yet more evidence that they have been honed to communicate with people.

Meanwhile, Dr Juliane Kaminski at the University of Cambridge has examined how dogs can use human gestures such as pointing and gazing to find hidden food or toys and concludes that dogs do understand that we are trying to tell them something. "Domestication seems to have shaped dogs in a way which enables them to use these gestures from as early as six weeks," she tells New Scientist.

There are also other interesting reads...

Dogs display aspects of human intelligence
Another reason dogs are like us
Computer communicates with dogs

But really this stuff is what we already know about... but until now didn't have expensive scientist to tell us. I'm glad now that they do.

Uncle John is at last done with his USDAA pictures and they are up for sale! Contact Pa if you are interested! None of the pictures are meant for commercial purposes. So please let us know just how much you appreciate his work!
And the money shot for the entire event is in Pa's opinion this one...
With the little raindrops falling and the doggie looking up... Man...just how much more prettier can a scene like that get. And this is why Uncle John is the pro and Pa is sitting his ass down still trying to figure out just how to use his camera.

I hope its True / EIC's super single

Someone left a link on my little cbox which I really hope is a true story. We hadn't had a story like that for a long time. Just wish I knew if it were a real story... I couldn't varify it at all. No pictures as well. If you have any information whether this story is true, Please... let me know.

Not that I have no faith that this story is true, us rotties are more than capable of everything that was described.

The Dog Hero: A True Animal Story
Adapted from Animal Angels, by Stephanie Laland (Conari Press, 1998).

Kathie Vaughan was driving the used truck she had purchased that morning when it suddenly began to fishtail. She finally managed to bring the vehicle to a stop with a loud screech. But her troubles had just begun. The cabin interior was filling fast with noxious fumes and black smoke. Most people could have simply jumped out of the vehicle, but Kathie is a paraplegic–paralyzed from the waist down by multiple sclerosis. Her truck was on fire and she knew she could be blown up at any moment. Kathie shoved her Rottweiler Eve out the door, along with her wheelchair. But due to the thick black smoke, she could not find the wheels to the chair.
A throbbing panic overwhelmed her. She had to get out immediately, before the truck exploded.

That’s when Eve, her dog, proved herself to be a true hero.

In danger of blacking out, Kathie suddenly felt Eve, refusing to desert her, grab her leg with her jaws. Eve firmly grasped Kathie by the ankle and dragged her ten feet to relative safety. Then the truck burst into flames. Ignoring the terrifying fire, Eve dragged Kathie to a nearby ditch.
A police car arrived on the scene. “You’ve got to get further away!” the policeman shouted to Kathie. The truck was on fire, the flames were approaching the gas tank; there was danger of a terrific explosion. Kathie struggled to pull herself away from the truck and toward the police car. Her head and body ached with pain and she found she could hardly move. Eve bent close to her human friend, offering Kathie her collar. Then Kathie held tight as the determined dog dragged her forty feet to safety.
The firemen eventually extinguished the blaze.

And Eve was awarded the prestigious Stillman Award for bravery.
Also found a reference here...

Since we are all on good vibes today... Pa has always been a crazy fan of a local band called EIC. Recently they released their first ever original album and though a little rough round the edges, its exactly how Pa likes it. I just wish I could go and listen to it with him one day.
Here's a little video clip that has a pretty decent version of their hit song. You guys should just support them and go buy the CD. There is going to be a launch this coming Sunday 24th August 2008 at HMV. If you guys can make it, go on down and meet them! I will try my darnest best to go take a picture with them!

As an after thought... one of the things that probably turns Pa on is the Guitar playing... He really likes the electric... but trained in the classical form instead... so he ever gets so envious when he does ever listen to good guitar playing.
And BOY can this girl play. For some odd reason also, he finds her damn familiar. Not that he ever heard this girl play or met her before... just the flair and well... legs... dressing... Sure wished he tried to hear her play.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adoption Day Photos at Bishan Dog Run

Remember this fellow? All matted and stinky pooey? Whiskey was the 1.5 year old fellow abandoned by his rather irresponsible 21 year old owner... after shaving off all his gross fur... we end up with...
A VERY good looking doggie!
Even I couldn't tell the difference... but to be fair, he was really terrible the first time I saw him! But look at the fur now! His skin is perfect. And BOY was he friendly.
There were SO many new people there... and not to mention the Bruno and me making sure everything was in order... I really expected a more skittish Whiskey... but he really made me proud. He was every bit the happy dog we hoped he would be.
He greeted and licked everyone equally and allowed everyone to manhandle him. All while being insanely happy. Thanks to everyone that came down!
He had no preference... girl / boy, patted / stroked, clean or dirty clothing...
He must have thought he just went to doggie paradise. A picture is worth a thousand words!
Fifi too had her fair share of hugs and kisses. We are all crossing our paws that they find the lovely home they are all looking for... The selection isn't exactly finalized yet, so stay tuned as the fosterer and his little helper make their decision!
Say Hi to Uncle Kelvin the Foster Parent and CanCan's ma! who introduced Kelvin to Pa... and only realised that Uncle Kelvin and Aunt Suzanne had never met before!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fifi's and Whiskey's adoption day

Whiskey's being thrown to the groomers in a while... Fifi's probably gonna take a good bath... They will be both on their best when they meet their potential parents later at the Bishan Dog Run 7.30pm.

Bruno and my paws are crossed in hopes of finding a great home for both of them. Somewhere that they will eventually be loved and taken care of for the rest of their lives.
Update: Bruno the little skunk managed to push his way under Pa's table... which he usually does his part-time work of people a leg rest. I'm sure he enjoys it... though his face might say otherwise.
I think he's just lucky Pa doesn't have schmelly feet and that would really muss up his gleaming fur.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Loss that shouldn't be

Toddler mauled to death
Published on August 15, 2008
Two Rottweilers owned by a Dutch man based in Nakhon Ratchasima mauled his twenty-month-old daughter to death early yesterday, police said.
The toddler, Romklao Ploo, was attacked and killed inside her house compound in Muang district at 1am. The 42-year-old mother, Jintana, was also severely injured while trying to save the child.

The two canines had been brought into the house to replace the two other Rottweilers that had fought and killed each other, said Jinata's mother, Somsong Phanwiset.
Speaking at her child's funeral, Jintana said the dogs started attacking the child as soon as she had put her down and turned to lock the gate.

The husband, an engineer identified as Johannas Bernadas, is on his way to Thailand.

The woman said her husband had raised the animals as guard dogs after burglars had broken in several times. She said the dogs were untrained and were in the habit of fighting other dogs.

Somsong said the two dogs should be trained instead of being put down.

Another senseless death. A little baby had no need to die. Let us read the article again.
-They previously had two rotties that fought and killed each other.
-The dogs were untrained.

It is due to such irresponsible ownership that us rotties have a terrible rep. I have heard that some people actually believe that such behavior is in the genes. I can tell you that this is not true.

Genes will get you your size, your structure, and your colors. The rest is really having a good and strong sense of ownership and instilling confidence rather than fear.
This is some random kid hugging Bruno in a random pet store in Holland Village. Punish the Deed, not the Breed. This death was really unwarranted. She looks so sweet.

I am so upset now I think I'll just sit at the corner and stone. What a waste.

Friday, August 15, 2008

What happens when you bend over to pick a Ball up over an excited Bruno?

Exactly what you think will happen.
Especially when a 45kg dog jumps excitedly hitting its head onto your lower jaw.

By the way, for those that think Fifi and Whiskey are the two Rotties-in-disguise in the previous post, this message is for you.

You are a Moron.

Please Google any terms you aren't familiar with before leaving a comment here. However, your comment is so funny I have decided to leave it in.
Update: Pa just spotted Bruno's snout having a little abrasion. It should be more painful than it looks!

Whiskey and Fifi up for Adoption

This the season to be abandoning dogs. I have two new fellows looking for a great home. Both are HDB approved breeds so please help me spread the word.
Pa brought Bruno and me to go take a look at the poor fellows. We really couldn't wait to meet up with them.
Bruno doesn't really remember but he himself has been re-homed to Pa. Its just great he is happy now and just wants to help out.
Sometimes I just wonder what goes on in his little head of his... However... this post is about two abandon dogs needing a new home. SPREAD THE WORD!
Meet Fifi. She is about 4-5 years old Salt and Pepper Schnauzer. She is very small in size, only slightly bigger than Nikki the Brave.
She has a very nice coat and structure... and she doesn't make any nice... till she goes for a walk outside... then she whines a bit. I'm sure that could be easily corrected.
She was abandoned because her first owner got pregnant. Then again her second owner left her for the same reason. She is a sweet affectionate girl that is pretty much calm and socialized.
This is Whiskey. a 1.5 year old Salt and Pepper male Schnauzer. He has probably never been groomed since his owner got him.
Threatened to be put to sleep, the 21 year old owner told the fosterer that if he doesn't want to take the dog right now, that's what he'll do. He doesn't care for the dog at all. Uncle Kelvin (the Fosterer) would probably bring Whiskey down for a bath and grooming by next week Wednesday. Whiskey sure seems socialized and a pretty sweet dog. Much to Pa's surprise.
I was however more skeptical, so I tested them myself. They do taste a little funny, but ok at the same time. They definitely pass the Bear Test.

So both these dogs need urgent homes asap. Please contact Pa via email at Please spread the message as fast as you can! Thank you.