Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fifi is up for adoption / Jojo the female JRT is up for adoption

Looks like CanCanMa's got another JRT in need of Rescue!

Name : Jojo
DOB : Sept 06
Not sterilized.
On dry food/canned food
Reason for giving up : No time for the dog.
Smaller size JRT, friendly and playful JRT :)
For viewing, please email me at

Like many others like to remind my Pa, Time is what you make of it. Not having enough time for a loved one just seems to me like pure carelessness. But you probably have to give them points for being brutally honest.

Also looks like Aunt Suzanne is personally going to conduct the viewing and probably even foster the dog first. Knowing her, she would probably secretly wanna adopt Jojo. So you guys better be fast!Fifi's still up for adoption. Whiskey has been successfully rehomed. Actually I dun get it. Fifi's a super affectionate dog. She seems to be able to form bonds pretty quick and she's no dumb bitch. She also didn't get all scared and snappish when I met up with her... So even she knows I'm friendly. I think its about time she foud a new home. Please contact us soon!