Monday, April 28, 2008

Farewell Jaffe and Kaylie

Goodbye Uncle Chris and Aunt Shellen... It has been a great run with you. Goodbye Jaffe and Kaylie... you have taught me a ton of things.
I remember the Dog Run where we had so much fun. You introduced me to all your friends. Some I still see, some I will meet later on.
Your mama was the bestest fren to have. She showed me what all I can be. And she had yummy treats.
Now, I've all grown up. And thanks to you, I had a great time doing it. I hate to think I would never see you again... So update your blog will you? I will see you there instead.
Uncle Chris's photo. Its really very nice. Pa has lots to learn about his spify camera.
Bruno was so tired he had to sleep with his head up and eyes closed.
We'll miss you guys. We may not meet anymore this lifetime, but we know its not forever. Nothing is.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Clubpets Mag Contest! Bear the Games Reviewer

My Head shot submitted for competition! I look really good huh...

Good news ish that I have attracted the attention of a really sweet new mag editor and have been invited to write for them!

The idea ish that I play the games and then write something about it... take plenty of pictures as well!


Bruno as usual is just fooling around most of the time in the office. Absolutely no direction in life! He is just too lazy to do anything.

But admittedly he is a sweet little dog. We should have called him Tiny Tim or something.

Bruno said he would help me when I do start writing my games article.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mitsubishi Challenge Episode 4

The Almost Indestructible Ball

Say hi to Auntie Hsien-Li! I am just so very happy to meet her... Not only does she come bearing gifts...
She said she read everything I wrote! And she even wrote a little note for Me and Bruno! Mostly for me of course.

She also asked why Bruno only wrote once... Well, it is called BEAR BEAR the FEARSOME ROTTI Dlog you know... Moreover Bruno is a lazy fellow. Always trying to gain attention and sleeping!

I was more excited that she actually read everything I wrote before! My very own Stalker! Pa says cannot use that word... but I dunch care! I like stalkers! Can't have enough attention as it is!

Maybe its time to start a fan-club.
This is like the coolest toy ever. This was designed for Lions and Tigers... Elephants! Its MINE. I caught Bruno eyeing at it. I'll share it with him later... MAYBE.
Its so cool. I have to use my paws and head to dribble the ball.
Picking it up is a bit of a hassle though... and Pa put water inside... Making it a lot heavier than it should be...
Thank you Auntie Hsien-Li!!! I'll be having plenty of fun with Bruno over this ball. I'll check with him if he wants to write a few things to you...

Bruno> Food. okthanksbye.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What do Rottweilers do in their Spare time?

We Chill out together. In Pa's car preferably. Because its cool and he usually winds down for us to stick our heads outside. Its really fun.
We also pay hide and seek... Here I am playing Hide & Seek with Bruno... and what's that without a game of Tag?
Bruno's sometimes really lousy at this game. Am I already not obvious where I am?
He has to practically stumble over me before he gets it into his big dumb head its me!
Pa couldn't get the picture... but Bruno and me showed off by jumping over these pipes together! Oh no... I think Pa is now seriously consider giving us agility training!
Met up with Auntie nadnut at the Gardens... We went to our Favorite Coffee Shop as they always welcome us with open arms.
You can see in the background people are still afraid of us. Looks like we have a very long way to go!
Off to Changi Village! Pa brought us along for a drive and stopped to get a drink. This little boy was really into us!
His parents were great. I'm so glad they encouraged him to meet me... Among the cat calls from the public what we were little boy eating dogs.
Very soon it looked as if he was ready to bring us home or ride us!
I appreciated him frenly gesture and returned one of my one... He's not used to the licking part of dogs!
He's a sweet kid... Hope to see him soon!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Inside Mediacorp / Suntec City Road Show

Hahahahaa... Guess where am i today?
MEDIACORP! cool eh?
I even get my own pass key!
After that it was on to Suntec!
Pa was playing games with his teammates again!
Everyone was real happy! A road show for his mitsubishi challenge! and this time I was there!
Steve clowning around... making funny faces at me...
See what I mean?
Pa told me that he was going to be busy, so he wanted me to operate his precious camera.
I wanted to play too... but the MC drew the line with playing with a Rotti. Speciesist! He said he would kick me off the stage.
So I just went round taking somemore pictures for Pa.
Finally, I got tired taking pictures, and told Pa that since its my blog, there should be pictures of me and not only his frens. He reluctantly took this one and said I look good here.

Humph. I always look good.

Monday, April 14, 2008

USDAA 2008

Pa was invited to take photographs at a doggie event recently! Semi-Pro too! Pa was pretty honored to be asked and he tried his best. These are some of what he considers the good ones in his entire 2000 pictures...

What to do? Semi-Pro only... Hence his entire weekend was work work work. Kaiser here was a prime example of the mood during the competition.
The USDAA recently came to town and they basically accredited the entire event. They had some really expensive equipment there as well.
Dex and Deb were the head honchos for the day and boy did they work their toots off. They really kept their cool all the way.
This is the actual Founder and President of the USDAA, Kenneth Tatsch hard at work like the rest of them. He readily got his hands dirty and even helped out carrying stuff around. Unpretentious and always ready with a smile, it was really difficult not to like the fellow. And he smelt like BBQ.
He was sunburnt good and proper too. Yum.
The Participants really gave it their all. Some of them were so focused like Tina and Buddy here that they practically were on auto-pilot. The drive and look with the teamwork is priceless.
Lucky here needed of course a little encouragement going up that scary plank. His handler even had to sing him his birthday song just to get him to walk the plant.
Big or small sized dog, everyone was encouraged and entertained. Advanced or Basic, everyone had a great time.
The event wouldn't have been possible without volunteers that went to support the event and to help out with the logistics!
Of course, not everything went according to plan... Some were just not in the mood...
Some were just really not in the mood. It made a great photo though...
At the end of the day, everyone was really happy at the ribbons and awards that was given out...
It really made all the training and long hours worth it!
Even the guest of honor had a little something and boy we can see just how he likes it! Thanks again Kenneth! Come back to Singapore soon!
As for me, I did what I do best. It was too damn hot anyway.