Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jay Jay the Mini Chow Chow for Adoption!

Age: 5 years plus (Sept wil b 6 yrs old)
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: No
Good with Children: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with other animals: No info
Dog's Temperament: Playful, active
Dog's Problems: NA
Ideal Owner: Any
Ideal Home: Not HDB Approved.
Other information: Toilet trained
Member putting up this adoption notice: Owner
Owner Contact: Mandy, 96567222
Adoption Fee: NA (it'll be g8 if $100 is donated to the Noah Ark)

Please contact the owner for adoption interview immediately!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the Demise of KM8

Sad news for all doggie beach goers... KM8 is finished. The rumors were true. Sentosa has apparently refused to renew their lease and they would be bidding us goodbye this final weekend.
What a great time we had over there. The Staff were the friendliest in the world... and they really didn't mind us there at all.
The people there? Perfect... beautiful... and totally cool with us there. We were da bomb.
The weekends were pack with party goers and had no problems having a wild time with us. Fantastic action.
The mixture of people of all size, creed, species, color were fantastic. The lifeguards were a little anal sometimes... but certainly not all the time. We could swim and bake in the sun... we even swam to the little island across....
This was certainly one good thing that we didn't want end at all. We hope another great place would pop up in its place... somehow... sigh...
As the night falls, the party just gets started... the girls glowing with their tan would shower us we the attention and affection we rightly deserve. Where would we all go now?
Here i am whining away... and there is Bruno sleeping away. Sometimes... I really wonder what is going on in his head. But maybe he has the right idea after all... If we were to party hard this weekend, we would definitely need to store up the energy to do so!

Sleepy Time! <-Internet Joke... about how a guy moronically tries to hypnotize girls via MSN. Google it! Its really so very funny as the girls plays out his fantasy! I love girls... they ish so smart.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A much needed break in Tioman

Pa has left us alone again. Without a word we see him like at 7am on Monday, thinking... Oh... what a bloody special day this is... and then he disappears for 3 days. And then he comes back showing us these photos.
Ohhhh... how i hate him... Does he not know that even Rotties have feelings? And that we also need a break and stuff? This was the Sunset pictures he took with just his iPhone. Uncle Richard has more pictures of him diving.
What a glorious day this day it was. I just wish I could have shared it with him. So what if I cannot get through customs?
The pictures are all unedited. The iPhone camera may not have the highest resolution, but the colors it can achieve is... simply amazing. Even to a slightly color-blind dog like me.
The Last Rays of Sunlight

I can't help but feel that you are the Sun
The glowing orb of fire in my heart.
With the ability to consume my everything
Including the need for some Fun.

You are so strong but you cannot See
Just how strong you can actually Be.
So strong that I feel Burnt
But see, I never Learn.

Eventually you will catch up with your Head
And then you will be as good as Dead.
Like the last rays of Sunlight
Before the chill and loneliness of Night.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cookie's Training Class / New Friends in the Heartlands!

Meet Auntie Crystal, she rescued Cookie from SPCA and fell head over heels with him... unfortunately, she didn't have the proper tools to train Cookie and he was getting out of hand. Though in love, she tried to rehome cookie, but his bad behavior ensured that others were not so easily impressed.
But what a Great 1st class that was! Auntie Crystal was a better trainer than Pa thought she might be and he was pleasantly surprised. With great voice and tone control and a few pointers from Pa, she ended up being rather decent in her commands. Good thing was that she had the time to train the little Cookie Monster too.
We met other friends near Auntie Crystal's place too! Surprising at the number of people that were so fascinated that they stayed throughout the entire session and MORE! Best of all, they played with us.
Plenty of questions and hopefully Pa manage to answer them all. We had a great time with them too... Understandably they were apprehensive... but... it wasn't long before we wormed our way into their hearts.
They ended up thinking it would be great bring us back with them... to hug and sleep with. Pa with his ever wet blanket explained why sleeping with your dog was a very bad idea.
The kids here were fearless as well! Though this boy strangely felt the bottle was more fun than I was.
In comes Auntie Stephanie and her little one! First she was totally shocked to see two Chihuahuas in a housing estate area... and she was an avid lover of dogs... she really wanted her little baby to experience us as well...
We put on our best behavior and did our thing... worming our way into everyone's hearts.
I can't help it if baby's smell so good.
Even Bruno knew not to scare the little one...
I simply just cannot get enough!
Its really ok... I really do not bite.
Now, after seeing just how gentle we can get, everyone begins to relax.
This is one brave kid I tell yah... but we gave no reason to fear us.
A big hug for everyone! Bruno put on his best smile!
Kiss my hand you fool!
After that, Pa had a spot to eat at a Hawker Centre... and little girls and boys were crawling all over us next! After first before the kids, most kept their distance as Pa sat underneath the "no Pets" sign board. But after that? it was a free for all and especially the older folks really appreciated us there!

We have found a NEW doggie tolerant place! Thank you ABC market!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gives new meaning to eating pussy.

Just a little trivia that you all might find interesting... I dun think a dog would ever have this problem...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Ma's birthday! Happy 26th! WOOHOO!

Happy BIRTHDAY! Though we celebrated it a bit earlier... it was still a fun time... especially when Pa won the purple Stitch head from an arcade machine...
Hey... the family resemblance is uncanny!
These are some of the shots Pa taught Auntie Sinyee how to do... Click to see the nice panoramic pictures Pa and she took! EXCELLENT!
Hahaha... Uncle RK was at two places at once!
Really not too bad eh? Its a Sony Ericsson Phone, 3.2 mega pixel cam. Lots to play with.
Its another year... and my birthday is coming as well! I wonder I wonder I wonder... what will be next? Will i EVENTUALLY get to celebrate my birthday this year?

Eunice Olsen loves us! Dark Angel Knights...

Check out who came to meet us? its Auntie Olsen! a pretty big person here in Singapore... for those not in the know, she was Miss Singapore and she represented Singapore in the Miss Universe Pageant and she totally should have WON! Now she is helping Singapore and other unfortunates... A TV host by day as well, and a super hero at night!
Ok... maybe NOT super hero... but pretty much darn close!
Auntie Gail isn't that much in pain... I was gentle really... just her way of showing her love for me. Hey... women are strange. She has also given us a whole new title... Dark Angel Knights... WOOHOO!
Yes... Auntie Barbra is finding out that I really do not mind people manhandling... or in this case... doghandling me.
*sniff*.... I think we need a bath soon. Its been a crazy weekend and WE FEEL NEGLECTED. Who wants to bathe us? Pa is always so rough with us... we want a woman's touch!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dog Therapy can do wonders.

Came across this Blog and they have some really interesting stories about Rottweilers.

The Article also spoke about just how great we are... I just wish Singapore's media isn't so bias towards us.

Rottweiler inspires kids to read

By JODELLE GREINER, Lifestyles Editor

June 03, 2008 11:34 am
When most people think of a therapy dog, they think of a small breed dog, something that will fit on your lap. They don’t think of a Rottweiler.
They don’t think of Turbo.
It may take a little getting used to, seeing this big Rottweiler trotting down the halls of Valley View Elementary with his owner, Pat Crawford by his side.
Kids get all excited, “Hi, Turbo!” “Turbo’s here!” and they change course to pet the dog’s head or wrap their arms around his neck for a long hug.
Turbo takes it all in stride. He doesn’t mind the kids crowding around, petting him or draping themselves across his back. The only one he really seems to take note of is Crawford herself. After she’s told Turbo to sit or lay down amongst the children and walks a few feet away to sit down, Turbo’s eyes stay glued to her, oblivious to the children vying for his attention.
Turbo and his friend Max, a black flat-coated retriever owned by Marli Vieira, visited Valley View Elementary on Tuesday for the last time until September. Turbo and Max, along with Honey, a Labrador retriever owned by Joe Seale, have been visiting the school since March and Susan Smith, principal of pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, is thrilled.
“It’s been great. I would recommend other schools do this,” Smith said of the pilot program.
The program got started when Pat Crawford met her neighbor, Alan Kassen, who happens to be the president of the Valley View School Board. She explained what therapy dogs are and that she wanted to try doing in the schools what she had been doing in nursing homes.
Shortly after Turbo was certified as a therapy dog about a year ago, Crawford’s father, Ken Schroeder, was admitted to Pecan Tree Manor and she visited him with Turbo in tow.
“I saw what it meant to the residents,” Crawford said. “For some, the dogs are their only visitors.” Some families mention how helpful the dogs have been in reaching a loved one who has drifted away. “One resident didn’t talk, but he’d talk to Turbo, then he started talking to his family.” Some people have to give up their pets when they go into a nursing home and miss the furry contact, so Turbo can bring back a part of their lives they’ve lost.
Crawford wanted to teach the schoolchildren about dog safety and how to take care of their own pets. With some help from the American Kennel Club, she’s instructed the kids on how to approach a dog safely (always ask the owner first) and what to do if they meet a strange or aggressive dog (don’t look the dog in the eye and put your hands in your pockets).
She’s talked to the kids about responsible pet ownership, including helping them figure out how expensive it will be to care for a dog or show a dog in competitions.
Crawford has explained what service dogs are. Not only is Turbo a therapy dog, he’s certified in medical alert and mobility service, as well. He’s also an award-winning dog. On Friday, May 24, Turbo and Pat Crawford competed at the American Rottweiler National Show and brought home several awards, including the 2007 Bruce Billings Good Sportsmanship Award, the 2007 ANVIL T.R.U.E Award Therapy Work, the 2007 Volunteer of the Year, and the 2007 Top Ten Obedience Award.
“The dogs can be their best friend, but they need to be their dog’s best friend,” Crawford said.
The lessons have already sunk in, Smith said.
She’s noticed behavioral improvements in just the short time the dogs have been visiting. The kids want to take part when the dogs visit, so they make sure they behave so they don’t have to miss them. “A good reward system,” Smith noted.
Part of the dogs’ visits include the kids reading to them and it’s made a difference in the kids’ performance.
“Some of our reluctant readers are more comfortable reading to the dogs, even when their peers are present. The dog doesn’t laugh or make fun of them if they make a mistake,” Smith said.
That unconditional acceptance is quite noticable in the special education class, according to Suzette McAfee, special ed teacher.
“Sometimes my kids are reluctant to read because it’s difficult for them, but they’re excited to read to (Turbo) and that makes all the difference in their performance,” McAfee said.
“The learning disabled are not threatened by Turbo. When they read with Turbo, they get totally into it,” McAfee said. “I’ve let them teach him math lessons. It helps them to learn.
“It also helps the kids with emotional needs. He is totally their friend. There’s something that is calming when you’re petting him,” McAfee said. “One little boy can be having a difficult day and when Turbo comes, it can all turn around.”
In the very beginning, Smith said, one parent didn’t want Turbo around their child because he was a Rottweiler, but said they had no objection to the other two dogs. Smith thinks the concern came about because the child had a bad experience with a Rottweiler in the past, but all fears over Turbo’s breed have been laid to rest.
The kids have accepted the big black dog with brown markings so well that they celebrated Turbo’s third birthday with birthday cards and a party. They have also presented Crawford with a book “Turbo Goes to School” which includes illustrations hand-drawn by Mrs. Klement’s second grade class and depict Turbo riding a bus, reading, visiting the principal (presumably he wasn’t in trouble), eating lunch in the cafeteria and doing homework.
There are only three therapy dogs in Cooke County and Valley View is the only school they visit. Smith said Lindsay ISD has shown an interest in having the dogs visit.
Crawford is hoping to expand the number of therapy dogs in the area, too. VVISD Counselor Kathy Ramsey and about “seven or eight” others want to take the test to see if they and their dogs qualify to be therapy dogs and handlers.
“We’re learning things every week about how to make this better,” Ramsey said.
It’s not a walk in the park, Crawford warned. The dogs have to be tested for disposition, temperament and obedience. They must pass a canine good citizenship test. They will be judged on how they respond to loud noises, distractions, wheelchairs, canes and other apparatus. They must follow the commands they are given by their handlers.
Not all dogs make the cut. Crawford confided that she can’t use her 15-inch beagle as a therapy dog because she can’t pass the tests.
For those who think it’s strange that a Rottweiler made it as a therapy dog, Crawford said you shouldn’t be. Most Rottweilers have the same disposition as Turbo; irresponsible owners have given Rottweilers their bad reputation, she said.
She is all too aware Turbo faces prejudice because of his breed, but “it goes away the minute they meet him,” she said.
For more information about therapy dogs, contact Crawford and Turbo at therapydog@ntin.net or Crawford’s dog trainer Cathy Niles in Woodbine at www.competitivedogtraining.com online.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Marley and Me... me me me.

Pa read the book, I watched movie... and i think its a lot better than the Book. Muahahaha! ok... that's probably not true, but the writing Pa remembers as pretty simple... and filming with dogs is never simple.

they definitely did a great job with it. The bond between master and dog is a sacred one.
A dog has no use for fancy cars, a big home, or designer clothes.
A water-logged stick will do just fine.

A dog dun care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb,
Give him your heart, and he'll give you his.

How many people you can say that about?
How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special?
How many people can make you feel extraordinary?

and this is the bond I share with my family... all of them and not only with Pa. This is GrandPa... with SherJay... they dun think I'll hurt the baby now, but they dun want him smelly and dirty from all the kisses i'll give him... GrandPa is just telling me not to lick SherJay who smells SO NICE. Auntie Cynthia said i can have my way with him back at her place...

I will never stray.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Chicken Attacked by Rottweiler...

Oooooo.... what a busy time we had... and Pa has gotten us a pretty good deal... one WHOLE chicken for a cool price of $1.99 each. It is unbelievably cheap. However, only 2 chicken per customer, so Pa had to get a little... *cough* creative.
After letting them out of their bags... the Chickens were just lounging around... happy to be out of their tiny little bags I suppose.... add a little boiling water and you might think that they are in a Jacuzzi.
Its kinda strange if they both started to have a conversation about dinner.
*Imagines the little strangled cries for help as the evurl Rottie engorges himself with the chicken... *
**For chicken lovers out there... this picture is not a Rottie eating a chicken... but rather Bruno was trying to resuscitate the chicken after he suffered from a minor heart attack. No birds were harmed in taking this picture.