Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apple Bear, The Making of...

Apple Bear Speaks!
Dear Rabid Fans.
Welcome to my office. For the first time ever, I have allowed cameras into my sacred sanctum to take a couple of pictures of me while I work.

As you all know, Pa bought the all new iMac back in Aug 07 and never turned back since. Of course, since then, I have also used the iMac to Dlog to you, my steadfast followers.

Nuffnang has just informed me that I could get that iTouch I always wanted if I told them just exactly how I feel about the my iMac. Hey, I would gladly do it for free!!
See how neat and tidy my office is? Just one power cord, one cable to the keyboard, one to my might mouse. I could have them all wireless if I wanted to. The optional silicon casing my keyboard is in helps keep my hair out.

I do not know how they do it, but the mouse even have a left and right click function. Its just isn't obvious!

Switching from a PC to a Mac is really just a walk in the park. No more blue screens and viruses. Everything else runs like a dream. It tickles Pa to no end that Windows Vista runs faster on a Mac than on a PC.

Really, you just do not have any excuse not to switch from a PC to a Mac.

No words can do justice to just how good using a Mac feels. Its really more an experience.

The Making of.... Apple Bear!
Firstly I had to ask for permission. I stealthily ambushed Pa when he was doing his work. In between the muffled screams of protest, he asked me what I wanted.
So as I lick his ears (he likes that really!!), I whispered just what I exactly wanted... a Nice Picture with the iMac. He thought I was just crazy.
So I gave him a gentle nip to let him know I was damn serious about the whole idea and I really wouldn't take no for an answer!!
But my Pa response better with some tender loving care and hence I changed tactics... really not giving him any room to reject me... or in this case made sure the right sounds escaped his mouth.
With his agreement, I started to experiment with different looks. I thought I would look kinda cool with some reading glasses and a suit and tie.
You are beautiful the way you are. That's what Pa said as he removed all the extras. Dun hide it behind everything else. Be proud of what you are, who you are. Face directly into the camera. That is a picture worth a thousand words.

Moreover, which other dog can Apple say has endorsed their product?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Information on Pet Relocation

Just came across this blog dedicated to giving information for all pet owners that want to relocate with their pets! And also this article about Hilton Hotels finally recognizing and calling furry four legged us as GUEST.

Learn a little something Singapore.

Tosa Kills Owner

This is another sad day for me
Not the same dog of course... but just in case you were wondering how a Tosa looks like...
What really happened we will never know. But looks like the dog went totally crazy.
It is very sad that most dog attack cases concerns their owner handlers and owners. More likely or not even the little kids in the family.

This is never a good thing to hear.
This is never something anyone will be able to curb or control.

I just hope that I will always be worthy of my Pa and my name.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Classifieds and Honey Bees

Remember this picture??
It appeared on the classifieds just this past Saturday! You know what that means!
The next agility trials is here again! So come on down and join the fun. Most importantly to meet me!!
On another note, Pa manage to kill 3 honey bees with rubber bands. He says he didn't have a choice. They were buzzing around in his office and it was downright irritating.

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Spiked Collars Please!

Hi people... thanks to an anonymous tip on my little chat box, I have my first spiked collar source. Please help keep them coming!! I will update as I go along!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back with Gifts, Police confiscated my "weapon" at the airport

Sorry everyone! Its been quite some time since our last update.

Pa has been very busy flying around as well... but at least he brought some gifts... Doesn't have too much time to help me with the computer, so it'll just be a quick update.
That is what I call a bone.
This is the coolest collar I have ever not have.

yep... it was taken away at the airport because they really didn't know what to do with it. Apparently this COULD be a prohibited item. The police never came across this before, so they really aren't very sure how to classify this item.

It's easy i thought really. Its a big-ass dog collar.

Why is this not allowed?

I mean... swiss army blades of all size and shapes is allowed to be brought in, not to mention hunting knifes and display swords.

But a spiked dog collar isn't allowed? What is the rational fear? Anyway, since this is the first time, no one is really sure if this is allowed, so Pa is waiting word from the relevant department to see if my collar is a prohibited item. If the collar is prohibited because of the spikes, then Pa is gonna tell them he still wants his collar, and he would remove the spikes instead.

Pa also remembers seeing spiked collars sold in pet shops here... does anyone know where? Of course not as big and impressive... but it would probably help make our case.

Pa also didn't have the time to send out my birthday giveaway. He will do it soon he promise!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Plenty of things to update...


Plenty of problems abound. Many still not resolved. Poor Pa has to solve them

Well, firstly, let us announce the winners of the Birthday giveaway!

I would like to congratulate

Barnabas Ju-Ern the Samsengkia
Rusty from Texas
The BWTH Dog House

Congrats EVERYONE!! You'll be hearing from Pa soon. We'll need to send you the birthday gift and hence need your contact details!

We also have a consolation prize for Braffie the Whine Connoisseur. She's a Cat lover and all, and her entry is very late... but hey... I'm pretty great with little pussy cats too. She'll probably not get the entire gift pack, but she'll get what she likes!
I on the other hand had a swollen eye to contend with. It wasn't really itchy or painful I suppose... but it was uncomfortable. I was a sad Bear for a couple of days.

Good news is that accordingly to Diamond Ma, Angel has been adopted! SUCCESS!!! So far every needy pooch that I've come across with has been successfully adopted. I am SO HAPPY! I really do hope this streak would continue.

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without the help of every rescuer, dog lover and forum user that linked my blog entry in their respective avenues. I HUGE BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

Hopefully Angel's new Ma and Pa will contact me and send me a picture of Angel in her new home. I will continue to update you accordingly! Give yourselves a big-ass hug!
Bruno on the other hand, cheats at getting hugs and tummy rubs. He really doesn't give anyone any choice in the matter.