Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mousie Goulie the WahWah for adoption!

Meet Mousie Goulie, the first Blog Chiwahwah to be rehomed! Here is Auntie Crystal who had found him outside her place at 3am in the morning... Smelly, frightened and alone... She took him in and washed him up before calling Pa to help.
Pa managed to locate the owner with the microchip imbedded in the dog, Mala from Sada Industries (9747 2734 to register your microchip number with them) called the owner up and had Pa contact the owner as well.

The owner had given up this 2+ year old CWW a year + ago because she had 2 kids at hand.
He was passed to a friend who then passed it to his sister-in-law. When the original owner called him up, he didn't know the dog was missing at all, and when he called his sister-in-law, apparently her husband was drunk and kicked the dog out...
MORE THAN 3days ago. In other words, there was absolutely no effort in locating the dog again.

This was for a CWW that isn't even 1kg and small even for his breed. He doesn't bark much, generally well-behaved, extremely affectionate... Though he has a pee and poo problem. He was never trained.
We'll have more pictures of us and him put up soon. But Pa would like to find a place for him. He has already been neutered and from his nature, he would be better in a 1dog family situation.

Please email for any enquiry and please include your family canine situation, experience and contact details.

Alternatively you can use my Pushme widget at the side here to drop your contact details directly to my iPhone.

To the dog run!

***due to current issues with auntie crystal, Mousie Goulie will be returned to his original registered owner and hence no longer available for adoption***

Sunday, March 14, 2010

SMU Animal Day

We dropped by SMU yesterday for their annual animal day fair for a short while. Auntie Barffie from the Cat Welfare Society was suppose to be there... but she disappeared by the time we arrived.
Also Auntie Ingrid Mak was also suppose to be there to meet us, but she went too late... ended up we had to meet new people instead.
They do all sorts of interesting and weird things at that school! Like having to show support through well-wishes of people, a sort of petition, but other from the leg work, there isn't much else. I prefer having a warm hot meal when I cannot afford one.
Nigel was also with us but he has a little bit of a skin condition, so he isn't too sociable at the moment... that's him standing off to the rear as Bruno that little slut goes around taking pictures with the students there.
The rest had their own little photo-session as well... I was just happy that it isn't that hot already.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Pa's photo in the Cover of the SKC Magazine!

Check this out!! The latest SKC publication has uncle Furry's Advert big big on the back page! Just a little peeved that its not US... he should have put up our pictures. He would get even MORE business!
Dun remember who he is? Well, here I am trying to convince him that I am not to be ignored. Whats great is that the FRONT COVER of the SKC mag is actually a picture PA took during one of the USDAA trials! Front COVER!!! WOHOOOO!!!
That's Nova! Auntie Shanice's Shepland... what I didn't know is just how long Nova's name was. Hummmm... I think I should have some equally impressive name as well!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Ticks Sticks Sicks...

Most of you know what Dog Ticks are... but Pa has gone a little overboard and has began researching how to kill them the cheapest and easiest way possible.

So he has been experimenting on the different stages he can get to the tick.
A single female tick is able to lay thousands of eggs. Each egg shown here have the potential of being born as a big-ass tick. At this stage, Pa is unsure his formula will work on the eggs. So far however, they have not hatched after his treatment.
Scores and scores of eggs are rendered dead as far as Pa can see.
These are ones that have hatched maybe a couple of days old. They too are rendered dead. So far, so good. You can see how well developed the legs are.
Just to give you a sense of scale of the tiny little baby tick, its no bigger than a single finger print groove on your finger. Most commercial products have difficulty targetting the tick when its at this stage. if you see carefully, you can see its legs.

I'll update you guys more on this tick removal formula once more tests has been done. Hope you guys enjoy your dinner later!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Rotties in the news again.

Sometimes I wonder... what is basically wrong with people.
The 4-year-old daughter of Jesse Browning -- one of the stars of The History Channel's "Ax Men" -- died tragically yesterday in Oregon after being mauled by one of the family's pet Rottweilers.

Jesse -- whose father owns the "Browning Logging" company featured on the show -- called 911 around 1 PM after the dog attacked his daughter Ashlynn at the family home, this according to Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin.

We're told Ashlynn was airlifted to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland shortly after the attack ... but was pronounced dead on arrival.

We're told cops are investigating the incident.

Sheriff Bergin tells TMZ the dog involved in the attack -- along with another Rottweiler owned by the family -- was taken to a nearby animal shelter for a mandatory hold.

The family will be given three options on the fate of their dogs -- they can take them back into the home (with restrictions), adopt the dogs out to another family ... or choose to have them euthanized.

And there's this: Bergin said four months ago to the day, one of the family's other Rottweilers attacked another family member -- that dog was put down after the attack.
I can spend my time here right now to tell you all the warning signs in the article that this owner should have noticed. That they had a previously aggressive dog, and after that dog was taken away, the pack obviously lost its leader. So another had to take its place.

But it is easy to be an armchair warrior. It also doesn't change the fact that right now many people would further fear us... and this would be ingrained deeper into their minds.

What can we do but to continue to try to change people's minds...But can all of you help a bit?

Just the other day people were referring some of their friends who had problem dogs to me. One had destroyed a wall, 2 doors, a couch, and lots of shoes.

So against his better judgment, and the fact Pa was busy, he spoke to a complete stranger on the phone, advising her how to assert authority over her dog. Be the pack leader. Not friend.

However, she was always not home, and didn't really take care of the puppy she brought back from Aussie. So Pa was asking her just who took care of the pup and whether she would rather be the dog owner or pass the pup along. She was a little miffed by the question and insisted that it was her pup.

It went downhill from there.

"No I will not use a choke chain. That is not me at all. I went to dog classes before and they do not encourage using that and I agree. Its cruel."

"Ok... that's fine. You said you went to obedience classes before? what did they teach you as a proper correction for the dog?"

"huh? ahhhh....ah..... ermmmm.... this was many months ago. Let me recall..."

...That basically shows just how many times she actually corrected her own dog. It is owners like these that pass their dogs along once they are no longer cute... and with the new family, the problem either escalates as the dog goes through depression, or becomes quiet until the day it snaps.
Dogs do go insane. Remember that.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy CNY everyone... / Hottest Month every

Say hi to Ozzie. She was suitably HOT and Tired... and I think we are all Hot and Tired for the month of Feb. Hottest and driest ever I think. That's bad news for us dogs. We'll need tons of water to stay cool.
Slobbering helps tremendously too. Say hi to Cola... well, his real name is Coke, but apparently when yelled at, the name sounds rather crude. Hence Pa suggested Cola. Its better to have a name that you can yell without being afraid of sounding crude.
The West Coast Dog Run wasn't too bad. Many other dogs were there fooling around. not much running except Bruno and me. We did have fun anyway.
After that... it was a swimming session before going to take a shower. It was the perfect ending at Club 4 Paws Pte Ltd... The water was Perfect. The company was Great. Auntie Linny works there!

The annual membership fee of $40 and an entry of $5 each time you enter the pool. There is an excellent cafe there for both your food and drink purposes, not to mention that you'll be able to have a great meal with your doggie.
and sometimes... what we all need is family.