Friday, September 16, 2011

Grace the King Charles needs a new home

Meet Grace, she is a 6 year old King Charles that needs a new home. Her previous owners gave her up for personal reasons but she is the sweetest girl ever. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she was in her cage for a very very long time.
But even so, she gets along VERY well with other King Charles as Auntie Lynn has shown here. Not the easiest thing to get 4 dogs to pose for a picture during playtime!!
She is effectively crate trained and all she wants really is interaction and love. She is naturally clean and not spayed yet. Her new folks will be expected to bear the cost of her spaying and also a $200 adoption fee that would be donated to a charity of Auntie Lynn's choosing.
Grace may be 6, but she has the energy and curiosity of a 1 year old. She also strangely reacts very well to recall though she was hardly trained at all, much less taken out for even walks.
So please send in your interest to and include your name, family size, if there are other dogs in your household, and previous experiences with dogs. She is really easy to train and would be a great first dog as well. Not to mention the fact she is HDB approved. A viewing will be arranged soon!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Milo the Golden x Terrier Cross for Adoption!

OK OK... I know I have not been updating at all... even though I have been like having great adventures...

Sigh... I really have not been ok? Pa has been locked up with work and its a really horrible time for me... However, I still would help other fellow doggies in need of a new home!!
Meet Milo the Golden x Terrier... about 13kgs only, he can be really really cute!

Not the bravest, but certainly he has his own charms! 1.5 years old, he would need a firm handler to encourage him as well. He isn't aggressive as well! Barks a couple of times when he meets new people, but he is really totally ok.

He was reluctantly given up by his owner to Auntie Cynthia to Board. There were some issues with the owner's neighbor who disliked animals and made it hellish for him... so now he is looking for a new home.

Please contact Auntie Cynthia to arrange for a viewing! Message 97435435 or email Viewing is conducted only by appointment only! See you guys SOON!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Passing of Coco the Golden Retriever

A few days before September 11th 1999, Coco the Golden Retriever was boarded with Auntie Cynthia at Buddy Buddy. Coco was a sweet girl and would do anything for a treat.

When September 11th arrived, The world watched in horror as planes slammed into the World Trade Centre. The world included Auntie Cynthia and Uncle Wusong as they realised that Coco's owner's USA office was right in those buildings that were in flames.

He should be fine Uncle Wusong said... Dun worry.

Days, then weeks, then months gone by without word from Coco's Owner. With no one else to contact, Coco now belonged to Auntie Cynthia and Uncle Wusong...
Coco was a beautiful Long Coated Golden, quite a rarity in Hot Singapore. Not too sure where she exactly came from, but her story definitely started on September 11th. Coco became the model dog as she would even let Auntie Cynthia do dental work on her without moving at all.

She was also a valued companion even when Little Sherjay was born. He would play and lie on her, she would dutifully take care of him.

Coco passed in the early morning hours of the 8th of June 2011 at the age of 13 years old. She had lived a great life and brought many happiness. She suffered 2 strokes a few weeks before but had actually recovered well. She passed on peacefully in her sleep and all of us will miss her.
Joey, Coco's sister, is the last and final dog at the side of Auntie Cynthia. She too will miss Coco greatly.

Good bye Coco. See you on the other side.
Sorry for not updating the blog till now... really so many things had happened, and with Pa's new work responsibilities, it gets a little crazy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plenty of Advantures

Dogs dogs and MORE dogs! Meet the luckiest 3 huskies in Singapore. Pa says they have the patientiest owners ever... but that also meant this 3 ran the house. Well... no more of that nonsense. For the first time ever, they had to stay in a SINGLE position. And now... their owners are equipped with the knowledge on how to control 3 huskies at a go.

Alistar, the husky on the right with the blind right eye, was a pretty badly abused dog. By now, she would have had about 7 owners. Reason is... well... the first one apparently blinded her... so now when pushed, she will bite. Bite to draw blood.

The fosterer was bitten as well... but she didn't give up. Good news is that she seems to have been rehomed successfully to a new family. Hopefully that would be her real final home.
Meet Uri. or Uranus von Heisenburg. This beauty was just adopted by Uncle Josh. It took just one look for Uncle Josh and dad to make up their minds about this lovely boy. However, his previous owner did not allow Uri to interact with other dogs before... and hence... he still behaves very much so like a puppy.
Uri is currently undergoing strict training with Pa and Uncle Josh. Hopefully he would be socialized soon!
In the last month or so... we also met some really charming little people that rarely were not afraid of us.... This little girl's mother was ashen white at first... but at the urging of Pa, she felt at ease and was relaxed even when she tried to grab Bruno's tongue.
She even fed water to the Bruno and was totally at ease. Hope we get to meet more little people like these!

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Marble" the Mini Schnauzer might need a home after tomorrow...

Meet Marble (Shaggy is his NAME!) the mini male schnauzer that Pa found! We have retrieved his microchip number but so far no luck. Tomorrow we will go to AVA to search for his owner. If he is totally unregistered, then we will rehome him immediately.

SPCA has also been informed... but strangely no one seems to be looking for him. If you know someone that is missing their mini schnauzer, please ask them to contact Pa with the Pushme app at the sidebar directly into his iPhone.

More details for rehoming after confirmation from AVA!


Shaggy is REGISTERED! Pa has contacted the owner and have spoken to the her as well. He will be reunited with his family soon! They didn't know who to turn to, that is why they hoped someone (like Pa) will scan for the microchip and find them eventually!
***Another Update!***
Shaggy has been reunited with his original owner and he seems really happy to see him. This story has a happy ending! Found out that Shaggy is really about 6 years old! He must have had some mid-life crisis and wondered away then!

We hope to see Shaggy soon running around as he did with us over the weekend! I'm sure he had a whole bunch of fun! BYE SHAGGY!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! / Auntie Barb's newborn

Say hi to one of the newest addition to the world. Auntie Barb's little Mikki. Its also Pa's first photoshoot of a newborn. Boy... did he learn new stuff.
When we have more pictures other from his crappy iPhone ones, we will put them up as it goes along.As the Chinese New Year was round the corner... Pa thought it would be fun to have little greeting pictures with us in it... as really massive black rabbits.
We have heard disturbing rumors that some people thought these were photoshopped on. Let us reassure you... that they were not. We were made to wear these and have our pictures taken.
We tried them with all sorts of positions... all to your amusement of course... and we decided on these two as our 2011 greeting pictures. Hope you enjoy them.
Yes... It takes a real confident dog to be seen like this... and we are in no doubt secure with our personality, speciesnality and sexuality.
So Happy Lunar New Year to all my Asian Friends and whoever else that benefits from this festive of food, reunion and red packets.
Nigel is also in a great mood during this period of time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Donut aka Prince has been successfully adopted...

A first shout out to Stella the Mini STAR! Auntie Grace has decided that Stella should have her own blog too and i think its starting off just great!Good news! Donut aka Prince has been successfully adopted! Looks like he will be going to a great home!This was his first initial meet-up with the new parents and kids! Everyone was a little shy and nervous at first... but it wasn't long before all were best of friends!
This is just great! Thank you everyone for helping us out to spread the word! Prince will be loved the right way now!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donut the King Charles for Adoption / Bruno needs some sun.

Say Hi to Donut the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He is only 2 years old and have a great temperament. He is also very quiet and confident dog. Honestly... I have no idea why would anyone abandon such as he.
That's right... his owner abandoned him at a pet shop and now Pa is trying to help rehome him. Currently he is at Auntie Cynthia's boarding home awaiting new parents for him.
If you are interested in viewing and eventually adopting him, please email your details and household conditions, as well as how many dogs you currently have or had. Usually there will be a small adoption fee involved ($100-$200) but that would be put to a good cause.

You can also SMS her at 97435435 as well. Please be prepared to answer a few questions about your own background as this fellow does deserve a good home.
Bruno needs a little sun recently... in fact, he is the only black dog I know that feels right at home taking a tan in Singapore.
Most sane dogs I know that carries a fur coat on their back would love to remain in an air-conditioned room in the middle of the hot sunny day. I think Bruno was a beach dog before. Or he is just stupid. Hope he doesn't get a burn.