Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween's da Bomb (but not for me.)

Me: So dad, when can I wear my cape? when when when?
Dad: err....*glances around* soon. You can wear it now if you want.

Me: Now? No! I wanna wear it at the pawty.
Dad: What party?

Me: what do you mean "what pawty"? The one that is going to take place at our place!!Dad: Oh... you mean... THAT party. Let me just tell you a little story about Life. Its full of disappointments.

Me: You mean like when I cannot be friends with cats?
Dad: Well, its a little more serious than that.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bear's Halloween Special

Pa tells me that Halloween is just round the corner!! I cannot wait! The last time round I was too young... This year I will get to dress up!
Check out my funky red cape and glowing eyes! This would surely scare some kids... Just the other day, two kids and their parents walked through the gate and I ran to meet them... and boy could I smell the fear in the air... or maybe it was their screams of terror and tears in fear...

After that I felt a little bad... scaring them like that... so I went over to comfort them.

Didn't go exactly as planned. So I ate them both.
Here I am trying out my new super powers with my new super power cape.
And when I concentrate hard enough... a small ball of light appears at the end of my nose.
Over here... I am practising my new power of the tongue. Like a lizard, I should be able to whip the little titbit out of my Pa's hand!
Ok... maybe walking over would be easier.
Then suddenly the floor tilted 45 degrees and I am in my about-to-fly position!
Flying is tiring. Dunch I look good in Red? I mean... It brings out the color of my eyes.
OK I think it should be Lunch time soon. I'll be hanging my cape up and save it for this Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Shopping by myself / Canon Photomarathon

This is Aunt Jenny trying to convince me to put on some doggie nail polish. I tell ya... they come up with everything. I had to convince her that I much prefer those tasty treats they love to give out.
Pa at last trust me with his credit card. Unfortunately my purchase wasn't enough and I needed to pay in cash instead. Humans! SO troublesome.
Pa disappeared the whole day on Saturday and when he came back, he told me he just took part in the Canon photomarathon! He and his friends didn't win anything, but they took great joy in the reactions of the crowd when their pictures were flashed on the big screen.

I wished he brought me along.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thailand without me

Pa disappeared for 2 days without me! He told me I couldn't go again. Why can't dogs have passports??
Pa brought all his expensive equipment to Thailand only to have it rain... and rain... and rain. So he could only take a few photos on his trusty Sony T30.
Somewhere is Chinatown. Pa got kinda lost I think... and he was happily walking where he wasn't suppose to I think.
This is a little something for Godma. She likes all the strange stuff toys. So when Pa saw this, he just had to get this ugly thing for her.
Tiger and me were playing ball and I got so frustrated with her always getting the ball cause she cheats by jumping into the pool. So I jumped in too!
No I did not trip and fall in.
*blop blop blop*
Com'on.. whose next? I promise I dunch bite. hard.

Monday, October 08, 2007

3 Fearsome Rotties

Say hi to Eragon, Bear (that's me lah.) and Vera.

We look too good.
Hahaha... Just a little private time between me and Vera... without the little brat in the way...

(Pa edited: Just in case some of you dun get it...)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Breed Legislation looming for Dogs?

With the new breed legislation, this was bound to happen. Dogs are being given up faster than they are being adopted. Dogs that cannot fend for themselves are wondering onto expressways and tied to trees, abandoned at Dog Runs.

Years of rescuers efforts all down the drain. On the other hand, the new legislation and fine might improve things over time. As people would think very carefully about getting a pet... and perhaps this alone would help curb puppy mills and filter out the "3-minute passion" people from the true doggie lovers, keepers.
And all it takes is just 1 irresponsible owner to throw everything back 20 years. The above article talks about how a Husky attacked a little girl. Play or not, this is just unacceptable. Pa was just mentioning that if it happened to HIS child (HaR? I thought that was me! He lets others bite me all the time!!) he would have probably broke the dogs neck on the spot.

Ok... My Pa's a little passionate about his response... but honestly I understand where he is coming from. I just hope that Sentosa doesn't ban dogs anytime soon... and I really feel for the husky... It is he that has to pay the ultimate price of his Life.

Please read up about the breeds, and think carefully about a dog. If you do not, then it is not money that you lose, but you cause another to lose his/her life for nothing.
This my dear fur friends... the exactly what life has to offer.
Flying without wings.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Herbie's gone...

He wasn't feeling too well, and I didn't have time to see him...

You were one of the earliest memory I ever had. You were one of my first friends and you taught me a great deal about what it is to be a good boy.
I remember how you enjoyed rolling the in grass even when you knew your mama didn't approve. And boy... did I encourage you.

It has only been a year since I first met you. You have helped mold me to what I am. Thank you. Everyone will miss you.

... I really miss you. See you soon.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Swimming Pool Doggie Style

Pa's day out with his new camera... Like him, I've been on a Diet. Lost 3kgs, but according to Pa, i seem to be moving a lot better. Honestly, I seem to be limping less.
This is my Cool side-ward glance.
OPS! you just caught me coming out of the shower!!! Can I help you??
Yes I see that now... I see that the Ball is coming my way. I must have Jedi Patience.
You talking to me? You TALKING to ME??
Oh... Prey... I think...
Oh... its coming nearer... Just s nibble....
Shit... I hope Pa's not looking!
How to exit the water in a hurry to play tag...

Step 1: Go right to the edge of the Pool
Step 2: Front Paws at 30 degree angle out of the water...
Step 3: Hind legs to exit just as fast and assume the pounce position.
Step 4: Now.. KILL KILL KILL!
Look Buddy, for the last blooming time. I am NOT going to take the ball from you. Just push one nearer to the edge will ya?