Friday, December 18, 2009

Mono the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

A terrible twist of fate for Mono the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The owner today called Pa up, and that he wants to give the dog up. And he has only had him for 3-4 days.

What has gone wrong? Apparently this fellow has been rehomed at least 3 times already. Each time, the previous owners could not take his antics and misbehavior. And boy... Pa understands he has some.

A pyrenean mountain dog is a big fellow. Male dogs can go up to 50-55kgs. This fellow is at least 10kgs underweight.

His fur has also been very badly groomed.
This is how the fellow should be looking. But the problem isn't only about his looks. His behavior STINKS. He is aggressive and will charge at other dogs. It is HIGHLY possible that he might NEVER go for walks without a muzzle.

This was one of those few dogs where going without a muzzle would really be a big bad idea. But Pa as a firm handler, and he had kept him for 1+ day, didn't have the same problems the other more clueless dog owners have.

Pa didn't get the same incessant barking that seemed to affect the others. In fact, after a few firm corrections, he also stopped trying to kill Bruno and me.
But the bad news still exist EVEN after Pa has offered to train and teach the new owner what to do. Looks like he is going to given away again.

Mono is a beautiful trainable dog. And if you have what it takes to train this dog, Pa would be more than happy to give free lessons in order to have him rehomed one last time.

Please email Pa at Mono is already microchipped and is looking for a new loving home. It will take a lot of training. Are you up for it?

*Preferable for families with no current pets and have Mono their only pet.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fined $9000 for Dog Attack / Farewell to Mono!

Fined $9000 for Dog Attack

THE man whose mongrel bit three children in January was fined $9,000 on three charges on Thursday. It was Mr Terri Chua's first brush with the law but not the first time that his dog Mon Mon had created trouble.

About two years ago, the yellow, short-haired mongrel had bolted out of Mr Chua's Serangoon Garden's home; pouncing on a jogger passing by and chasing her for some distance. That jogger filed a police report and Mr Chua, 46, was given a warning.

Since then, the corporate trainer said he and his family always made sure someone was holding onto the two-year-old dog whenever the gate was opened. He said the dog gave no trouble at home, even to his children aged nine and 10.

Mon Mon was friendly and playful with the family but when it came to strangers was easily excited, said Mr Chua. He told The Straits Times that Mon Mon was leashed when he walked the dog in Tavistock Park in January. There were some children playing there and when Mon Mon broke free of Mr Chua's grip it pounced onto a boy. By the time he got hold of Mon Mon, it had hurt two other children.

He took the dog home and returned to the park, where he found police waiting for him. 'I took all the precautions that I could. I had him on a leash and it was in my hand. It just so happened that we were at the wrong place at the wrong time,' he said.

The Chuas have no plans to put Mon Mon to sleep. Nor will they muzzle the dog.

What is wrong with people nowadays? While a dog has every right to live and protect his family, so does other human beings as well. This dog is obviously out of control.

Owners like these are utterly clueless what to do. This is so terrible.

News like this upsets me...

Uncle Jaywalk had a very nice article up on his blog for us... go take a look!
Good news for Mono the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

His owner was looking for him eventually and is actually our neighbour. The worst thing is that Pa actually brought the dog to that farm and asked the people there is that dog theirs... and they said no it wasn't.
Sounds like they might be having some internal issues with each other... I do hope Mono will not be suffering for it. Good Luck Mono! we will be visiting you soon.

What Breed is this fellow?

He walked into my place... pretty docile to humans... but a little aggressive towards other male dogs...
He looks like a XL Samoyed with floppy ears and. But though Bruno is bigger then him...
... his height and size is pretty big... I wonder how much he weighs? Frontal position looks like a Golden's face.
He looks groomed really, so its likely he ran away and forgot to go home. We will be going to the Vet with him to check for a microchip and see if he is registered in any database in Singapore.

He would need a bath soon!
A baby Rottie at Pet Lover's Vivo City... He's getting a little big for his cage... I hope someone gets him soon! Else his hinds may suffer... NO PA... Dun anyhow anyhow... Two big dogs is MORE than enough. (Pa: But.... But...)
This was the newest adopted mongrel pup we found at our swimming pool... isn't he a beauty? He even has Rottie colors.
He's a little skittish and snappish... so I hope that his new mummy would have the ability to train him well. If she does train him well, he will be a great dog I'm sure.

GOOD NEWS! Shiloh has been ADOPTED!

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for all your help in spreading the word about Shiloh the husky, as well as as your kind donations.

I have great news - Shiloh has found a home! Next week, she will be moving to her new semi-detached home with a nice couple who are experienced with huskies and who currently already have one husky. Shiloh has met them and their husky and everyone gets along great. She'll be going to a good home!

:) Auntie Lillian

(PS: we have determined that this fellow might be a Pyrenean Mountain Dog... He looks skinnier than the ones on the internet probably because he has been groomed before. He has also a microchip! Tomorrow we will be following up with SPCA and AVA!

PPS: bad news. ALL database available have no record of this fellow. Pa has even called up clinics, but so far, NOTHING. How is this possible? Please help spread the word that a lost dog is found! or is this a case of abandonment?)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Shiloh the Female Husky for Adoption

Auntie Lillian that adopted Trip... is now helping to rehome Shiloh the Husky! Below is her email to me...
Dearest Bear,

Please help!
A 4-year old female husky needs a home.

A husky was found on 3 Dec 2009 at Pasir Ris Farmway 2. She's a grey/white husky, relatively smaller in size (to other huskies), about 4 years old. Apart from the fact that she'd probably been outside for a few days, she looked to be in good shape and well-fed.

I'm going to put out lost & found notices for her, but my belief is that she's most likely been abandoned. She is microchipped - her previous owners sold her in 2008 and thereafter there is no information on who owned her.

She is currently being boarded at Mutts N Mittens and is in quarantine pending a further vet check. So far, she's been deticked.

From what I can tell, she is a pretty docile and even tempered dog. She responds to anyone handling her and I've been able to take her for walks, but she also sometimes seems a bit anxious - perhaps that is due to her abandonment and her adjusting to a new environment. Other details about her are unknown, I can update whoever is interested over time when I learn more about her.
Please help spread the word and if anyone is interested in either:
a) adopting the husky
b) fostering the husky
c) donating to help with boarding and vet costs (in such situations no money will go directly to me, we will arrange to go to the vet/kennel)

** Anyone interested in adopting should ideally have experience raising large dogs and/or huskies. Huskies require a lot of care and attention - for exercise and grooming. For adoptions, there is no fee, but I am requesting that a donation be made to an animal shelter.
Please contact Lillian at 9687 7543 (SMS is best, She will respond as soon as possible) or at
Thank you!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

10,000 Euros to be saved... We wouldn't have charged a Cent.

In November 2009, this woman who was in trouble at sea, was made to swim 100 metres to shore... with a crate of Rottie puppies on her head... her two other dogs and her friend also made it. Tired but not hurt.

What was so terrible was that there was help at hand... and that the tug boat that went out the help them, DEMANDED €10,000!!

Humans can get pretty ugly. Some of them deserves to be bitten I am sure of it.
Laura Hughes, 28, braved waves up to five metres high as she struck out for a beach on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Her 14 and a half foot boat had been pushed around the Turkish coast by powerful gale force winds leaving her close to the Greek island of Rhodes.

She was left completely helpless after a rope from her boat's sails got caught in the boat's propeller and the engine stopped working.

After being pushed miles around the coast and fearing her boat would sink or capsize, Miss Hughes had no other option but to abandon ship - and swim 75 metres to the shore.

Miss Hughes, from Bedford, had acquired her boat 'Csavargo' from a friend who had salvaged it in Madagascar.

After completing an MA in Media and Art at the University of Westminster in January 2009 she had spent the summer sailing along the Turkish coast.

Miss Hughes took her two dogs Ragga Muffin and Tiger Lily along for company and was later joined by her friend John Cochrane, 30, in September. The former gave birth to nine puppies during the voyage.

It was while trying to anchor the boat amid a storm that the rope from the sails got caught in the boats propeller leading to the engine malfunction.

Miss Hughes tried desperately to control the steering wheel but the boat was travelling at a speed of 2.3 knots - and there was no way of stopping it.

After several hours, Miss Hughes found herself stranded in a busy shipping lane three miles off the coast of Rhodes.

Worried that they would crash into another boat, she sent out a May Day distress signal over the ship's VHF radio.

However when help arrived in the shape of a Greek tug boat, they demanded 10,000 euros to rescuing them - and Miss Hughes didn't enough have money to pay them.

So, wearing a lifejacket, Miss Hughes jumped out of the boat, carrying the nine Rottweiler puppies 'African-style' by balancing the crate on her head and holding the side with one hand while swimming with the other.

Mr Cochrane and the two adult dogs also jumped off the boat and swam to the nearest beach at the Greek resort of Lalissos about 100 metres from their boat.When they got to the shore, exhausted, they were helped by German tourists from a beach hotel and members of the emergency services.

The British Embassy found Laura and John a hotel room for the night - and the puppies spent the night at a local Greek police station.

The next day local fishermen rescued Laura's boat which had been washed up on some nearby sand dunes.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Trip at about 8-9months

That... is a very graceful and fast and DARN strong 3 legged dog. Trip surprised us all with his agility... he easily outran many of the other dogs at the West Coast Dog Run.
Look at how tall he has grown! I think he might even be slightly taller than me eventually... Auntie Lillian isn't exactly very big... so I sometimes suspect that Trip brings her out for a walk instead!
Running for him made more sense as he is more comfortable with the pace on 3 legs. Walking would be kinda tough. But Auntie Lillian loves him to bits... Its kinda cute watching her trying to catch up to her 3-legged dog.He really enjoys being off leash... and he is pretty friendly with most other dogs. Auntie Lillian has a done a great job taking care of him. Honestly... if you didn't look at him again, you wouldn't even notice his disability.
Like all other living things, he has adapted well... and excelled.
We were of course conserving energy for our filming later on... so unfortunately we had to cut short this get together... but we will do it again soonest!
Maybe Auntie Lillian can enroll trip for Agility Classes! That would be a Great Idea! Beat the rest of the abled dogs! We can't do it... well... because the equipment would break.
But Trip with the way he runs, dodges and sprints... I think he might just be the right one for that!
Whatever it is... Trip is truly a lucky doggie to have so many love him. I hope he realises that!