Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Busy Week... Malaysia Fish Farm Visit

To our big surprise, it was 10 days since we last updated our blog... A passerby sort of reminded us that busy as we were... we had to let you guys know what we have been up to! Troy's new adoptive parents are still in the process of being interviewed... so that's going to be kinda interesting.
Aquarama is here in Singapore again... Another crazy busy time for Pa. Before all that, he had a little trip down to Malaysia to meet up and view what massive farms they have there in comparison to Singapore's farms.
Rows upon rows of mud ponds and concrete tanks is where the bulk of the fishes are reared and kept.
Selection takes place with workers manually sorting each and every piece available by hand.
Given the fact that there are THOUSANDS shipped out and sold everyday, you can probably imagine the massive amount of work required to attend to this!
Pa met a few pups and they were friendly. Unfortunately, there aren't very well-kept but they seemed rather intelligent and a little fearful of the other humans around... when they found Pa, it was like a natural magnet to dogs
Even their mom came over to give Pa an ALL'S CLEAR. It is pretty sad conditions, but not everyone understand the pride and joy of getting a dog.

So here's a little short update first... we should be back pretty soon with more interesting things... right now, its work work work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Troy the Malamute needs a new home...

Meet Troy the Alaskan Malamute. This time, I personally went to see his temperament and boy... was it a little hairy at first. He is 2 years of age and a pretty big boy at 42kg. Bruno still wins at 48kgs, but he just eats a lot.

Troy was an excited little boy, he needs a firm handler and is in excellent health. He is also a very very smart boy. Within minutes he understood that Pa was not going to take any nonsense from him... so he was all submissive. To me however, he was a little aggressive. I wasn't too comfortable that Pa was so close to him, but Pa assured me everything was ok.
once he calmed down, he was an excellent dog. His limbs, coat and general well-being was very well taken care off, not counting of course the lack of firm training and sturdy owners.

After 20mins, Pa is very convinced that Troy is a VERY sweet boy that simply needs a little more attention, love, socialization and firm training for him to be an excellent pet dog.

Please help me spread the message and email Pa at

There is no adoption fee sort after. However, Pa will impose a $200 fee that would be donated to his Medical Fund for Any Dog That Needs It. This is NOT a compulsory donation. Just a much needed one.

Please note that there will be a viewing for Troy this coming Sunday at his place... So please leave your name and number as well as type of residence at the email address mentioned above.
Help us spread this message about Troy's urgent need for a new home... We need to have him rehomed soon! Everyone should have a wonderful home... And us dogs will give back 10 fold the love showered on us... ....ermmm.... one way or another. :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bitten again at the Doggie Pool... Uncle Richmond gets a good cleaning...

Uncle Richmond helps Pa with a little problem with his computer... so I decided that he ought to be rewarded.
And boy did I reward him. I made sure he was well-groomed for his next meeting with anyone. Pa told him that it was really ok to ask me to stop at any point of time... I wouldn't mind...

"If a Rottweiler wants to lick me, I am not going to say No."

I think he means it in a good way yah?
We were at the Doggie Pool on Sunday and again, Bruno is bitten on his side. It was unprovoked. The doggie in question was 八宝 or "Eight Treasures" in directly translation. A pretty big mongrel dog that was skittish from the beginning.
Bruno as usual was totally playing once we reach the pool, and all of us observed 八宝 to be growling, showing teeth and snapping at every dog there. The guy that seemed to be scolding 八宝 was really not very firm at all.
After approaching him, and teaching the guy's smaller dog how to swim, Pa wanted to tell him that 八宝 was really about to go out of control when it happened. 八宝 turned and bit down at Bruno, but proudly, Bruno did not retaliate. He barked really loudly back at 八宝 but 八宝 didn't let go.

A few seconds later as the humans approached the pair, 八宝 let go and moved away. Bruno took a grand total of 3 seconds before shot off to play ball with other dogs and humans.

Pa was really pretty mad. He approached the owner who he realised was a very quiet female sitting at the benches. He explained to them that it was really just not FAIR for Rotties at all. If Bruno had not been trained to be calm and confident, a fight would have ensured. Bruno would not be dumb enough to not protect himself.

However, should Bruno protect himself, it is obvious really who would win the fight.

It wouldn't matter who started the fight anyway... it would be the Rotties fault always.八宝 was wearing a Half Choke like the one in this picture... however, it was a totally wrong size. When the chain is pulled, the two ends of the collar actually meets, hence any correction or effect is totally lost.

Pa told the owner and the guy to sit and stay their dog. They were unable to do so at ANYTIME. 八宝 could not and will not pay any attention to his owners... I have a feeling he thinks he is really the boss.

Pa then told them off in pretty harsh terms. Honestly I would have done worst as 八宝 tried to bite me as well, I showed to him i'm not as easy as Bruno, though i did not attack him. Pa then told them if they appear again without a full choke and a muzzle, he will approach them again.

He proceeded to teach them how to train 八宝 and what is muzzle training.

Pa is sure that its over a 90% probability that they would not listen to him. 八宝 's owner hardly reacted as Pa spoke. As if she ignores him long enough, he would suddenly disappear into thin air. Even after the lecture, the guy leashed 八宝 to the pool, and 八宝 was attacking other dogs.

Pa said really loudly to no uncertain terms.... "Please do not bring your dog over to swim. Your dog is NOT ready for this." Then they left shortly after.

A little harsh? Maybe. But no one was going to side the Rottie should another accident happen.

We also met Chris with his new Female baby Rottie... we will meet up with him soon and get to know the pup a little better!!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Amazing Russian Dogs... Photography Session with Tom Ang

Read this amazing article about Russian Dogs and their daily lives...
These aren't pets. These are strays! they take the train like any other people!
And look at just how tolerant the Russian people are! its really heart-warming... but...
They actually travel into town to get food... via ambush! Go read the article... its both sad and amusing.
While i am not agreeable to the ambush bit, I do hope people will be as tolerant in the future... and smile like these people do.Yes... and we do always deserve the better space anyway!Russian Strays have an easier time than we do... I wonder how they know which stop to get off at!?
Pa on the other hand has spent 3 days ogling at other people behind a camera... and BOY was it boring for both Bruno and me.But from the looks of things... Pa really did enjoy himself... over 2000 photos were taken but most were discarded.Some of these looks just picture perfect. But beautiful people will look good on and off camera.
And it looks like the same goes for Yummy food.
Pa learnt a shit load of info for low-light photography and hopes that he will be able to buy some better lenses soon... and also improve his damn photographic skills.
You can Google more about Uncle Tom Ang and the books that he writes. He's a fantastic teacher! Auntie Deidre took this picture of both Uncle Tom and Pa... its a FANTASTIC picture.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Photoshoot in a Photo Studio...

Oh Dear... remember the 2nd prize we won from Uncle Lundy? The cool coffee table book? Pa has almost totally forgotten about it... but we managed to get it done!
Uncle Lundy had a wide range of colored backdrops! But he said we wouldn't look good other from both Black and White... Oh well... we are simple dogs.We did our individual shoots in the first place, then we did some duets. Uncle Lundy had a cool squeeky toy with him... totally effective in getting our attention when we lost it.Pa on the other hand was losing his patience with us... He had to rearrange us countless times... you cannot REALLY blame us... I thought we were pretty good already... with that natural flair.

Now... Everything is DONE. All we need to choose is 20 pictures for the coffee table album! Could you all help us do that? just let us know the picture number that you think should be in the album!


No! it wasn't me!
Just another Lazy Afternoon...What a Goofy Look.
This is more goofy than the previous picture...
OK fine... I know it looks kinda similar... but there ARE subtle differences... that's what modeling is all about isn't it?
Ok... I'm obsessing about how wide my mouth should be... I dun wanna look too scary!

Bruno's also as concerned as I am... he was just trying just how big his mouth should be...
Hahaha... classic candid moment! Priceless!
Obviously he doesn't do this Posing thing very often... I gotta give him credit for experimenting.
Trying out his Rottie Smile here...
I think he feels that he looks better really not smiling.
What you looking at? HahahahaWide grins with pointy teeth... hummm... you gotta have a goofy face like his to pull it off.
He went back to his Cleopatra pose... he claimed that the earlier ones didn't count. He was just warming up.
Oh well... He can be a handsome chap.

I tried look happy. really.
Honestly... I was the one that WON anyway... why should I have to share it with HIM?
Then again... what are brothers for?
Fine... I'm smiling.
Bruno... stop yawning and lets get this over with.
Are we done yet?
cool. Next pose.
WHAT THE HELL? He is a BIG chap. But he had better learn his place.
Sigh... dip your head a little more... dun embarrass me here.
This is better. Dunch you think?
We look more equal than the other pictures here... That big buffoon.
Maybe if I step a little closer... see? I dun look THAT small...

So which pictures should I include in my little coffee book album?