Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Dogs. Small Dogs.

Remember when the newspaper report was released and Mrs Singh was quoted saying that it was natural for big dogs to go after small dogs?

Well, we can all see that it's just utter bullshit.

It is the lack of real love that Dogs like Bruno and Bear gets misunderstood all the time.

Anyway would like to let everyone know that a suitable parent have been found for Gerger. She will be going over to her new home after her spaying this week hopefully.

Good luck baby Ger.

Friday, March 21, 2008

GerGer's Adoption Day

GerGer would like to say a big thank you to everyone that came today.

Looks like Pa has managed to socialize her well. She didn't snap much and was in general quite calm. She even manage to make friends with Jamie. You can see here just how small she is compared to Jamie. Jamie is about 3.5times her size.
Jamie's Pa and Lawrence+Leon both are rather eager to have GerGer, and everything looks good so far. Both parties seem rather taken in by GerGer and both sides have continued to say they would love to have her.
Even Jamie seems to like her quite a bit. It's gonna be a tough fight. A close call.
But at the end of the day, Pa will simply choose one to take her. And both parties look equally ready to have her, love her.

We helped her get out of her box too! She really is quite fun to play with. I cannot imagine how much suffering she has already endured. I wish she wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Schnauzer x Yorkshire Terrier (i think!) up for Adoption

Pa has taken in another Stray.

No microchip, no name, no one to look out for her.

We have been just calling her Ger Ger.
Pa found her at the gate, shaggy hair and afraid. He bathed her and groomed her. With a preliminary check by the Vet, it looks like she is rather young (2-3years old) and quite healthy.
We are looking for someone to adopt her and give her a loving home.

She is extremely small, maybe 2-3kgs only and very insecure. She seems ok with humans but very very snappish with other dogs big or small. Especially when she is held by you.
She is quite quiet in general... So quiet that Pa could even bring her into Wheelock Place to have his Nokia phone serviced!

Hiak hiak hiak... She was quite excited Pa thinks. Lucky Bitch. I had to work at the office.
Well... that's about all I went recently. I think Pa is kinda neglecting me.


Mitsubishi Challenge

Catch it on Ch 5! 1st April is the first episode! 9pm!

Pa will also be at a "meet-the-fans" session at Suntec City!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Faith the two legged Dog

What a dog can do. We should be ashamed.

The one about the N82 my pa just got...

What a thrilling coincidence!! Pa just got his new N82! and Nokia has decided to actually place an ad on my blog at the same time!!

Pa has used the phone for the past few days and he was mighty pleased with it! He felt it could be a bit more "solid" feeling but the abilities of the phone is pretty solid in my opinion!

This phone even comes with a 2GB memory card on top of its 100mb internal memory... You really do not need to purchase a bigger card. Pa placed about 280 Songs and it still could take about 450 Pictures!! And the music quality is solid! On the phone top is a full audio jack... meaning you can jack in your normal expensive earpiece! Of course it comes with a headset... and Pa uses the player with the newest latest Bluetooth stereo headset and it works Perfectly. The sound quality is great.
You can always carry spare memory cards and put more music into it. Memory is so damn cheap nowadays! Pa works a lot on his phone, and he notices the really fast 3.5G download speed from his usual 3G speeds.
One of the best things about the phone is definitely the Camera. The powerful flash and super optics took THE BEST pictures on a phone... its no DSLR of course but for those times you really wished you had a decent camera with you... this would definitely suffice. Other from lacking a full keyboard, and an unexciting design, the other qualities of the phone will blow you away. This phone has everything. It makes me wonder what else can they put in a phone.

Even the GPS on the phone works really well. Pa had it working with a touch of a button. The navigation program found inside is pretty impressive too. Very clear... But Pa seldom listens to directions.

I'll get pa to take some pictures with the phone and post them up here the next time.