Saturday, September 29, 2007

Goodbye, you little smelly stinky poo...

Bu-bles will be put on trial at a potential adopter's home... and we shall see how he fares in a week. Quite a few people wanted him!!

But I had Pa all to myself during Bailey's birthday party with Aunt Jenny at Pawtobellos. What a great party! I even had a door gift! The cake was Uber Yummy. Bu-bles didn't go... Bu-bles didn't go... After I got back, I told him about the party... and he kinda looked at me blankly. Dumb Dog.

Phew! so happy to see him go. He keeps trying to get Pa's attention ALL THE TIME. And he ISN'T toilet trained. Poor Pa have to keep cleaning up after him. And he seems so angry all the time.
Here he is mimicking me at Dinner Time!! The funny thing is that Pa feeds him ONLY! and not me!!!! It's just not fair.

I ha-tch him. He is going off today and NO I will not miss him.
I will not miss him one bit. Really really...

just... take care little bro. I'll see you personally to your new home.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BU-bles is up for Adoption

After some discussion with Pa, we came to the conclusion that while a bit dumb and lovable, a lab isn't a Rottie. So Pa will be fostering BU-bles until a suitable person comes along to adopt him.

At the mean time, he gets to eat, sleep, and shit in my place. Pa is also doing some basic training and house breaking and fattening him up. Else other people might not want him because he is so stupid.

Born on the 5th of April 2007, and has all his shots already. Should you know of anyone out there that is thinking of getting a dog, this fellow is available for adoption. Please leave a comment or email my Pa at

Monday, September 24, 2007

BU-bles the Black Lab

Say hi to BU-bles... he's Pa's latest interest. Pa assured me that I'm not being replaced. He was found never to have stepped out of his cage before until 2 days ago. His still seems rather friendly but quite dumb I think.

I'm not jealous of him... Really. I'm just wondering why Pa's fostering him! Pa says he MIGHT adopt him if he is suitable, but he would really ask me first. He wun anyhow anyhow.

I hope he keeps his promise wor. And I'll SHARE SOME of my toys only. He must ask permission before playing with them. But right now he is really very skinny and his legs dun seem very strong.

I hope Pa saved him in time...

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Magician

Pa just took the test... and he got this. He seems pleased with it. I thought he always wanted to be a Rottie.

You are The Magician

Skill, wisdom, adaptation. Craft, cunning, depending on dignity.

Eleoquent and charismatic both verbally and in writing,
you are clever, witty, inventive and persuasive.

The Magician is the male power of creation, creation by willpower and desire. In that ancient sense, it is the ability to make things so just by speaking them aloud. Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is represented by Mercury. He represents the gift of tongues, a smooth talker, a salesman. Also clever with the slight of hand and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My first 10,000 readers!


Happy 10,000 people! Its been great blogging with so much support. More than I expected. Expect more from my Pa and Me!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh... they grow up so fast.

Uneducated Responses and Play with Toby

It is with a heavy heart as I read the above article. Similar to the latest AVA Breed Legislation on Cat B dogs, the Sri Lanka Government has made the same mistake. They have obviously put people with little or NO knowledge about dogs in charge of creating a super doggie force.

Click on the picture to view the article. Basically the article talks about the police force asking people to DONATE their pets. And they would be returned AFTER 8 years. And that only dogs with IMPRESSIVE Pedigree are preferred.

The dogs would be required to "identify explosives, search for buried mines, sniff out narcotics, tackle criminals - AND perform tricks for the public.

And looking at how they are going about it, I am willing to bet Pa's last dollar that they would be using the EASY way out... which is to make the dogs drug addicts, and beaten to an inch of their miserable life, and eventually buried in an unmarked grave when they are done.
I am however trained to kill... balls. Check this out! I almost caught the ball! Its running away from me! I always... get the ball.
Meet Toby. He's Cody's younger brother. If you dunch know who is Cody, go read my earlier entries. Toby's a big ass boy now... and I met him the other day at the park. He's only 7 months old.
Since I was playing with Toby's Pa, I decided to ask Toby over for a game of Fetch. I of course had a thing or two to teach the young pup. Check out my Fav red ball that actually belong's to Bond. Another GR I love.
See? Toby's got a lot to learn. That's CHEATING. The correct way is to sit calmly. You can't be like him! All running around and stuff!
CHEATER! That little brat is running off with a head start! That's just not fair.
Argh! He almost got the ball. I'll teach this young pup yet!
Listen to me buddy. Me, Rottweiler. You 7 month old pup. Understand?
That's right my little friend. Give way to your elders. Especially if they're Rotties. Its just wiser.

(Check out the ball in my mouth!)
Now... come along and lets try this again. Remember... Give in to Rotties. THAT's the lesson for today.
Yeah. Dunch play play with Rotties... Ermm... I take that back. play with me please.... PLEASE!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pa's been pretty busy lately, so I couldn't blog as often. Just now when he left his iMac alone for a while, I started to look around the Net and to my surprise....
I'm a Fav Rottie Link on!!!
I can't believe it!
Oh well, Pa's back and he needs his funky computer back. This is how I attack him from the back when he is driving. That's my favorite spot to go for and he gets very agitated after that. I wonder why. He never licks me behind my ears!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Do you know what is a perfect world?
As promised, a little update on how Bella's doing now... She's really happy... And she's with a family that really loves her.
She's really good at following commands and I even saw her during the SKC show! She's a little shy but who would really blame her after all she's been through? But she really moves around like a gentle lady!
She's pretty food driven, so training her according to her new mummy took a little time... but she took it to fish in water! She also enjoys her own little corners in the house and really like to keep her new parent's company.
Hahaha... in a Perfect World, everyone would invite me to their parties! No fear... no muzzles and leashes! Where I can give facials without being scolded! I've got fresh breath ok!
In a Perfect World, I can give as much as joy as I receive.

Yes...This is my perfect world. Goodbye Auntie Grace. See you soon.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pa's diet has started...

At first, I didn't think he was serious about it, but it really looks as if he's sticking to it. For his sake, I hope so too.

You guys should see the stuff he eats. At best, it is interesting... I'm not sure if Pa will do it, but I've invited him to post up his losing weigh program progress here... I'm sure some of you guys need to lose some too.

Not me of course.Isn't she prweety?
more importantly... she PLAYS!
And she would soon discover that... I play back as hard!
No pa...I really can't slow down. And you're in the way.
Argh! the frustration of defeat! NOOOOOOOOoooooooo...... Again! AGAIN!
Oh Yeah. Whose the bad boy now?
Oh yeah....just a little more to the left. That's it. That's why playing with her is so much more satisfying. She provides an entire package!