Monday, June 29, 2009

Auntie Crystal at the Expo! Prizes from the CoverDog 1st runner up position! The Passing of Sammi, a fine fine schnauzer.

Remember we won first runner up with the cover dog contest? We were told to go down and collect the prizes! We have PRIZES other from the coffee book! Auntie Crystal wanted to see us so we dropped by at the Expo where she was working for the day... She had on a police woman uniform!
Too bad she left her hat and baton inside... it would be cool to have her be pulling us back. Plenty of people started taking photos...
But like her, we are all used to the attention. She's a tiny little thing anyway.
This was what we WON!! WOOHOO!!! FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! We think even though we didn't win, we had a great time doing it and had some really nice photos out from it anyway.
This is Sammi. She was this REALLY good and smart schnauzer with Auntie Cynthia. I swear her vocab was really good as well. And I liked her a whole lot!
Well, she sometimes nips at me, but that's only because I'm the REALLY big fellow that always rudely smells her. I cannot help it. She smells so good.

She passed on a couple days ago, going over the rainbow bridge finally. Apparently she was not in her best of health in her 7 years... but the good news apparently was that she didn't suffer at all.

We aren't really sure what exactly happened, but she walked into the kitchen, laid down and passed on. Sometimes, that is just the best thing really.

We will miss her lots and look forward in meeting her again when we pass on ourselves. I'll be more than happy to let her nip me.
Life can be sometimes so frail. We really should cherish and value what we do have.
Its just simply looking out for one another that makes things so much simpler and better. I mish you Sammi... more than you can imagine.

I realise i never had any picture taken with her... and that saddens me so much. There is still CoCo and Joey. Cannot forget anymore.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auntie Gail's Her World Article! TV trailer is out on YouTube!

Remember Auntie Gail and her Her World shoot? I dun remember if I mentioned it before... but she had an article on her in July's 2009 issue of Her World page 131.
She had plenty of fun dressing up and having fun.
That's a great dress she has on doesn't she? D&G i think... I wonder how much it costs!
I guess Pa was taking too many pictures already.
She was really a natural posing about!
See? If you ask me... she looks the best of the 3!
The most colorful and relaxed posture!
Go buy the magazine! Its about what other people notice about them first! Auntie Gail called Pa her Best Fren... WOOHOO! Pa feels that its a huge honor! The only gripe Pa has is that even in his insistence, Her World has refused to put Pa's occupation as a Farmer.

Being a Farmer is also a real job ok.
This was her responses to the comments stated above! Pa's grinning from ear to ear too.

Remember Pa went on a photography shoot with Uncle Tom Ang? here is the brand new trailer!

Can only see Pa in one scene.... hummm... time to lose weight! The other locations seems so exciting! Remember to catch the show!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blogger's Flash Mob and Opera in the Park

Wow, the Newpaper reported it... Singapore's first Blogger's Flash Mob... If you do not know what a Flash Mob is suppose to be like, go Goggle or Youtube it.
Of course since this was such a big thing, we had to at least make an appearance! Just for a while anyway.

Unfortunately Uncle Jayden that made the little clip, didn't bother to put out blog name on the video as well... HUMPH. Right now... Auntie nadnut is kinda pissed with Pa as well... Dun know why... but I'm sure she still loves us lots! Hope she tells Uncle Jayden who we are... like who doesn't??
Auntie XiaXue also brought her little teacup terrier along... It was a cute little puppy...
Auntie Thiang brought all her little friends around as well!
Hahaha... Auntie Heather loves us bestest! She wanted a photo with us! And not with the small dog! Big Dogs are REAL dogs... muahahahaha!
The Flash Mob lost its meaning in this little event... I mean... when you put a bunch of bloggers together... they can only cam whore each other. That totally defeats the purpose of a flash mob event.
But I dun care... I just wanna have fun with everyone. Bruno had quite a bit of fun too!
Soon everyone left to go to Heeran to do the Flash Mob event... perhaps a better briefing and not granting interviews before the event would be a better idea. Oh well... everyone learns! I guess that its enough that it wasn't raining.
This one skipped the Flash Mob altogether just to stay with us. 3 police officers after that came over to talk to Pa. Apparently once again, someone complained that there were unleashed dogs in the area.

They thought it was strays. Pa apologised for troubling them and the lead officer simply stated that it was no problem. As he was walking over to us, he could see we were very well behaved. And it was absolutely not a problem at all. It was great to see us!

However, Pa decided to leave soon anyway, as the person that called the police would inevitably be watching the exchange... probably excited. And when the person sees nothing was done, he would very likely call again and get that nice officer into trouble.

Every phonecall the public makes, the police have to file a report. It isn't their fault, just their job. Hence, getting into trouble for doing their job isn't something Pa wants to happen. If he leaves, then whoever that calls again can have the officer say... "well, they have left. Thank you and goodbye sir."
We also briefly went for a very short and interesting event at the Botanical Gardens! It was suppose to be a day of relaxation, but the entire event was surprisingly short.
Its still good that we were treated like royalty.
No one ran off screaming or crying or dying.
Parents were surprisingly more than happy to have us both laze around.
The kids undoubtedly loved us too.
Auntie Jyin had missed us quite a bit... and Auntie Gail was down with the flu. Auntie Barbra had to teach swimming so she also missed us completely.
Yeah. I make her look good.
Oooo... doesn't that little one looks good enough to eat? Figuratively speaking of course!

Trusty old car is back like new, Durian Hunt

Say hi to Auntie Jane, a Specialized teacher currently in ACS doing a small favor for Pa! I think its the first time she is meeting us... and she is totally a cool teacher.
It was pretty ok... a little boring I suppose. We would have much preferred to go to the beach...Did you know that KM8 is no more? *sob* they were so friendly there! Now its replaced by a small snack house that still serves alcohol called The Shack. And they are also the new owners of the previous KM8 spot.
But I guess the most exciting thing that happened was the DURIAN HUNT! WOOHOO! talking about walking about in the dark!
It was Dark and it was Foggy. Can you see me in this picture?
Bruno as usual is utterly fearless... but his silly antics had him have cuts all over his legs. Pa later had to do a little first aid on his paws. We heard some other wild dogs in the forest harressing some poor durian hunter as well... Lucky they didn't come over to OUR SIDE.
The entire thing lasted for quite a few hours... We waited for the "THUD" in the middle of the jungle... and RUSHED to grab it... there were a few others around... but they were pretty good at getting durians as well.
These were some of the other "uncles" that were along for the hunt! One of the specifically said to remove his head if I wanted to post up this picture.
OUR VERY FIRST DURIAN! we heard it THUD and after a 15 min search we FOUND IT! it was half spoilt and the ends had already split... but the good parts were SUPER GOOD. My goodness... we have found the best durians in the world... either that or the effort made it the best.
just as we picked up the first... there was another thud and it was a beautiful intact durian. The excitement after such a long wait was actually pretty thrilling.
At the end, we manage to pick about 3 really huge durians and 2 other smaller *coughdonatedcough* durians.
Pa then brought it back to the work place to be shared with everyone! Look at the size of the durian!
And honestly, it was really really good. For those not in the know, Durians are considered the KING of fruits... and it is a MUST TRY if you ever come to South-east asia.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A lucky or unlucky accident... A gift from Auntie Thiang

Totally without warning... another car rammed into Pa's car. Pa's car was at a traffic light that was showing red, and basically minding his own business.
The impact was pretty hard... though it shows that these two cars really are tough little cookies.
The boot no longer closed but the reverse sensor still works! The driver that rammed Pa from behind ***Pa has asked me to rephrase this but what is wrong with this? I didn't go to school for 9 months to be corrected lor.*** got out... took one look and simply said, "I think its rather obvious just whose fault is this. Lets move the car out of the way."
Pa was rather impressed at the fact the other driver was so calm. So the aftermath wasn't that much of an issue. What was really fortunate was that Bruno and myself wasn't in the car! We might have been badly injured as putting on a seat belt isn't that easy...

And the fact that Pa had JUST removed his rather very expensive mountain bike and bike holder from the rear... so those were safe as well!
And this is his replacement car as he got his old one repaired... WOOHOO! its another toyota corolla... but this one is very nice. Bruno and me... we had to inspect this new hardware.
Pa isn't a big fan of spoilers and body kits as it adds weight to the car, making it less fuel efficient... but its a pretty nice looking car nevertheless....
This black dude is quite the head turner actually... Pa did tell the workshop to take their time with the repairs... he doesn't mind driving this little thing for a few days.
The car is also BRAND NEW... with only about 1000km on its odometer. Cannot really believe that this thing is actually the Corolla on the inside. There is also a Disc player, touch screen and DVD player on the inside panel.
Maybe its time for a new car eh? Black, as impractical a color as it is... is a pretty nice color anyway.

Also thanks to Auntie Thiang for this lovely Welcome Sign! I like it VERY MUCH... a little too much... ermmm.... i'll explain another time.