Saturday, September 30, 2006

Going for a car ride

Wind in my face, Song in my heart

its raining today. looks like Sentosa is out again.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Great Dane attacks poor defenseless puppy!
Well, at least that is what it would say on the headlines in The Canine Times! I mean I understand that Pa do not want me to accidentally hurt a puppy, and would prefer me to play with bigger dogs....
but GREAT SCOTTS! a Great Dane??
Tall and big you might be....but wait till I grow up and lets see if you can make me yelp like that when you accidentally step on me again!
Pa has been reading up a lot about doggie issues and problems...and sometimes he is amazed at the solutions people come up with.
Take this article for example...
Why is the dog barking?

Breed - Some dogs were bred to bark, such as hounds and
guarding type dogs. However, getting a sporting dog is no guarantee against a barking problem. Almost all breeds have some tendency to engage in alarm barking, although there is a great variation among individuals.

Physical need - The dog is hot, cold, hungry, thirsty, or
has to eliminate. Barking is the dog's way of requesting that you accommodate one of these needs.

Emotional need - The dog is bored, anxious, or excited.
Barking can be a request for attention, or a compulsive behavior resulting from a frustrated need for social and mental stimulation.

What can you do?
Barking is one of the most difficult canine behaviors to modify. It is a "self-reinforcing" activity for the dog, which means that the act of barking is its own reward in many instances. But there are steps you can take to minimize barking. Analyze the conditions in which the barking problem occurs and try some of the following techniques:
  • Don't park your dog in the backyard. Dogs are highly social
    animals and have an intense need to be with their "pack." Dogs left outdoors are very prone to developing barking problems.
  • Make sure your dog's physical needs are met.
  • Increase play and exercise so your dog will be less bored and may sleep more. Enroll in a training class to build your dog's confidence and emotional control.
  • Do not reinforce anxiety-induced barking or whining by
    comforting the dog or talking to him in a soothing voice. Talk to him, take him out of his crate, pet him, and play with him only after he is quiet for at least a few seconds.
  • If you have been "giving in" to your dog by letting him out
    of his crate when you can't stand the barking any longer, be aware that you have strongly reinforced him to bark to be released from his crate. This behavior will get worse before it gets better, as the dog now thinks he need simply try harder to get what he wants. If you hold out, eventually the dog will give up. Wait for a lull in the barking and praise him quickly before opening the crate.
  • Do not try to correct or punish your dog for barking. This
    would only increase her anxiety.
  • Prevent the dog from seeing or hearing things that trigger barking. This is actually the simplest solution. If your dog barks at passersby or vehicles, find some way to block your dog's view (keep the drapes closed, confine the dog to another part of the house, etc.). The goal is to modify the environment so that you remove the stimulus to bark.
  • Socialize your dog to new experiences. Take her lots of
    places and praise her for appropriate behavior. Expose her very gradually to sights or sounds that seem to cause her to bark. Reward her for being quiet and relaxed.
  • Train an incompatible behavior, so you can give your dog a
    command to do something else instead of barking. Your dog could fetch a toy or come to you and sit when the doorbell rings, for example. Consult a behaviorist or trainer for instructions.
Pa would like to say that these are some really strange advise, though Pa himself is no expert.
Pa agrees to the reasons why a Dog Barks...but trying to resolve the problem seems very strange. Like this particular point...
and play with him only after he is quiet for at least a few seconds
What use is THAT?? And also this part...
block your dog's view (keep the drapes closed,
confine the dog to another part of the house, etc.).
The goal is to modify the environment so that you
remove the stimulus to bark.
Then what else next? Wear a blind fold before going out?
Train an incompatible behavior
That one is so funny Pa is just wondering how idiotic they think a dog is?
But mainly Pa is convinced that if a family is going to be out ALL DAY, and then spend 5mins patting their Pet Dog's head a night while the dog eats, then it would be a totally strange if the dog didn't have any behavioural problems to begin with.
When Pa read this...

Use of Prozac in Animals for Selected
Dermatological and Behavioral Conditions
By Steven A. Melman, VMD
He was speechless.

i've got fan art!! a button and a banner was created for me... thanks to nadnut of the cowboy bar!!!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

That's my new burger toy.
Pa wonders sometimes whether I am bored. I seem to do nothing the whole day except wake up, eat, sleep, go to the park, sleep, wake up eat and then sleep again.
I wish I can tell him that it is really ok. Its in the blood. Rotties in general are simply rather passive indoors and actove outdoors. That is why in some countries, they allow Rotties in apartments.
Its not that I'm lazy. Not at all.
Pa was kinda upset when he came across this article.
Going doggone mad
You know the bureaucrats have gone mad when it's against the law
to keep a chicken in your backyard but killer dogs are A-OK. The recent spate of
dog attacks on young children in the Toronto area is a tragic illustration of
the need for tight control over aggressive dogs -- and their owners.
There were six vicious attacks in May, one leading to the death
of eight-year-old Courtney Tempe. She was mauled by a 130-pound bull mastiff.
Bull mastiffs, pitbulls and rottweilers are bred for their extraordinary
strength, bad temper and ability to kill. These animals are not pets -- they are
not for cuddling -- they are weapons. They should be treated like the
high-powered firearms that they are.
Perhaps there owners should be charged with assault, or in the
worst case, murder when their dogs hurt people. Like a gun, these dogs can maim
and kill. In the wrong hands, they are deadly. However, I'm sure most
folks own these dogs as a tool of intimidation. It's a macho thing that masks
deep insecurity. The owners want to scare people, the same way outlaws wore
sidearms in the 1800s.
The difference, however, is large. Handguns need to be loaded
with bullets, require good aim and the squeeze of a trigger to inflict pain. A
pitbull, rottweiler or mastiff fires without the same deliberate manipulation.
You can't holster a pitbull and it doesn't run out of ammunition.
Politicians from across Ontario could learn a lesson from
councillors in Kitchener-Waterloo. With the help of Kitchener-Wilmot MPP Gary
Leadston, councillors passed a bylaw that will eventually rid the city of
Those pitbulls that were already licenced when the law
came into effect last year had their permits grandfathered. But that's the end
of it. No additions from outside the city and no breeding inside the city.
The law requires puppies to be destroyed. It's a start.
It is sad when people and human beings react like this to breeds like us. Sometimes, humans should ask themselves just who is to blame.
In Singapore, a little boy was attacked by his family's own Rottie and was injured. But apparently the Rottie has been chained in their garden the ENTIRE TIME and never been let out to even walk.
the little boy uses a rolled up newspaper and for 4 months...poked the dog looking for a reaction.
Pa says dun need 4 months. If it were him, 4 hours he will already rip the boys head off.
My Pa can be quite violent hor.
What do you expect us Dogs to do when you confine us to a space to small for us for 18-20 hours a day...and then let out in the night? Anyone, not only dogs...would go a bit crazy.
Bad Dogs? no... only Bad Owners.
Pa feels that there should be more effort into educating the public about doggie care...big or small. We are living breathing beings. We are not toys that sit passively for you until you're ready to rub our heads for that 5 mins a day.
We need YOU to pay attention to us. We are like children waiting to be told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, who we should trust and where we should go. Do not blame us when we do not do the right thing. WE CANNOT READ MINDS!
The first year of any dog's life is extremely important. That is when our habits are formed and duties are learnt. Too many times I see shy and nervous dogs at the park...Owners are afraid even to allow their dogs to play.
WE ARE NOT HUMANS. We play differently.
Pa was talking to a family considering getting a dog...and when he mentioned just how important spending time especially in the first year is, Pa swore he could see the eyes glaze over at the thought of spending that sort of amount of time with the Dog.
Please...if you feel you cannot spend time with us, not let us into your family. We do not vandalise, rip or tear up the furniture for nothing. We need you to tell us what to do. Not leave us alone.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I just realised that I can change the time and date to the correct one!!!

Ok. my Pa not very computer blogging smart.

Meet Merli

I have been making friends all over and basically many people are surprised at my temprement. The run-of-the-mill commentry would go something like....

Curious Observer: "So that is a Lab? / Doberman? / Black Chihuahua?"

Pa: "No. Its a Rottie."

Curious Observer: "Oh. So is that the maximum size it would grow to?"

Pa: " should grow a little bigger."

Curious Observer: "But Rotts are VERY DANGEROUS right? they can Kill and bite."

Pa: "Only if you train it to."

Why can't people understand that...


Please do not blame us for being vicious when you lock us up in a cage hardly enough to fit us fully grown under the hot sun....and only let us out at night.

Even HUMANS would behave a little aggressive in situations like that.

Rottie Stories

Here are some Rotties in trouble....for just being rotties.

On less depressing moments, a shout out to Jeff and his newest addition to his family. Hope you grow up strong and demure unlike your older brother.

Pa also wants to add that the black and white tiles looks damn nice and funky.

Also so SPINNEE from the cowboy bar for *hearting* my Pa for having me!


that's about it.

More pictures at the park later!

Monday, September 25, 2006

How does one compete with me in cuteness??
Going to the Park soon so I do not have much time to Blog... Jaffe's mom has been interested recently just how much I weigh.
12kgs today.
Bye! I'm off to the PARK!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Singing Lessons with Baileys
I am am learning all sorts of things at the Park
Bailey's mommy is a great teacher. That's her hand there conducting our duet. We were singing "Who let the Dogs Out....Woof Woof Woof Woof" and she was correcting our pitch and timing.
We weren't very good but we had plenty of fun.
Pa made a mistake in the previous post when he called Scuba a Pit Bull. Sorry SCUBA! But really breed isn't very important. Like Pa likes to say..."All Dogs go to Never Never Land. Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty."
ermmm....he also says that there are NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID DOG. ONLY STUPID OWNERS. Pa says sometimes that can be applied for humans as well.
But WHO knows??
Eve & Fei> YOU ARE MOVING TO JAPAN!??!! But why??? When are you going? Where do you usually go? Yes, we should meet. Do you speak Japanese?? Wow. Pa is teaching me a little bit of Chinese and Cantonese and Hainanese. But mainly I dun really understand him.
Grandma always scold me in teochew...but I also dun really understand her. Sounds colorful though.
Jaffeboy> I heard about the money belt thing also. I think that would be ultra-fun. We can go to a doggie cafe and order anything we want!! Pa said he's going to get me a Back Pack thing when I grow up first. So that we can go trekking into the jungle together and I can help carry some stuff.
OH BOY! I can't wait. But....somehow...that strangely sounds like work. Oh well.
Buster> could you tell me more about Dogs with Blogs? I think Pa has already joined but he isn't sure what is it about and maybe a link to Magic Fever as well.
Ermm...I'm a new comer. But I bet I can rival Fever in the Cute Factor. UNTIL NEXT TIME...
Chester> Yes. We must educate the public that 4 legs Good....2 legs Bad....We are NOT the one to be feared. We do not have weapons but our teeth which is made to chew FOOD! We do not invent big dirty bombs and then detonate them on Coral Atolls to see just how powerful they are.
4 legs good. 2 legs bad.
Bear Bear the Fearsome Rottie Fact #2
The average size of male Rottweilers is 24-27 inches (61-69 cm) tall with a weight of 95-130 pounds (43-59 kg). Female Rottweilers are typically 22-25 inches (56-63 cm) tall with a weight of 85-115 pounds (38-52 kg). Females also produce unusually large litters of around 10-12 puppies.
We are known for aggression, intelligence, and protective abilities. With proper training and handling however, We can also make loving and devoted pets and companions. We are calm, courageous and reliable and are strong fighters that will zealously defend our families. Often we seem immune to pain.
  • Guarding premises
  • Herding or Droving various animals including cattle and reindeer
  • Pulling or hauling various vehicles such as carts and sleds
  • Hunting which could range from all kinds of smaller animals to big game including lions and tigers
  • Performing water and mountain rescues

These jobs are not meant for the faint-hearted.

In this day and age not everyone of us might be called to undertake these tasks, but nevertheless, we still harbour the skills and characteristics that made the us successful. Many of the us are still gainfully employed as:

  • Guard Dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Sled dogs
  • Rescue dogs

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dun Mess with the BEAR Wow...
Sorry for the lack of updates as Pa was rather busy with WORK.
Some people have to WORK to enable our Singapore Economy to move forward.
So anyway, it has been a GLORIOUS 3 days. The Sun is out even though it rained cats and dogs (no pun intended really) in the afternoon.
We went a little earlier just yesterday before anyone else except Hannah. Hannah isn't too socialised and she's shy and nervous most of the time. I tried to play with her but she was just too....Atas.
Anyway, an elderly couple with a 7 year old Jack was walking outside...and they were surprised to find out that I was a Rottie!
"I thought Rotties were very vicious dogs and that they can KILL. This one seems happy." The old man wasn't even joking.
I was SOOOOO angry! How could people discriminate against Dogs and their Breeds? Look at SCUBA?? he is a PIT BULL and he doesn't even move when I lick him ALL over his face!

This is too much.

Nobody understands or knows much about us Rotties.

We're misunderstood and misused.

From now on, I will give a little bit of history and temprement of Rotties with each post. If you disagree or have more to add, please feel free to comment and I'll correct or add it in my next post!

Bear Bear the Fearsome Rottie Fact #1

-Tracing the history of any breed of dog prior to the 1850’s is almost impossible. The origin of the Rottweiler is not a documented record, due to the Rottweiler being considered one of the oldest dog breeds.

-The Rottweilers origin goes back to Roman times, we accompanied Roman troops on their journey through the Alps. Some of our roles were herding and guarding the stock and protecting the camp. It is documented there was such regard for these dogs that Nero himself has several around his palace for guarding purposes.

-In the region of das Rote Wil, which later became Rotwil and later still Rottweil, we bred with the native dogs and became known as the “Butcher Dog”. Our role became driving, herding, and guarding cattle, sheep, pigs, and pulling carts. We also protected our masters and were known for wearing money belts around our necks, in order to keep our masters lively hood safe from thieves.

Actually that's 3 facts. I will educate the public more about our breed in future posts.

Monday, September 18, 2006

List 5 things that make a true doggie friend..
  1. When I love unconditionally
  2. When I eat whats in front of me
  3. When I protect what is important
  4. When I respond to instructions perfectly
  5. When I understand sometimes alone is good

Actually I dun really understand the question...but THIS IS MY FIRST TIME GETTING TAGGED!

Wow. Thanks Scuba. So I got to pass on the Tagging thing right?? Since Jaffeboy hasn't written anything about it yet... can I tag him?

okok I dun cheat. I tag...

  • Eve & Fei
  • Flossy
  • Chester
  • Bond
  • Brody

Wet day with Baileys.
It has been WET WET WET this entire few days and Pa didn't care still looked ok when we went to the park...
But then it POURED.
I met the family whose dog was tramatised by Tommy and their contact number is 91452361. Maybe someone can contact tommy's parents about it and pass on the number. Apparently there were 3 holes in the neck and the fellow is still recoving. Vet cost is about $60-$70.
They also have another Husky which i think needs a whole lot of training. The kids are too soft on the dog. Their Daddy has been telling them to train their dog proper.
I shared with the family how my Pa trained me. I was very quiet and very well-behaved. Pa was very happy with me. And went on and on about how to...physically discipline a dog. He even took me as an example. I flinched but my Pa didn't hit me for nothing. He was only showing the family just how to do it.
After the rain let up a little, Bailey came and Pa didn't really want me to run in the rain. But Bailey was lonely so Pa let me do it.
Baileys and Me were TOTALLY WET WET WET. He was really like Herbie. Pa rinsed me off after a short play time and he turned on the heater in the car.
*Cars have heaters. You need to adjust the tempreture*
I was dry rather quick so I think I am fine. Didn't catch a chill or anything.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today the sun came out.

Thank goodness....cause I dun think I can take anymore training.

Pa has been a bit mad about it.

Here we are doing the secret neck lick attack on sleeping people.

Its insane I tell you.
The here we are doing speed and height levi....levi....ermmm...something about floating. I'm 3.5months old. Sometimes I just wish he'll let me be just a puppy.
I mean...i'm already 10kg. Just how high does he expect me to go?
Had a great meal today and my belly's very round. Maybe if Pa can leave the office early, we can get to the park.
We were suppose to go to Sentosa today but Pa said it might rain. I have never been to Sentosa or West Coast Dog Run. I hope to see you guys there soon.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dan X & Deb B
This post is for my Pa. And also as a BIG THANK YOU to Fei & Eve.
DanX and DebB were Pa's dogs before me. If you want to know what happened to them, you can go to Fei's blog to find out more or click HERE to see the All Blacks Wall of Fame.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to immortalise them on your page. They would have liked it and honestly they deserved no less.
We all know that all Dogs go to Heaven.
Does anyone know where can I get a sort of stone or resin plaque which I can have it made for Pa? They are buried properly, but without a stone marker of sorts.

Remembered always till the end of our time.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What a wet and grimy day.
I am stuck indoors the whole day. I hope my Pa will still bring me out for a nice run or at least a walk. Sigh...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jaffe's mom wants to kill my Pa.

Please dun hurt my Pa.

He says he's sorry for not letting you know about it first.

Jaffe can punish me instead.

Ouch. ok... now we're even ok?

By the way, I thought Jaffe's mom should know that I am 9.6kgs as of today.

Meet Herbie, my newest toy.

His screams and gestures of pain is so realistic that I think he deserves an Oscar.

Just now Blogger had a problem with me loading pictures.

Anyway... these are just some of the pictures and why Herbie's my new toy. He's just SO cute.
Humans are Strange
I am Bear.
A potentially dangerous dog that can do practically anything you want a dog to ever do.
I am not a Towel. Jaffe's mom suddenly decided my coat was nice and soft...and begin rubbing her face on it...leaving an ultra long bogger on my coat...which Herbie later ate.
I am Bear.
Hear me ROAR!
I had lots and lots of fun last night at the park. There were a few new people at the park and a small incident occured. I hope those people would come back soon as if they thought Tommy was bad...wait till Bear comes about... especially with my new jedi training.
Some people dun like to bring their pets out to socialise. I am glad my Pa decided that I needed a lot of socialising.
Also met a new bunch of people with a one year old Jack...that has NEVER been socialised or even potty trained! Such lucky...I mean... Such ill-disciplined dogs would need more TRAINING!
I guess some humans have less time for their dogs. Like an Auntie I met with a huskie that belonged to her daughter....she had to walk her dog because the huskie has been cooped up at home all this time!
So sad.
My Pa encourages EVERYONE out there to bring their dogs out everyday for a walk and to socialise their dog so that they would know how to behave and play.
I like Herbie.
He's just SO easy.
I think I'm going to adopt him.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm Back!!! SurPRise!!
Pa brought me out the first chance he got and Jaffeboy was there too. Blueblue the Pug was giving me some instructions on head butting...and jaffeboy seems only keen on observing my new skills.
Herbie was all lazy so I decided to TAKE HIM DOWN.


The Screams of Pain!!

With his leg still in my mouth, Jaffeboy had to tag team Herbie just to be able to push me off.

Until later then.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jedi Training in Progress

Wow....I must be very popular...but my Pa says not to get it into my head. So I must just say THANKS to everyone for your...ermm...advise in the previous posts.

Pa says that I'm growing up very quickly I must start my training now. Pa was a bit worried at the comments and also of Brody and his offer to give me Jedi training.

So Pa has decided to start me off with some Basic Jedi Training. First is Concentration. Pa says I'm doing ok only. So I need to work harder. You can see in this picture the aura I'm giving off.

Jaffeboy... I will not be able to come down I think... Aunties and Uncles may not be able to control my new skills that I will try out on YOU. You train harder you HEAR.... I will be BACK.

Bigger I promise you. (now 9kgs)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wow...When Pa showed me the comments the previous post had, I was SHOCKED!! Thank you everyone for the love and concern you showed...and the interest on my attention to bushy tails.
Just to let you guys know... I simply love to take down other dogs...big or small. But Pa say I cannot do that... and that better take down the bigger dogs as they are tougher.
There is one exception. Jaffe Boy according to Pa is free game. I shall train harder to keep up with him. Maybe one day we will team up to get to other dogs.
Anyway, to Brody, I'm only 3 months old now. Pa says its too young to form ideals and join the army, but he promises that if that is my interest, he will support me in the future.
To Jaffeboy, I know you had a lot to do with my comments in the earlier posts... and Pa says its simple marketing. Because you took 3 months to establish your blog, I simply rub some of that popularity off on mine. And I am only a monster 3 months old puppy. By defination, I am cuter.
Pa also said something about him being pretty cute and good looking also....
Bah... *waves paw*

Monday, September 04, 2006

I am going for my 3rd Jab today....and I'm going to feel terrible.

Dun play play with me....

there have been some blogs featuring me as a warning to others....they're all true....

really really.