Thursday, July 07, 2011

Milo the Golden x Terrier Cross for Adoption!

OK OK... I know I have not been updating at all... even though I have been like having great adventures...

Sigh... I really have not been ok? Pa has been locked up with work and its a really horrible time for me... However, I still would help other fellow doggies in need of a new home!!
Meet Milo the Golden x Terrier... about 13kgs only, he can be really really cute!

Not the bravest, but certainly he has his own charms! 1.5 years old, he would need a firm handler to encourage him as well. He isn't aggressive as well! Barks a couple of times when he meets new people, but he is really totally ok.

He was reluctantly given up by his owner to Auntie Cynthia to Board. There were some issues with the owner's neighbor who disliked animals and made it hellish for him... so now he is looking for a new home.

Please contact Auntie Cynthia to arrange for a viewing! Message 97435435 or email Viewing is conducted only by appointment only! See you guys SOON!!!