Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hee Hee... I ripped this off from some comic strip...
But its totally me. By the way, I am now 17kgs.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

As promised, these are some pictures of Fei's Birthday Party!

This is one of Fei's sister trying to steal my thunder.

This is another "I'm SO CUTE" picture. Isn't Eve pretty? I could eat her all up! Check out my paws...they're probably as big as her hands!

This is Fei and I in a couple shot. Everyone wanted in!

I was quite the stud of the party... well.. because I was only 1 of 2 male dogs there! Everyone was giving me all the secret glances and tail wags. Talking about feeling like a STAR.

Over here is Eve's and Pa's favourite picture! It looks as if Fei is asking me "what are you look at??" In reality, I was actually checking out the rest of the girls there... and she felt that not enough attention was given to her...

When confronted, of course I had to let her know that I have only eyes for her and that the rest didn't matter!

Also, a shout out to Butch & Snickers! for being the first (that I know) to place my icon on your link list!!!

I have to just say that it definately looks cool.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A few more pictures from the Dog Show... This is...ermm...Jack? I'm very bad with names. I met him at the PasirRis Dog Run first before the show. He's about the same age as me but he's taller. I mentioned him in an earlier entry...where his Pa is "controlling his diet" so that he will not be Fat.

I'm happy with my Pa's philosophy of "Feed-until-cannot-eat and Sleep-all-Day-until-play-time."

There were all sorts of Dogs at the Dog show. Some came in very unusual means. They weren't allowed to mingle with the rest of the Dogs. I know parents that do not even let their babies walk on the floor...and carry them all the way. This is because apparently the baby would sleep on their beds.

Pa never let me into his room...much less the bed. I wonder why. I've told Pa I really do not mind being carried all the time.

Pa says that its for my own good. He also said that many pampered dogs suffer from muscle atrophy (whatever THAT is) and will be unable to move properly.

I think about my wrestling matches with Jaffe, Angel, Baileys... and I decided that muscle atrophy is not my thing.

This is a Bull Mastiff. Big Brother Bull was really strong. The owner you can see here is spraying some sort of a scent to make him smell better. I thought he smelt ok already. He was calm, collect and pretty well-behaved compared to the rest of the dogs.

The owner told Pa that when I reach 9 months of age, I must constantly go swimming as it is better than running long distances. I'm still not sure whether I LIKE SWIMMING...but after looking at Brother Bull, I think I would give it another try.

This is a Doberman. And that's me you see at the bottom of the picture. I was fascinated at how badly behaved he was and yet the owner was all smiles!

Ok.. he wasn't that badly behaved...but he kept trying to sit on me. It's something new to me... Maybe I should have nipped him on the rear.

His Pa had to put him on a halter leash...apparently its suppose to be able to control him better.

RIGHT. And lastly, there was this grey Great Dane. He reminds me of a very old man with pretty good patience. Wish I had more time to get to know him. But his Pa was pretty strict about who he meets.

OK! more Fei & Eve's birthday party tomorrow!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is Jack...I think
Met Jack (I think?) at the Dog Show and he was really great. A rottie like me but it was sad because his owner muzzled him... and it isn't even because he bites... I could tell he hated the muzzle, and because of human ignorence, we have to pay the price for it.
Sensing that he is in great need (to get the muzzle off) I employed my Jedi Powers to remove the muzzle...
But... I concentrated on the wrong thing...his scarf came off instead. I told him better your scarf than your fur.

After that...(and some help from Pa) his muzzle was off...and its time for our revolu.....er......

Dammit. Now i have to work on the leash.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Check out my new Water Thermo Tub
After being laughed at repeatedly by Jaffe's Mom, Pa decided to hunt for a Water Bottle like Jaffe's...but it has to be much bigger...
No no no! Not that Pa has anything to prove by the size of his Water Bottle, but because my head would eventually be very big. At least that is what Pa says.
And he manage to find one at only $10!! Its at AMK central and BOY is it big. And its great to keep cold water in too! After one entire night, the water in the bottle is still relatively cool!

Water is always sweeter in someone else's bowl

I'm here at the Pasir Ris Dog Run that everyone has been talking about. Free water baths and shampoo and everything.... Pa is thinking seriously about bringing me here to play with the water before another trip to the ocean.

Even with the new Thermo Water Bottle with nice sweet cool water, somehow, water simply taste better when the other doggies are drinking from it as well. Well, of course some of my canine pals would disagree....

But hey! its just me.

And as mentioned before...


And this is Fei. She's pretty cute and all... but i tell you....Eve, her mom is definately cuter. Fei was in a bad mood that day...probably from birthday blues and being 7 years older and stuff... But her mom was ALL giggly from my kisses!

I've got more pictures to put up later... HEEEEEeeee....WOOF!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another one gone....like the sands of youth slipping away
Boy....what an eventful week i've had.
i was at the Dog Show at the Expo....and there were SO many friends there!!
Some of the competitors were very upset that i was looking at them. They even shooed Pa and myself away from them. Pa even apologise to them and asked me to sit....which i did.
they started scolding their own dogs why weren't they as responsive as me. Pa thought THAT was funny.
probably the greatest thing that happened to me was that someone at the Expo recognised me!! ME!! She said she read my blog!!! wow... i dun really know how to check who visits...so please leave a comment when you do come ok??
Also, it was Fei's Birthday party at Urban Pooch... we just had simply so much fun and Pa will post up some pictures later. I missed out on the yummy cake...but that was really beyond my control....when its my birthday, i'm going to have this big huge party and Everyone would be invited!!!
so keep the 26th or 27th of May 2007 FREE!!! (its a Saturday/Sunday, and i'm sure i booked you early enough! Jaffe may be celebrating with ME!!)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Excuse me... Are you a Rottie?
Went to the Pasir Ris Dog run at Pet movers today... And Boy was it crowded. Pa wan't too pleased with me as i was constant not obeying him....but he shouldn't blame me.... there was simply just too many things distracting me!!
Baileys also managed to join me and he too was amused at the new place and dogs. There was a wading pool for dogs and humans....even sponsored shampoo for a free bath!! i was definately impressed.
i met two other Rotties there...but they weren't very frenly. One even called me fat. FAT. ME!!! That bitch doesn't know what she's talking about.
The other Rottie was about the same age as me....and taller.
but he was thin...to the point of ribs.
and his Pa was saying that he doesn't eat that much at all.... and that he's controlling him anyway and doesn't want him fat.
DOESN'T WANT HIM FAT?? He's just a pup. Feed him. please.
After almost everyone has gone back, Pa took a walk to the Pet movers puppy shop with me.... and there was a whole huge range of puppies. Pa was a little upset just how cramp the puppies were placed in each cage.
Next door to the Dog Run is the Animal Lovers League. Pa was mystified at the Place! The Website isn't really updated...but the place is pretty unreal.
Dogs were roaming freely...but it looked like all of there were toilet trained.
some had only 1 eye and 3 legs. Some were very very badly injured before. Pa said that it took a person that loves animals a lot to start this...not to mention the cost of the operation.
I give them 4 toed salute.
but sometimes, keeping my fellow canines alive just bcause they have a right to live...just prolongs the agony.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kaylie's always invited to Dinner
Today, Pa read Serene & Georgi's blog and Pa's heart goes out to their loss.
Sometimes, its simply just fate and not really how clean or dirty the pet shop is. (though it definately contributes)
Spunky is definately in a better place now.
Also, Pa read about a Life of a Dog's Rescuer... and Pa is humbled by her choice. Pa already has his hands full with me... and is busy with business. He wishes he could do more... but he has to make sure I do not kill someone in the future by accident.
At least that is what EVERYONE THINKS I'M GOING TO DO!!!
Pa is pretty sick and tired of old people passing comments like..."that Dog is going to grow up and kill you." *Happened this morning* Gosh. Human beings are just so....so....human. Irresponsible and discriminary. Death and maulings by animals...and much less Rotties are so rare that Death by Dengue or fungal infections are more likely.
Heard recently that there are plenty of JRTs at SPCA now... Maybe I'll go check them out later.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hi Cheater!
A shout out to Cheater! a brand new baby.
Looks like Kaylie has some serious competition. I wonder which one would taste yummier...

I bet they'll both taste different. I'll have to try of course before I decide who taste better.

Cheater....I hope your mom and dad would come down to Bishan Park soon in the evenings. I can hardly wait.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fear in the eyes is what you expect....
Guess what....I'm 15kgs. (14.2kg 2 days ago)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another lonely time for me??
Angel is going for an Operation...and would be away for 2 weeks.
Bailey's mummy will be in Hong Kong and Bailey's would be boarding over at somewhere.
Jaffe and his kid sister Kaylie would always be late.
I ish Lonely.
Looks like it'll just be with my Pa and me for now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh my goodness!

I was reading Brody's blog about his military missons and stuff...dun understand most of it except...

Mild Narcolepsy....Brody has a sleeping disease!

Main Entry: nar·co·lep·sy Function: nounInflected Form(s): plural -siesis a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally. At various times throughout the day, people (or dogs) with narcolepsy experience fleeting urges to sleep. If the urge becomes overwhelming, patients fall asleep for periods lasting from a few seconds to several minutes. In rare cases, some people may remain asleep for an hour or longer.
Then I realise....I have a sleeping disease TOO!!! I have Severe Narcolepsy!

I sleep not for 1 or 2 hours...but ALL THE TIME!!

These are some more proof that I am sick and that I need more rest...

HELP!!! is there any cure? Will that be the END of BEAR?? Stay tuned next time....on

Bear Bear...the Fearsome Rottie.

Sorry JOSE for the...wrong spelling...but in my defense.... I'm only 4 months old and I dun do spanish names.

Next time tell your mommy that this is Singapore...where England needs native speakers to teach.

Monday, October 09, 2006

This was out in yesterday's NEWPAPER.
Let's see who was in it...
Hey wait...I go to the Bishan Park pretty often too... Where am I? Am I...over behind the camera out of sight??
No....NO.....I am NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!
and you want to know WHY???

I was in SENTOSA having my first Swim.

Now... how come noone bothered to tell me that a Newpaper reporter would be going to the Dog Run?

Look at all the dogs running off with the side profiles...not 1 good shot. I would have given my best front side and be the Darling of Singapore Dogs!

This is just not fair. I want my picture ON THE PAPERS!

Jaffe big big on the ST before...

Wow...look at Jaffe's mom then...Kawai!!

I wonder what happened.

Sigh... I must work harder and be the number 1 Dlog in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! And then I will take over the World and FREE THE ROTTIES!!!

until then...I shall continue concentrate growing up.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Its WORLD ANIMALS DAY!!! @ Bishan Park
Wasn't exactly the event Pa and me expected... but after getting some inside information for SPCA, Pa realise that SPCA really does have a huge responsibilites and are totally thankless. Absolutely no funding was provided for the charity at all!!!
Wow. I wish I could do that....jumping like that....
But its a Carnival...and they even ran out of drinks for sale 2 hours before the event ended.
More could have been done...many people were expecting a whole lot more...but that needs money.
Some people are simply turned off by the fact SPCA has to put dogs down. Sigh.
I did get my ears cleaned as well...and these cute bunnies where getting groomed!!

I wonder how the bunny is feeling.

I also met up with GUINESS!! the other Rottie!! She unfortunately has had an accident from home, so her leg wasn't feeling to well....

I was telling her to come to the Bishan Dog run more often as it would help her stretch out and socialise better. I think and I hope I will see her more often in the future!!A Shout out to GUINESS!!!!

Pa was also bitten by a Japanese Attack / Hunting dog.... an Akita Shiba mix....he'll write more about it later....but he doesn't think he would ever go back to West Coast Park Dog Run again.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Stepping up the training.
After reading on Jaffe's blog that they are beginning to train Kaylie in the Arts of Bear Take Down....I realise now that I have to step it up.
I still remember Kaylie hiding under my legs to get away from her brother... but one day...she will turn on me.
I would like to let Jaffe's mom know I'm almost 13kgs. And that my Pa was offered for free a month old female Great Dane....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My other name sake
Meet a newly born All Black Chow Chow.

Pa says if he every gets this one...he would be hard press to give him another name other from Bear.Even his tiny paws looks like a Bear.

But I reminded Pa that Chows Chows will never be as good and useful and clever and handsome and smart and lively (debatable I know) and caring as me.

Pa totally agrees.

Bah. Its now nap time....Going to the park later?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm on my way to the park and I think it would be great if you guys can put up this ad on your blogs to let EVERYONE KNOW its World Animal Day at the Park!
come on down to Park and make this event a WILD success...and maybe next year they would get the hint and invest more on marketing the event.
For those going to the West Coast Dog Run and any other places, Please print out a copy of the Ad and place it at the notice board or even fence entrance to let everyone know about the event.

Monday, October 02, 2006

First Day at the Beach @ KM8 Tanjong Beach
I am not really sure whether I like the water yet.
Pa brought me down to the beach at Sentosa and he was flabbergasted at the number of people at this place called KM8.
There was music, there were drinks, there were many humans in very little clothing. Little as in small.
Pa tells me that it is a very high chance we would be going back there every Sunday from now on. To get a tan and swimming practise of course. Says its good for my health.
I dun see how getting salt and sand in my fur is good for health....
When I came up from the water, there was a family of Koreans and their kids playing on the sand.
I didn't even do anything. I was shaking the water off and their father RAN to his kids and stood in front of them.... "blocking" them with his hands stretched out at the sides.

Pa really didn't know whether to go up to him to tell him....

a) this is a beach and there are MANY other dogs around.

b) I am really not that big. Maybe the fellow couldn't see me properly

c) I wasn't even going near his kids. Just shaking off the water.

So Pa just sat in the water to see what will happen. And I...thought...HEY! so friendly! I'm wet and you still wanna hug me?

But Pa say I cannot anyhow hug strangers. So I sat right down at his feet.

The big guy stood down there with his hands held to his sides for another good 20+ secs before he realise that he looks a little stupid.

Anyway Pa also met quite a few friends down there...some by accident. Maybe I will see some of you guys down there this coming SUNDAY!

For Jaffe's mom....I'm 12.5kg