Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life is Unpredictable... Meeting old ones and knowing new ones./ Murder conviction.

Meet Stella... Pa's ex-student's kid sister. She looks exactly like her older sister though! She recognized Pa instead... and well.. the only thing she remembers is that Pa broke a chair in their house before.

Pa said he dun remember. OK lor.
And these are some random strangers that just loved to have us for dinner... muahahahaha! No lah... just that they wanted a Rottie too!

We also actually met Alfie's mummy when we went for SAR training last weekend... Please dun cry anymore... we are very upset over it as well. Next time, you bring us out to East Coast ok? We will protect you from that GS.

Wish we have more things to say... maybe later. Unpredictable life can be... dogs too. Humans worst of all.

By PAUL ELIAS,Associated Press Writer AP - Tuesday, September 23

SAN FRANCISCO - A woman whose dogs viciously attacked and killed her neighbor in the hallway of their apartment building seven years ago was sentenced Monday to 15 years to life in prison.

Marjorie Knoller was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2001 mauling death of Dianne Whipple, but a judge later reduced the charge to involuntary manslaughter and sentenced her in 2002 to a four-year prison term.

But the California Supreme Court last year said the trial judge was wrong and sent the case back. Last month, Superior Court Judge Charlotte Woolard reinstated the murder conviction, for which Knoller was sentenced Monday.

The case is the California's first murder conviction connected to a dog mauling, prosecutors say.
A Presa Canarios, the breed that was involved in the attack.

The case turned into a tabloid sensation because of the viciousness of the attack _ the dogs tore all of Whipple's clothing from her body and left her with more than 70 bites _ and the seemingly cavalier attitudes of Knoller and her law partner and husband, Robert Noel, who blamed Whipple for the attack.

The couple also said they were keeping the canines on behalf of a white supremacist accused of running an attack dog ring from his state prison cell. The couple eventually adopted the prisoner, Paul "Cornfed" Schneider, as their son.
Knoller, who has served three years in prison, will have to serve 12 more years before she can apply for parole.

In denying Knoller's plea for probation, Woolard noted that Knoller didn't call 911 or otherwise try to help Whipple during the 10-minute attack. The judge said Knoller knew the dogs were dangerous, ignored numerous warnings to train them and hasn't expressed remorse for the attack.

"She has blamed the victim and has held her dogs in higher regard than humans," Woolard said.
Whipple's partner, Sharon Smith, addressed Knoller before she was led off to jail. Smith called Knoller's relationship with the two dogs and the prisoner "perverted" and expressed satisfaction with the lengthy prison sentence.

"It is very hard to find forgiveness for someone who doesn't accept responsibility," Smith said.

More here....

I am living proof that the breed needn't dictate the behaviour. I think these humans have got everything they deserve and in my opinion, not enough. They have also done a great injustice to us dogs. Karma. There will be more to pay, if not this life, the next.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Pictures on the Girls / A tiring Weekend really!

I am totally Bushed. I have no idea how did Pa do it... but he made Bruno and me SO tired that he skipped a meal yesterday... he was simply too tired to eat. Of course he more than made it up today.
Pa had to entertain his client... and his ENTIRE family... and ended up bringing us to Sentosa with him! We had a WHALE of a time. When Pa gets the pictures, he'll post it up here too! Salt water apparently made us cleaner too! But the Sand was another story altogether. But its really all good.
As everyone was eating, we of course kept a lookout for... any dropped bits. But boy were they hungry! Sunday mornings are good... most of the Dogs were off leashed and we had a great time just running about. Pa's clients seemed suitably impressed by us... apparently their own dogs would run far far away by now.
After that we went to Imbiah for Subway and chilled there for a moment. There were plenty of tourist and people that missed their Rotties back home... They were just as excited as we were seeing them
Subway is GOOD... Pa bought one for us and we polished it all off... It was YUMMY! We were admittedly tired however, so we dried off and half-slept the entire time!
These are some more pictures as promised previously.
Yeah... we love them to bits as well.
We try to tell them that not all doggies are like us...
Somehow I doubt anything is getting through really.
But hey... who are we to corrupt the innocence of youth... though technically we are like a lot younger than they are.
Innocence will be lost soon enough. Lets just enjoy the present.
We really loved everyone we met that night. All of them were uber cool.

...And to the man that told Pa in a harsh tone outside Guardian Pharmacy Jubilee at AMK, to "hold on to your leash" I would have you know that we can sit and stay a lot better than your son that have ran quite a distance in front of you already. Maybe he needs to learn Sit and Stay as well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank You Auntie Rachel

Auntie Xtralicious has put up a blog post about us... And we are very thankful to her for it.

I think with that one post, she has truly captured the spirit of Bruno and me.

We have more pictures too... and will probably upload it later. Right now Pa needs his computer back to work.

We have gotta get our own soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pictures from others at the Airport.

babies tastes yummy.
So what's next buddy?
Lights... Camera... Action!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Taken by my iPhone / A long walk home.

Unedited. Sometimes its not the camera but really the opportunity in life.

Just like its not really what you are born with, but what you make out what you have, and cherish it always.Maybe its time to stop working. Maybe its time for a change.

Photographer. Diver. Canine Behaviorist.

Yeah. that's what I'll be if I were a human. Being a dog has stupid speciest restrictions.

Cakie: the one that got away... / Airport Farewell

We had a very interesting yesterday, another first for us... You see, this is the first time we went to say goodbye... And not in a bad way. Auntie Cakie was going away! So sad. She is going away for a pretty long time... 21 doggie years to be exact. That's a bloody lifetime.This is her... acting all happy. But I know she'll miss me lots... How else can we send her off but... to go directly to the airport! And not just outside mind you...
As usual, there were fans and there were people that ran away screaming. This really cool Japanese lady was really comfortable to have her son and her baby approach me. They were REAL happy to see me. I guess I remind her of someone...
Did I mention that she's really hot as a mummy too? REALLY REALLY! I mean.. anyone that likes me is totally hot. I get little of it as it is...
Hence this is the gang that sent Auntie Cakie to the UK to study law. She'll be a lawyer when she gets back. I hope she doesn't forget me. Who else can say 2 rottweilers sent them off at the Airport?Of course there were PLENTY of people there... we weren't the only ones sending her off... but I dare say we were the only ones that had four legs and a cool attitude.
Singapore Changi Airport is totally a cool place to allow doggies like us come see people off or to receive people home. I hope Pa will bring me back there one day. At least now I know where he goes to take his plane!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ruskie has been adopted.

Ruskie has been adopted...

I am sorry, but apparently the owner didn't wait for Pa and apparently just palmed him off to someone. I am not sure who or whether the person was vetted properly.

I am sorry to have wasted your time.

I am just as irritated. It takes all kinds I suppose.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ruskie the Westie is up for adoption

Name: Ruskie
Age: 5 yrs (Born in 2003)
Breed: West Highland Terrier (Westie)

Other Info: Paper Train, went through basic training and know command such as sit, down, roll, and etc
He is no good with other dogs and kids. Food Aggressive, bite when it is eating, but know how to sit and wait for food.
And previous incident of him biting when being pushed away.
Dun be deceived by the innocent look here... this fellow can be a real brat. Looks like the previous owner never did train the little brat properly. But I think he should be given a fair chance. All he needs really is some good old guidance and a show of just who is boss. Anyone interested?

Please email for an interview appointment. Please include your full name, address, contact number and any other questions you might have. This is going to be a handful and experienced dog handlers are preferred.

Basic advise on how to curb his little episodes will be given from my very own Pa. Whether you will be consistent about it is another matter.

Guards we are. Guard we shall.

Pa was surprised at the very dead, head chewed off black snake. Was it a grass snake? or a bably black spitting cobra? Pa has seen a very big cobra before on the Farm... and also a Yellow Red and Black one. Black spitting cobras are rather dangerous and are actually native to Singapore.

Pa has seen grass snakes many times, pythons etc. But this one looks really dark. It might have been a baby spitting cobra after all. Ho well... just another day's work.
Lunch already? Hungry hungry hungry.

Monday, September 08, 2008

So long Alfie, Thanks for all the fish.

Alfie was a fellow SCDF dog that I had the pleasure to know. If I am not wrong, she is this sweet rescued dog that was trained to rescue others 50 times her size. Her Mummy was really nice to me as well. She even made treats specially for me.

Pa was so impressed that he went ahead to buy a dehydrator, and had fully planned to return the favor. He never did get the chance.

For the life of him, Pa simply cannot find the pictures of alfie and me together during training. He knows he has some... but...

Alfie didn't pass away because of illness or old age.

Hey there Shirley! Claudia here. Here's the version of what I saw, I hope it helps. :D

On Friday, the 29th of August, I was walking along a pavement next to East Coast Road. As I was walking, I saw a pregnant lady with a big dog which I assumed was a German Shepherd. Suddenly, the German Shepherd started running down the path. I then realised that it was chasing a white dog. The German Shepherd was able to chase the smaller dog as its owner did not leash it.

In a blink of an eye, the German Shepherd managed to catch up with the smaller dog and it gripped the smaller dog's body with its teeth and started shaking it vigorously. Although I was at least 10 metres away, I could hear the smaller dog whimpering and crying away. My heart sank as I could feel the dog's pain. At that point of time, I heard a woman's cry. I turned and saw the smaller dog's owner. She had her hands over her mouth and she was obviously traumatized.

After what seemed to be forever, the German Shepherd let loose of the white dog and it fell onto the grass. The German Shepherd started running towards another direction and its owner immediately gave chase. The owner of the small dog ran up to her pet's side and picked it up. I ran up to the woman, wanting to see if I could be of any assistance.

The German Shepherd stopped running after a few metres and from where I was standing, I could see the owner hitting her dog on its head. I quickly focused my attention to the injured dog, offering to call a pet taxi or to get some medical help.

The owner of the injured dog said it was okay and she had everything under control. Following that, she walked up to the owner of the German Shepherd and started reprimanding her. I followed the lady and on my way, I picked up the German Shepherd's leash which the pregnant lady had dropped while chasing after her dog.

The pregnant lady kept on apologizing but the owner of the injured dog was not appeased. I passed the leash to the pregnant lady demanding her to leash her dog at once. The pregnant lady kept using her pregnancy as an excuse. But, the owner of the injured dog was only bothered about her dog and she did not care about the other lady being pregnant. That, was totally understandable. After that, I helped the owner of the injured dog take down the pregnant lady's number. I too gave the owner of the injured dog my number as she wanted me as a witness if anything did happen to the dog.

After taking down the numbers and stuff, the pregnant lady offered to take the injured dog to the nearest vet as she had a car. When that happened, I walked away as I knew I had done enough. Before I walked away, I gave the dog a last look. It was in a bloody state and although it was no longer crying, I knew the dog was still suffering.

Dear All, some of U may already know that my most beloved pet Alfie passed away on 020908 at 0715am. Everyone knows her as a healthy dog and wondered about her sudden demise. I cant bring myself to talk about it at this point in time and this is the witness who saw everything that happened on that fateful day that lead to Alfie's death.

I want my quiet time now, remembering her as an extremely happy dog, so full of love / life and so so brave as she fought for her dear life!

Alfie has a blog which was created by an old classmate of mine who fell in love with her the minute they met. Not many know of her blog as it was to capture our times together. I will blog our happy times together when I am more composed.

I may have left some ppl out but please feel free to forward this to whomsoever who knows Alfie and thanks to ALL who had sms me their condolences directly / thro G, Mum of Alfie's boyfriend, Joey, ( who immediately came to help me organise all the necessary arrangements for Alfie.

Special thanks to Scuba / Helios / Tommy / Huskee / Joey N Jack whose friendship Alfie will definitely always remember. I am unable to read the hand delivered card now as the pain is too great but will do so at a more appropriate time.

Thanks G, and everyone whose frienship I have made thro Alfie...............GOD BLESS!

Shirley Khoo
Goodbye Alfie. You have taught me that even though you didn't really like big black doggies, you did let me sniff and interact with you during training. Even your mummy said that it was a surprise to her.

You have taught me that nothing in life remains constant. I cannot imagine how you felt during the entire episode. I wish that I could have some words with the GS that led to your demise. You had so much more to offer.

Goodbye Alfie. Thanks for all the fish.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Zorro, Whiskey, Fifi and Jojo... Successfully Rehomed! / MsV and Vandalin Visits

What a busy month it has been... Zorro, Whiskey, Fifi and Jojo has all been successfully re-homed. This was all due to the efforts of people who cared. Auntie Mingli, Auntie Suzanne and Uncle Kelvin are just but a few people out there working hard to make sure lonely doggies have a great home to live in.

Not to mention the successful adopters of their new precious dogs. They too have decided to give these furkids a new lease of life and another chance of being part of a family.

Someone asked Pa if he was interested to put another dog up for adoption... through an email she received. Pa asked if she has ever met the dog or know the person posting it up... You see, there are many BAD people out there. Sometimes, they post up adoption notices and then try to sell the dogs.

That's right... there are known people who "adopt" dogs for free and then in turn try to make a profit by selling the dogs to other people... by charging "adoption fees". Adoption Fees in general is important. Like Uncle Kelvin who initially disagreed in charging anything, he realised that after the fire dies down during the adoption process, people change their minds just as quick.

Would then making the interested party pay a small fee secure the dog's future? Maybe. Humans inevitably take for granted things provided for free. Then maybe actually making someone pay something would give the sense of ownership that is essential really... That's probably why dogs are considered property.
Hey... I dun mind it one bit. Who cares what other people say?? Us doggies know the truth... We are really the boss here! muahahahaha! MsV and Vandalin came to visit us today... They make a lovely pair... well really just because they like us a lot too.
She is SO SMALL compared to us... Bruno's head is already bigger than hers. But that little brat knows how to be gentle wth her.
Uncle Vandalin as always is putting his hands where he shouldn't.
He even tried me out as a mouse wrist holder.