Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Review with Chef Iskandar & The Tiffin Club

Chef Iskandar previously in the food review back in August 2008 has contacted Pa about having a food tasting session at his new place called The Tiffin Club. He could bring himself and 3 OTHER friends! So Pa and his friends went down to try out the new menu!...Bruno and I wasn't allowed to go once again as well. Irritating. But at least this time he didn't sneak off. I wasn't too happy on how he secretly smiled when he reviewed the pictures. With him that day was Siren, Scarlet Ting and Vandalin.
First up was the Tiffin Satay ($16) which was meaty beyond belief. ok... lets focus on the satay here. The dip vege and peanut sauce both familiar and original at the same time. Honestly, ALL satays should be exactly like this.
...eyes here... still focusing on the Satay please... I mean... after you drop something that deep down, what are the chances of finding it again?

Next up with the Otah and Salad ($14)... and Auntie Siren just went WILD with praise. Once again, an entirely reinvented dish which is such an improvement to the taste you would be already acquainted with. Chef Iskandar told everyone he just wants everyone to have fun with this...And they most definitely did! The lemongrass vinaigrette twist totally took it out of this world. Beef Ribs ($29) was served to us next and it simply melted in your mouth. Couple that with the MOST interesting version of Mash Potatoes (Potato Puree) Pa has every tasted.
Pork Two-way ($28) was the second main, and this redefined how should one serve pork. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. The roll of pork loin was firm but not in a bad way. Rolled up with the green spinach, it was a perfect compliment to the other Porky way.
Then... the main of Mains rolled in. Grilled Graffeo Tenderloin($36).

Oh. My. God. <-and I quote. Simply the Best EVER tenderloin Pa has EVER tasted. The smokey tenderness, permeates into every single fiber. The aged beef is crusted with graffeo coffee beans which does not overwhelm the taste butts at ALL. This is really a dish that is better than any steakhouse has to offer. And the serving is VERY reasonable. Look at Auntie Siren's grin!
Pa had to run after that for a stupid meeting... but they were served very nice desserts as well. You can read more about the desserts on Auntie Siren's blog entry.
Methinks we should be invited for the next food tasting. Bruno and I have very sensitive taste butts as well.
Thank you Chef Iskandar for getting everyone together to have a great meal!

Tiffin Club is extending a 15% discount on the Ala Carte menu when you guys quote a password!

And that is an exclusive offer only off our blogs! So, just quote the password to redeem your 15% discount!


In other news...

Bruno got knocked down by a lorry which sped off. Admittedly its the idiot's fault. But the lorry was travelling really fast and showed no signs of slowing at all.

Being the brute that he is, there was actually NO injuries at all. Not even abrasion. Sometimes i suspect he is some sort of Act Blur Think Smart Clark Kent / Superdog thing...

Monday, August 02, 2010

Food, Training and Discipline...

Recently Pa have been receiving plenty of queries about food, health, training and discipline questions. There are plenty of resources actually online... but who do you listen to? One thing I can tell you is that...


Which can be not so common really.

DogLover on the TagBoard asked about how to prevent the tartar buildup in Bruno's teeth dated in August 2009.

a simple solution really... Bone Meal. However, DogLover thinks that bones are bad for the dog's tummy, so thanks anyway.

...WOAH. Wait a min. Say what? Bones are bad for a dog's tummy? Notice our Big Long fangs? our sharpened molars? We were Born to chew on bones! For more info, you can read plenty of references like This One. I'm not saying to believe 100% everything on the sites that you read... But take it with some common sense.
Bruno and Myself have what you would call a Balanced Diet. This is what we have every day or so...

1/4-1/2 cup Kibble of any various brands including sample packs
1/3-1/2 bowl of Brown Rice cooked in Grated various veges
1 to 2 whole chicken spines
3 to 4 chicken feet
1 whole chicken liver
1 strip of Beef Tendon (The tough bits you humans hate...)

+Various other occasional canned and mixed meats, even cooked food etc.

In other words, we really have a varied diet. We deal with all sorts of proteins. How much does this all cost? Incredibly only less than $3.00 a day for each of us.
Training a dog has truly many various methods. And it would be VERY silly to imagine that 1 method fits all. One of the few things doggie people can acknowledge is that... There is no such thing as the Best way... but rather the Most suitable.

Auntie Eileen posted on the tagboard an interesting article from the Times no less. The Article was very strong in its stance of dog training. What was actually more interesting was the comments the article garnered. Go read it if you have the time.

Me? I happen to think that Discipline and Training is actually two different things altogether.
In one of the comments, the writer talks about his own training and his scientific opinion on why things happen the way its does... and of course the "success" or rather limited scope in his own opinion that he had.

But still, he deemed it a "success" anyway.

The article I'm highlighting is his experience with a female rottie. Apparently his theory is based on a Border Terrier... and a huge female rottie that gave him a low growl with her teeth 2" from his face... and he blames it on himself for "leaning in... a rookie mistake".

DUDE. You really have to understand that training and discipline is very different. Being able to discipline a dog is no different from disciplining an errant child. Its not about allowing the dog to do what it wants.

Its about the dog doing what YOU WANT.
Why don't anyone understand this? This.... takes both training and discipline. Extremely positive experiences build up through careful nurturing.To make instant friends and able to play with other dogs takes a lot more skill than what most other humans have. And that only comes with constant exposure to new and interesting places, people and dogs.

Whatever the case is, Read Read Read... then Read some more... and learn as much as you can. Adapt to what works for you... cause if it works for you, it'll probably work for us. If it doesn't, feel free to drop me a message on my tagboard or my little pluggin for Pushme to Pa's iPhone direct. (huh? WTF? how did i get roped into this?)