Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello to the newest addition to the Family

Say hi to little Jay, born yesterday. A full 9 pounds baby. Only 0.5 pounds lighter than Pa himself. But its a big baby... most babies are 6-7 pounds.
As big as he is, he doesn't look very big to Pa at all. Check out the full head of hair. Ooooo.... we cannot wait to smell him!
And teach him all we know about Life, the Beach Sun and Sand! Welcome home little one.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Luna's successfully adopted / Happy's still looking for a Home...

What an excellent day for an adoption! Many thanks to the Beach Hut for letting us use their space for a viewing... quite a few people came... and the ones that said would come... didn't... all in all we were quite happy with how it turned out.Many thanks to Auntie SG for the little name tags to put round the fellows... it was a lot of work I know!Look at Luna... what a lovely girl she is... Greedy little one too! She'll need a firm hand.And it is in Uncle Rada's hands she is in now. He was simply walking around with his wife when he saw and fell in love with Luna. They even went to the pet store right after that to buy what she needs.

Luna's a lucky girl. I hope she will learn her lessons well!Happy on the other hand, wasn't managed to be re-homed on the same day... However, there are a few potential leads and there were people seriously considering it. He too needs a lesson in manners. But he's small and cute... he'll probably get away with murder.Of course we too shared and bask with the attention of others... and whole families!Love and courage has nothing to do with Age......Nor size.What really matters is that smile you have on your face when you are truly happy and contented.Like when Pa got us ice-cream... Bruno wolfed his down with his usual self...
I SOOOoo... took my time. See that? That's contentment.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas... Yet another Year has Past.

Yet another Year has Past.
Looking back, Joys and Lust.
So much Happened I Think,
So little Remembered that Mattered.
Only those Promises, broken Trusts.

Seven years For us
A year For you.
Time flies By faster
For us Than you.

The past Matters
Not to us.
Only the Future.

So countdown
And celebrate...


Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Small Dogs, Big Bite.

Small Dogs, Big Bite.
53,000 licensed dogs in Singapore, or about 40,000. If this is right, then they actually bite less than their population would suggest.

There are about 323 licensed rottweilers and 300 German shepherds here.

While the number of biting incidents involving small dogs has been going up, such bites are far less likely to cause the damage that a bite from a medium-sized or large dog would cause.

Veterinarian Wendy Chee, 27, from the James Tan Veterinary Hospital said: “The muscular power and strength of a bigger dog’s jaw and size of its teeth mean that its bite could cause much deeper wounds than a small dog’s.”

Professional trainer Josiah Gan, 40, said the force of a big dog’s bite can break a bone “whereas a small dog’s bite is not enough to hurt a person beyond minor bleeding of the skin”.

Having said that, certain breeds of small dogs are known to be less docile than others, said Dr Chee, who was herself bitten by a neighbour’s Jack Russell recently. “These are typically highenergy dogs which are built to be territorial and bark excessively,” she said.

In many countries, Jack Russells are bred in farms to hunt rodents and pests. “They need to be constantly active, and can get frustrated if kept indoors too much,” Dr Chee said.

Vets and trainers said small dogs are no less aggressive and may have as high a propensity to bite.

Even if they do not inflict as much damage, it is a good idea that small dogs also attend obedience training, they said.

Singapore German Shepherd Club president Kabir Singh said: “Given that Singapore is a densely populated country with a high degree of interaction between humans and pets, obedience training for all dogs will address and reduce incidents of dog-related injuries.”
the above is just an extract of the report on Monday.

we wrote a little response to the Reporter...
Obedience training is not panadol

Hi Amresh,

Thank you for your invaluable article on dog bites today (22122008) as it highlights the many wrong perceptions people have about big dogs.

Your focus on obedience classes is right, but it doesn't really address the issue of dog ownership. You see, obedience training doesn't actually help all the time. And depending on what you want to do with your dog, a total waste of time.

Let me give you an example. If the dog is to be trained in Search and Rescue (SAR) work, being overly obedient actually hinders the training.

Dogs also bite for two reasons and two reasons only. Fear and training. They either attack to protect their territory, or they are trained to do so. Even dominance can be reasoned as fear from losing it's lead position.

Confident dogs on the other hand, does nothing of this sort.

What is exactly my point here? Dog ownership and education should be very high on the list. Like keeping a child at home for 18 years then expecting him to fend for himself.

Perhaps a visit to bigbrownbearbear.blogspot.com will let you have a clearer view of how a Rottweiler's life in Singapore should be.

There is also a UrbanWire article by Eileen. The link is also found on the site. Please note that the owner of the site only wants to improve the breed's image and has no interest in controversy.

This email serves purely for your own consumption and should you require an expert view of a Rottie owner, and many others that are friends, you are welcome to contact them.

The breed doesn't need anymore bad press nor views from irresponsible owners.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy and Luna at the Beach Hut on Sunday

Meet Happy, the male maltese mentioned earlier....
Meet Luna the ECS... both of them will be up for viewing this coming Sunday at the Beach Hut East Coast Park from 9am - 2pm... The Beach Hut is near the MacDonalds... facing the sea.

Please help spread the word and see you guys there!
Check out this picture Pa saw on the newspapers yesterday... How COOL is that?

There is also an article about how small dogs bite too... We will be commenting on that later!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming... Spread some Love.

Thank you Auntie nadnut... Pa had no idea where you could have gotten this from, but he has been looking for one for years! Its beautiful.
So beautiful till he doesn't bear to remove the plastic protection that comes with it!
Pa brought us to a gift exchange and we met a few more people down at NYDC Heeran. Some brought their babies...
Pa brought us instead! We had a good time meeting people of course. The weather was pretty cool, so we didn't really mind staying outside.
Dun worry... i was keeping a close eye at him! The staircase can be a dangerous place!
Other complete strangers couldn't help themselves but to come up to me to take a picture... I have always wondered why noone wants to take a picture with Pa...
I mean... i think he'll probably get kinda jealous.
[insert]TK: "No i am not."[/insert]
Everyone from all walks of life was welcomed... some stood far off until Pa calls them over to meet.
This woman was at first pretty skeptical about me... after which we could all see her lose her inhibitions and loved me for who i am, and not fear the breed.
Later on, we shifted locations and met even more people... its one of those meet the people's session days... but we really enjoyed it thoroughly.
Meet Erica and her brother... both who had bad experiences with Rotties before... We hope we certainly manage to change their minds about the breed.
They were great! and gave especially Bruno plenty of belly rubs. It'll be my turn next.
Yesh... Erica Jie was totally sitting on Bruno... and look how contented he is!
We then had a great run at our nearby field before meeting another family that loves us for who we are. Its been a great week.I was happily outrunning Bruno during fetch too! that boy i tell you ish getting kinda FAT.What to do? I am always the older brother, and he always take advantage of me! Heard that there is a new article on small dogs that bite in today's papers... I will go take a look at it and report it later!

Its going to be Bruno's birthday as well... to my Brother of 1 year... as handsome, childish, charming, puppyish, naughty dog that you are, i wouldn't wish for anyone else to be with.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Right / KM8

Does it? DOES IT?
We heard that KM8 is no longer there... is that true? that's really very sad for us... just one less place for us to hang out. Both Luna and Maltese are STILL in need of a urgent home. Anyone to bring home a little cheer and joy, please email me soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another abandoned Maltese in need of a new warm home.

Tis the season to be abandoning your dogs? This 5-7 year old maltese was found when another kid doggie owner was training his CHH. The fur was matted, the nails were long... however, after some intensive checkup, the maltese was found to be in good health and surprisingly good with kids and other dogs.
some yeast infection and reddish paws, but its all under control and under meds right now... So we now have ANOTHER fellow that needs that perfect warm home... Please email killertouch@hotmail.com with your details and phone number.
Merry Christmas? Another few days only... lets try to make it Merry for all.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Luna the English Cocker Spaniel is up for Adoption...

Meet Luna the 11 month old ECS... she is in need of a HOME! Her own has abandoned her... She was left to roam with no supervision, and when she came home, she is tied to the kitchen and not left to move about.
She is brought to the vet today for a checkup... She is microchipped but with who we have no idea... we will be checking with AVA later on.
The ex-owners practically dumped her off to the rescuer and were very cruel about it... It is obvious she has never been truly loved. I have not yet met her... but i think she really needs a lot of love and patience to get her back on her feet.

She has no papers or any other normal documentation work usually associated with such a beautiful dog.

Please email killertouch@hotmail.com with your family background, housing status and handphone number... and we will get back to you about a viewing.
Christmas is coming... Its been almost a year since I had Bruno come to me... His birthday is really soon too. Everyone should be with their families this time of the year... Luna too. Luna should be with her family.

Will you be her family?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An Impossible Love Story / Belly Dancing / Rock Climbing

Janee: "Bruno, it'll just be impossible between us. Its a Dog's life we have."
Bruno: "No Janee, we can make this work. I know we can. Please, do not do this!"
Janee: "Bruno, we will always be friends. No matter what happens. But we cannot harbor anymore false hopes, or else, it would kill us a little each and everyday."
This is the picture found on page 71 of this month's Pets Magazine! Go check it out! Ok... its a TINY picture....
The Doggie people had a meet up and they didn't bring their dogs... except PA! and he brought me! There was even some belly dancing entertainment. If you ask me.... tummies were never mean to look like that.
Rock climbing is something new Pa is doing... and once again, he has the only camera.
This is no camera trick. Its as high as they come. Over 25meters. Probably the largest artificial rock in Singapore.
It was plenty of fun... but it was real tiring. Pa promised that we will get to go the next time he climbs.
Pa just finished a climb... he couldn't get to the top yet, but it would be soon!
I wasn't keeping that idle myself... I still have it in me to attract the ladies...
and boy... the things I can get away with... I'm sure she's hiding something.