Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pa has been rather concerned about a little loose skin around my body. So he cancelled my breakfast and with a little sun today....he brought me to a secret location....
And before I know it, I am pushed and thrown into the water. Pa also went into the water fully clothed so I guess I'm ok with that.
It was kinda fun but very very tiring.
Tomorrow morning we're gonna take a walk on the Dark Side....9.30am in the morning??

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yes.... this is the long awaited Christmas Post! We had a DWB party at Urban Pooch and it was a pretty fun time for me!

That is until the Fancy dress contest. Pa had this Bumble Bee Bear idea... but I suspect it was probably the only thing he happen to see and probably cheap enough for me to wear.

It must be obvious to you I am not thrilled.

A rottie is NOT a Bumble Bee! How could Pa do this to MEEEEEeeeee.....

To add salt to injury, the thing even had a little stinger at the end where my tail used to me. Pa knows i've always been a little sensitive about that.

But I guess the good news was that I WON that contest!!! and Ray from Urban Pooch presented a $10 voucher to Pa for his next visit to Urban Pooch! Even Ray said I was plenty cute. Ok... i do feel slightly better.

Not as better as having a WHOLE LOG CAKE from Urban Pooch ($14) all to myself. I gobbled up the entire thing and it tasted great. That was MY present from Pa for Christmas.

While Pa was really happy about himself to think up of such an "innovative" outfit, I promptly pulled up the website Bee Dogs to let Pa take a look but mainly to burst his bubble.

A WHOLE website dedicated to Dogs wearing Bee Suits. Wow.

Pa had no choice but to send my picture in as well.

Its a bit late....but I've been to a couple of Christmas Parties this year....and this is one of them....

17th December 2007

Plenty of dogs.... Plenty of dog lovers too. But I wish more would seek to understand their love ones rather than just to "love" them.

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Proof that all bears sleep the same way.

I have had people come up to me that this is bad for the legs and that is bad for my hips.

I now have proof that the way I sleep is NATURAL.

If it happens in nature, then I'm ok with it.

Merry Christmas one and all!

Pa says in America people use "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas" due to religious sensitivities.

If its Christmas, its Christmas. There is absolutely no harm is wishing each other that. Pa was giving a Muslim woman a short lift to the main road after he picked up his documents from AVA, and he and the Muslim woman wished each other Merry Christmas.

Pa is not a Christian and obviously so is the Muslim woman. If this is the only place in the world this can happen, then I am proud to be Singaporean. Now... all this place needs is a revolution.

Viva la revolution.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

OK... The article I placed in the posting before had some problems with people downloading the image. And now...its not even clickable.

You should be able to read it here with fewer problems.

Argh...since I'm here...

Just a trip down memory lane....this was when Pa could hold me in one hand.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

At last...some positive press on our breed.

Dun judge my breed because of Bad owners.

Like Kids, we sometimes get bad parents.

We are who you make us out to be.

*update = picture of the article has been updated as even I have difficulty downloading and reading it...*

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've been CAUGHT!!!

As some of you might know, I follow Pa to work everyday.

And I usually behave myself very well, sleeping quietly most of the time. But when Pa is out running around and he doesn't bring me along....FREEDOM!!

And i got caught via video cam!!

i am SOOOOOO in trouble!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

SENTOSA 2nd time swimming!!!
Pa actually had a full day of activities planned without me involved... but it ended up with me having a whale of a time at Sentosa.
There was a nutrition talk at SMU business school for Dogs. However... Strangely they didn't allow Dogs. So Pa planned to take notes for me. However, Jaffe's mom dropped Pa a message about going to Sentosa instead... and Pa figuring the talk was organised by a Pet Food Company would be biased against feeding me BARF... Decided that it would have been more fun going to Sentosa instead.
And I am now officially SWIMMING! It was tough at first... But with the help of Dave (who has 4 dogs but didn't bring them) and Jaffe's Expert Mom's advise, Me BEAR BEAR is now a swimmer.
This is Dave on the Right and Jose, Kaylie, Jaffe & Bond

Admittedly I was very scared...then I got simply tired. SWIMMING IS NOT FOR ROTTIES. But Pa insisted that I do it.
Jaffe was no help at all. Pa was teaching me the correct positioning when Jaffe came by calling out and showing off. He swam really really far out. I was actually quite worried for him. Dogs have 4 legs. That means we have double the reason to keep our feet on GOOD SOLID FLOOR.

Buried Treasure?

Of course it wasn't just work work work....We also played chase the Ball into the Water and Pirates looking for buried Treasure. Jaffe looked so hard that he went to other people's sitting place and grabbed a couple of pieces of You Tiao (Chinese Deep-Fried Dough Fritters. Lucky Bugger.)

I also met Angel the Black Lab and another Chocolate Lab. Can't remember his name though. They were pretty fun to be with as they were big dogs as well. Pa doesn't really care when I play with big dogs.

"Go kill them." is what he says to me....

...err.... or is it "Go kill him (me)."??

I better clarify with Pa.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hey Kaylie....long time no see...
Its been raining cats and dogs (no pun intended) the last few days....sometimes as just as Pa is getting ready to the park...BOOM! it starts raining...
I miss all my pals. There was one evening where I met up with everyone and Jose's mom was telling Pa about some hiking thing for 1.5 hours through Mud and stuff... after which everyone with their Dogs off leash would enjoy a Beer.
I dun know whats a Beer but from Pa's face, it must be pretty good news.
This is TianPing, Pa's Nephew which makes Pa his Uncle. Apparently he has the same sleeping disease as me... Pa did the same thing with me and my tongue...when he pulled it all the way out and I didn't even realise it.
I haven't been really kept indoors as Pa as usual would bring me to all sorts of places. Pa has been incredibly busy with Clients dropping in all the time. Pa told me not to complain as feeding me Fresh Beef every night isn't the cheapest thing around.
But...I never complain what.
Guess WHERE AM I!!??
Vivo CITY!! On the top floor! Its... a... swimming pool on the top floor! I wanted to go for a dip but Pa said he didn't bring a towel... Oh well... Next time then.
Some security people were discussing among themselves whether or not to talk to Pa... But they didn't dare come near. I think they were worried I am dirty or something... I wanted to tell them that those human kids that were screaming, shouting, running around were pretty dirty too.
Then I went inside to...
Pet Lovers Vivo City
It was GREAT! So many things to see... But Pa said things weren't very cheap there... But aren't I worth it? Pa had to park at Lobby G and take the lift up to the top floor. There is a back door way to Pet Lovers, but Pa took the front door.

Curious about everything...

There was so many things to see there... I loved to look at these little fellows...

I wonder what these are... and when Pa is going to buy a pet of my own. I've been telling him I wouldn't mind a Rabbit or...or...this cute little fellows. I promise I'll take GOOD care of them daddy! Really really.

Everyone was pretty pleased to see me

Why are human's so difficult? I enjoy meeting new people and I can see some humans pretty much enjoy meeting me too. Being pretty well-recieved at Pet Lovers but just a couple of steps away, outside at the mall, I become the big black monster.

I'm paper trained damn it. Some kids I know aren't even close to that.

Meet Cash the JRT at Dogaholics

She's pretty snappy... but in reality she pretty much likes to play. Imagine a JRT and a Rottie running around playing catch.

You get the idea.

I sampled some of the "food" there as well. Check out the Wall behind me. Dogoholics actually has a label on the wall system that enables them to stock their items properly and only bring them out when needed. This saves space and constant dusting of the products. Also the stuff can be kept in a proper environment.

Located at 519 Serangoon Road, the cafe is runned by June who is Cash the JRT's mummy. I cannot remember what the other fellow's name is... (didn't catch it cause he kept humping me when he could hardly reach up high enough...) his mum was pretty cute though.

Pa also adds to say that you have gotta try the mango slurpee. Its pretty good... and the deep fried cheese sticks. The deep fried mushrooms could have tasted better if they were fresh ones instead of the dried ones.

And this is the Chef of Dogaholics... its pretty strange for her to be petting me because according to June, she was terrified of Rotties.

However, once June brought her out... she and I had no problems getting along. She told June with one look that she knew I would be sweet and friendly to her. I just have that sort of face.

She's right.