Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Troy has passed on...

Remember Troy? I'm really upset to hear that he has unfortunately passed on. He was really young too. The family i rehomed him said he cried out one day... and collapsed. They are also very upset that he passed on so quickly.
He was really beautiful. Run free now Troy, see you on the other side.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Got an Hour? Pedigree Dogs Exposed by BBC

Documentary - BBC - Pedigree Dogs Exposed

Thinking about breeding your dog? Thinking about breed standards? Think you have an hour?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Why dun I listen to my own advice?

I received an SMS from Auntie Cynthia about an urgent dog issue at 11pm at night...
FW: Urgent golden must be rehome tonight
You want to take this female golden 21 months old otherwise tomorrow friend giving to SPCA. Must take by tonight.
Usually anything from Auntie Cynthia is a serious issue, and this sounded serious enough. Pa called her up and query as there was no number. So he was given Gary's hp number (Removed after consideration). Pa promptly called him up only to find out that its for another friend that he is helping.

Hence another number was given. Kenny (Removed after consideration) answered the call and was actually helping a 3rd friend. The actual GR owner. And he was there with him and Pa spoke to the GR owner.
The story told was that the owner had moved from a landed property to a condo apartment. And apparently the condo doesn't allow dogs. So this being the first day, he had to get rid of the dog like NOW.
"It cannot be the management doesn't give you any time to rehome the dog... why the big rush?" asked Pa.

"I also have no time for her lah. So I'll just bring her to SPCA. I cannot wait a week." said the GR owner.

"... ok..."
Looks like the GR was going to discarded like old trash before CNY spring cleaning. Pa managed then to convince the owner to keep the dog for just one more day as he looked for an urgent foster home. In the background... it sounded like the owner was playing mahjong.

Pa also requested that the GR owner sms him and send him pictures of the GR, so that we could help with the rehoming. The owner agreed and asked Pa to sms to Kenny his email address and Pa did.
Immediately, social media platforms were used, and messages were sent out... Within 30mins, there were volunteers to view, foster and adopt the dog. But the Kenny was not answering messages and when a call was placed, Kenny instead canceled the call and turned off his phone. This was only just past 12am.

Pa instead sms Gary for help to contact Kenny.
"Look I do not care about your impression or feelings. I have just messaged Cynthia about adopting a dog. Please stop bothering me and do not send me rude messages. Forget about the whole thing."

A dog that was suppose to be sent to SPCA today and likely to lose her life... and there we were trying to help... Pa started to get angry... But with himself. You see, for a long time already, he has decided to help when there is someone he knows personally that is directly involved. in this case, Auntie Cynthia didn't know who Gary was, and also didn't know who Kenny was as well.

Pa broke his own rule. Hence, the anger he felt... was towards himself.
Kenny also didn't bother to reply or answer any SMS till today. Not until Pa called him 10 mins ago. And then he told Pa very flippantly that a relative has taken the dog.

No thanks.
No apology.
No sincerity.

Pa can be angry at himself. But this is my blog. And I have decided to be angry at having these jokers waste my Pa's time. I have invited them to read this blog post. Want your HP numbers taken down? Simple. I want to know the GR owner's name and number. And then I will replace it accordingly.

.I. ^..^ .I.

Update: Kenny has responded. Pa explained to him the entire frustration of the situation. Let bygones be bygones then. Lets just hope we do not make this mistake again.