Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Pets Magazine has ME!

I'm not yet on the cover of the magazine yet... but at least i managed to make it to the Centerfold. Go get your copy now!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

You ask, I answer... Wounds and Playfulness.

Recently there have been more people asking questions... When I get a few, I'll just post them up here so that people in the future that have similar problems can read about them and hopefully this will help them along.
Janice 7 Jun 10, 17:57 :
Bear Pa, can I ask for your opinion, if my 18mth old cocker is easily excited whenever he is outdoors.. i.e wanna play with other dogs whenever he sees them, can’t sit still, very fidgety, DESPITE going for walks/runs daily, and he hardly listens much to me whenever he is excited, is this a serious behavioral problem that has to be corrected immediately? He’s just very playful and friendly and he is no way aggressive. He behaves fine when he is at home with me. Am I being too soft on him as his owner?
Dear Janice... If you were to believe that for every human year, it is 7 dog years, then your Cocker is currently undergoing adolescences. Soon, if not already, he is humping and generally behaving badly.

As a side note, the Cocker has been featured in The Worlds Most Aggressive Dog Breeds... alongside a Rottie, not that you should be concerned about the title, but there is an interesting snippet inside.
Cocker Spaniels often suffer from a dangerous genetic disease known as “rage syndrome.” This syndrome causes spontaneous violent action against not strangers, but actual family members. Many Spaniels have been put down because of this unwanted behavior. Check with the breeder to ensure your Spaniel is free from this dangerous dog disease.
That said, its interesting to note that most of the dog breeds featured in that article are almost all small breeds.
Back to your Cocker, yes, it will become a problem very very soon.

It is likely that your Cocker is rather Alpha, and have had his way for a pretty long time already. Play has many types, and without observing your Cocker, it would be difficult to determine whether it is dominance play or just play. Also, is he play motivated or food motivated? which is more likely to distract him?

The rule of thumb is that you should be in control all of the time. Hence the fact that he hardly listens to you when he is distracted can be rather dangerous for you and for him.

A good practice to begin with is to go to the Dog Run which would help control the environment, and that there will be dogs unleashed there as well. Do basic Sit and Stay commands with the leash on. Correct him every time he fails. After a successful exercise, let him play as a reward for only a few mins, then go home.

Do this as often as possible. Remember, your dog needs your guidance on what is acceptable behavior.
???26 May 10, 16:06:
hey umm,im just another one of your readers.Umm,do you have any idea why a small patch of my JRT's back is covered in some kind of greenish pus?everytime i clean it,it'll come back after a few hours. Pls Help!
Dear ??? Your JRT's wound is infected. You will need some basic first-aid equipment. Please buy some rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol), antiseptic cream/powder, cotton wool or buds.

(Auntie Ming: STOP ASKING PEOPLE TO USE ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!! IS PAINFUL!, hi ??? please use diluted chlorhexidine. if it's really that bad, soapy iodine, or medi scrub)
1. Cut the fur with scissors or shaver around the wound.
2. Use the alcohol (diluted chlorhexidine or soapy iodine or medi scrub) to thoroughly clean the wound. Make sure all the green pus is cleaned away.
3. Then you can either use the antiseptic cream or you can use antiseptic powder. That would help dry up the wound.
4. Make sure you do this once or twice a day till your dog recovers.