Monday, October 26, 2009

Summer, in need of a new home

Meet Summer. She was found half-starved at a playground... but even then, she was very sweet to her rescuers. She has since been nursed back to health from 3 weeks ago and the Vet has given her a clean bill of health... and her teeth are so CLEAN!
It is kinda obvious that summer contains some GR blood in her.... the facial structure is unmistakable. Her body size however is pretty small. About 18-20kgs at best.
Even meeting us for the first time... she was pretty confident and easy to be with. She warmed up to us easily and wasn't at all skittish... OK... MAYBE a little... but who wouldn't be? look at Bruno.
She is very very sweet. Very tame. And seriously quite beautiful. She doesn't smell a day over a year old. In fact, Pa estimates her to be about 9-11 months old only. She has yet to be spayed, so it would be good that her new parents would help her do that.

To view, please contact Pa at or

Currently she is fostered at Station99
(SPECTRA Arts and Adventure Hub 270 Upper Bukit Timah Road #01-11/12)
So if you are looking for a great dog to begin with, contact us immediately and we will see if Summer is just the right dog for you!

***Summer is not a eligible candidate for HDB dwelling***

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A big hi to Milo the CHH

Thanks to Milo's Dad, we had some of our pictures taken at the pool this week! And our first bath in 3 weeks. Yucks. I know.

Nice to have met you too!

Dog and Brother

Hahahaha... its about damn time!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Very Few updates...

The truth of the matter is there little of anything happened the last 3-4 weeks. We stayed at the farm most of the time... but other than some entertaining exchanges with Auntie Jan Jan, little of anything actually happened.

Brown Rice was cooked. Food was prepared. We are bored out of our minds.
Pa on the other hand seems to have the time of his life. Which is irritating really. And his own photo-blog is updated most regularly.
His new thing being with instant photos... that he will take pictures of.

Humans i can never understand. A dog's life is so much simpler.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pa's Trip to Japan

How I wish that I would have a chance to see all this. Pa took photos on the plane to show me what I missed... other from him... and all the sights he saw. I have to imagine the rest. Check it out... there are even cracks in the clouds!
First day in Japan was a hoot. Check out the train lines and connections Pa had to figure ! Thank goodness Pa managed to purchase a JR Rail Pass for 7 Days
This gave him unlimited train rides for all trains including the bullet trains to different parts of Japan. He estimated that he paid about $450 for train rides that would have cost him over $700-$800. Great Savings!
The weather wasn't very kind... but still, it was bearable. Not overly cold as well! Many people carried umbrellas, both young and old, male or female. In Singapore, most guys wouldn't be caught dead with one... why, I have no idea.
Shops in Japan are very nice, small, quaint and very hospitable. They give you such a warm cozy feeling that you cannot help but buy something all the time.
Though I must admit that there are certain weird fetishes and cultural differences.
This is not a Digital Map. Pa took this photo of a map in a train station!
This is iTK (Shinji san) taking his first train ride after being stuck in that terrible capsule after so long. I dun blame him for brooding. I would be too.
Well, at least he got to look out of the window and not me. What else does he have have to complain about?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

iTK... An "accurate" depiction of Pa... when he gets slimmer.

This is Shinji Ikari, main character of Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン Shin Seiki Evangerion) But he will no longer be Shinji.

Say hi to iTK. An accurate yet brooding depiction of Pa in his quest to look remotely like this guy. Wakakaka... Pa is quite the clown.

Today, Pa was asked to help rehome a GR that was purchased a year ago as a gift from a guy to a girl... just because the girl watched the movie 10 promises to my dog. Movies like Nemo, Marley and Me, etc. there would be an inevitable spike in sales of the "animal". Even now movies like G-Force carries warning labels asking people not to purchase the pet because of the movie.

Strangely, movies like Cujo probably wouldn't increase the popularity of Rotties.

Anyway, she has to give the dog up because she doesn't have time for the dog, stays in a 3 room government flat, didn't train the dog, and now... HDB is now forcing her to give up the dog or else AVA officers will put it down.

As Pa has a waiting list of potential adopters that has a place in their homes for another member, he offered his help to rehome the dog. Of course... some rules apply.

-No Adoption Fee (any money contributed would go into Pa's medical fund for needy dogs)
-No Changing of Decision
-No Viewing of the Dog after a successful adoption.

This is to lower the chance of depression and eventual dog bites. Dogs when removed from their homes would be depressed... and given the fact the dog is untrained, the new family would have to be stern and strict during the training period.

Should the previous owner come by needlessly and frequently, the dog would only be really happy and depressed every time the previous owner walks away. This might contribute to an "incident". Not only that... it is only selfish and unreasonable for the previous owner to want to do this.

Looks like she is not agreeable and wants to continue to visit him after he gets adopted. Pa has decided that such people should then handle their own affairs.

The only fellow that really loses out is the dog.So look out for the little adventures of iTK with his other little half naked friends in Tokyo! That's where he is from... doesn't speak a single word of English right now.