Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1 is the loneliest Bear / Life and How to Survive it.

If you couldn't tell by now, Pa has been a little depressed. Lately he has been thinking about his life and everything that has happened.

Time will heal all wounds.
Beer is a Time machine.

As he manages to find an absolute new low, wishing he could dig his eyes out... he comes across an article provided by Uncle RUOK on Plurk. It refers to the every popular site Mr Wang and possibly one of the best article Pa has read this year.
Uncle Adrian Tan is one of Pa's all time favorite writers. He wrote the Teenage Textbook and the Teenage Workbook which Pa has read like 1000 times. He probably also bought at least 3 copies each because some people never returned the book to him. His latest copies are once again missing.
In Essence, Uncle Tan tells in his speech to the NTU convocation ceremony when he was invited as the guest-of-honor just how we should lead our lives.

Don’t work.
Avoid telling the truth.
Be hated.
Love someone.

After reading the entire article a few times... Pa realises just how close his philosophy in life and Uncle Tan's is. And also just how far he has strayed in that philosophy. It impacted Pa so much I had to read it myself. And I realise just how similar it is to a Rotties life as well.

-We never work. What we do, we do Out of Love. Out of Loyalty. Out of Instinct.

-We never tell the Truth. We love unconditionally. Whatever we see, disagree in, disgusted over... we will always hide it and lick inbetween your toes. That and the fact we can't talk helps.

-We are Hated. By others that have no real reason to do so.

-We are always Loving. And we are always willing to love someone with every fibre of our bodies that we will undoubtedly sacrifice ourselves.

Looks like we are already WAY ahead of the others... and if we were human, we would probably be Lawyers.

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Anonymous said...

nice one! agree with the life's philosophy, i am jobless now... hehe..

And we don't hate rotties, just tiny weeny bit scared of them : )

aunty jyin