Monday, May 28, 2007

I've been tummy-tagged by J&J!

Sorry it took me an entire week to respond, but Aquarama closed yesterday.

Pa is dead tired but it looks like he's quite happy with the response to his uber big booth.

Some of our Staff at the company helping out to set up.

When we were filling in the water in the tank. The Stalls about done.

Some of the hired help Pa had to spend time with. They were

Busy busy busy!

Anyway... it also looks like Pa has been banned on the Doggiesite Forum. And till now, he has no idea why. He feels that the Forum Mod is extremely biased against him. According to others, the forum Mod told everyone that Pa is on a "time-out". Hahaha... why?....probably because the mod feels she can do it I suppose.


If no one noticed, I just turned 1 on the 26th. Pa didn't have time to spend it with me.

But he did say that my birthday party should be next week or so. Cause even after the show, he still has plenty to do. I have been in a bad way.

Pa brings me to the office each morning and leaves me there...UNTIL late at night. No friends and bored out of my head. My weekly swimming sessions were all forfeited. SIGH!

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy BIRTHDAY toooo MEEEeeee....


Monday, May 21, 2007

I ran a search on Cpt Alan of the SCDF and came up with this Article!

Go to Page 8 to read about SAR training!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

This is Amanda!

With Aquarama round the corner, Pa has less and less time to help me turn on the computer to update the Blog. I think I'll have to learn to do it myself.

I think I would be joining the SCDF SAR training at Mandai soon! Attended a talk today and it really does look like fun. Looks like I need to have a great ball drive... and I am glad i have just THAT!

Once I get into training, I'll let you guys know.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hey people...

Remember uncle John?



Now...if only he submitted my picture instead!

The young photographer of the year

By Ian Tan
12 May 2007

THERE'S plenty of artistic talent in this small island, but they just need a bit of coaxing to come out of the woodwork.

And more importantly, they need opportunities and guidance to develop their skills.

That's why Canon and The New Paper decided to hold a unique photography competition that was not simply about offering good prizes (of which $10,000 worth of Canon gear is nothing to sniff at).

Topmost on our minds was giving undiscovered talent a chance to showcase some of their best works, and provide the winner an opportunity to work alongside Singapore's best photojournalists in The New Paper's Photo Desk.

The call for entries began in early March, and today, after going through nearly 1,000 submissions and over 4GB of images, Canon and The New Paper are proud to announce we have found our first Young Photographer Of The Year.

He is Mr John Heng, a 28-year-old freelance sailing instructor and photographer.

Even though he's only been into photography seriously for a year, his results came through very clearly.

How did we pick him from the crowd? Well, let me first describe the method before the madness.

It took us weeks to whittle the tsunami of entries to about 30 semi-finalists, and several more judging rounds to decide on the final eight.

Last Saturday, we put the finalists through a gruelling shootout in the afternoon.

The brief was simple - they had three hours in town to bring back three different photos depicting the themes of Scenery, People and Action each.

They were asked to choose their best three images, but as all photo editors know, the young photographer often needs an objective eye to judge his work.

Our judging panel from Canon and TNP's Photo Dept went through all the photos they shot that day to decide the winner.

Said Mr Andrew Koh, Canon's general manager of consumer imaging and information division: 'John had the best shots taken under the extreme time pressure of three hours.

'When you look at his shots, he clearly shoots with his heart and his mind. His pictures tell compelling stories.

'As for the rest of the finalists, their pictures are good and we see potential in many of them.'

Said Mr Jonathan Choo, executive photojournalist at TNP: 'John didn't just 'aim and shoot', we saw that he had already pre-visualised his photos before shooting them.'


Mr Heng wins a Canon EOS 30D dSLR body, 3 pro-level prime lenses (24mm, 50mm, 100mm macro), a 430EX flash and a Pixma Pro9000 A3-sized photo printer worth over $5,000 in all. Also, he will be serving a four-week TNP photography internship.

As for the runners-up, Mr Ng Wei Chean, 31, wins a Canon EOS 400D dSLR kit. MsErnany Siregar Jasmin, 21, and Mr Mike Chee, 32, both win a EOS 350D dSLR kit.

The other finalists were Mr Linus Chai, Mr Mohd Juffrie, Ms Sit Weng San and Mr Cai Jinyuan.

Congratulations to all finalists for making it this far, and thank you to everyone else who participated in this initiative.

Friday, May 11, 2007

with the recent discussions on the forums...I thought that this was a damn cute cartoon found in today's papers.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

check out my new TAG!

It's cool isn't it?

At the back it has my Pa's HP number, my AVA tag number, and the word


Well, I think its Cool. My Pa's the Bestest!

I was at Aunty Agnes'place today... cause Pa accidentally left a bottle there the last time he visited.

Pets' Gantry
Blk 338 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-1643
Singapore 560338
Tel: 6456 6652
***They are no longer accepting walk in grooming! Too busy. Be sure you call before you go down!***

There was a little Indian boy that was so happy to see me. He hugged, hit, pounded, pinched and yelled loudly into my ear. His parents were extremely unconcerned really. Pa had to caution them that not all dogs were as tolerant as me! But honestly, that little bugger was ok.

Then just a short time later, as I was going home after a rewarding day at the Dog Run, I was on leash and walking back, when this group that was sitting outside the Dog Run looked at me for quite some time.

And just as I was walking past this little boy, plainly ignoring him, his pregnant mother suddenly shot up and RAN to the boy, and she bodily placed herself inbetween me and a very far away me, with her arms circling him. Pa was shocked. And there was 3 other less than friendly dogs around...just smaller. Just not a Rottweiler.

Pa told the lady that its ok. There isn't a need to do that. She said that not all dogs like little kids. I wasn't even interested in the little bugger. He had a weird smell. Flabbergasted, Pa just walked away.

Next time Pa tells me he's going to "warn" me by saying "Watch out Bear of that Crazy Bitch on your right". I tell Pa to control himself. It is inevitable that people will fear me... Rightly so. Some of my genetic brothers and sisters didn't behave themselves.

It is an uphill battle, but I shall overcome all and take over the world.

By the way, you guys might be interested to download this PDF has some pretty interesting information on Food. After reading it, I'm so happy Pa has be on BARF.

And you guys should head over Herbie's Dlog to read about his mummy's run in with a nagging Vet.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ok...So I have been a bad boy.

Its been ages since the last update and honestly Pa simply has been really too busy.

Even with his nifty SonyT10, Pa hasn't really been able to take a lot more picture of me.

You guys have to be happy with what I have here.

After the recent problems about writing in Blogs in the Newspaper, where one girl was beaten up... Pa is afraid people with their strange minds would make things difficult for me.

Hence...maybe its good to keep the readership low instead.

I went the the SKC show and I was pleasently surprised to meet people that actually recognise me. Thank you all. It was real fun meeting you too.

This is Vera. I've been swimming pretty often now every week. I can do it pretty fast as well! Yesterday was a really hot day too. Dr Edmund Tan said that I have pretty weak hinds genetically (sob!) but because of good weight management and ample muscles, He says its really no problem.

I can match Kaylie for speed. I'm really not slow!

This is my Pa's fren Clement. Pa was there to support Clement and you can catch him on Deal or no Deal which is featuring soon.