Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sometimes, all that counts is family, friends, companionship.

Like Uncle Ed once told Pa, relationships aren't natural. Uncle Ed and Auntie Ginger has been together for a VERY long time.

"I work at it." These four words made me realize that perhaps right this moment, that truly is the meaning of Life.
Ever since we are young... everything is dictated with whether we worked for it or not. Everything worthwhile of course. When we do get something we didn't work for, we become complacent and basically take things for granted.

Even before my meals Pa makes sure I work for it with some basic training. This makes the meals all so sweeter and nicer I think. If every meal time is given without much creative thought and anticipation, i think meals would be rather boring.
Relationships with meals is one thing. Relationships with other people is a whole different ball game. It isn't easy to have people bother to come and throw you a big party. And at the same time enjoying it. Not having to worry whether this group would click with that group.

Admittedly there are all sorts of relationships and each relationship a different level. And each level a different double standards. Some people you can be just more honest than another.
And at every relationship, it develops to exactly how much you put into it. How much you work at it. If only one side is putting the effort, then only one side would feel the pain with a relationship do end.

it doesn't really matter if you are family, friends or lovers. "I work at it" is something true across all relationships. All relationships worth having.

A relationship is actually pretty tough work. You wouldn't know what you have lost until you do. And then even that it would take some time before it sinks in. Bruno and me has a relationship of giving and taking.

He gives. I take. We are pretty balanced.


garylee402 said...

if only humans are that simple..

linny said...

That's the most heartwarmingtest picture evar.