Saturday, May 22, 2010

A short update on Mousie the CHH's condition

Found this on my tagboard (on the right side) today...
jeanne: TK, you are a fake and a phony! and i am not afraid to expose myself. i hope no more abandoned animals will have to go through a hypocrite like you anymore. HAHA!
(Logged: jeanne 21 May 10 18:56

I'm leaving this on my tagboard. Just in case you guys don't know, Jeanne is actually Crystal's own sister.
So its heartening to see them supporting each other. (Though the bit about "HAHA!" is a tad confusing...)

Pa wrote in Reply:
Jeanne> dear Jeanne, I will leave your entry here. Crystal being your own sister would be happy to know she has your support in the CHH matter. However, please note that the CHH has been rehomed and by his own rightful owner. For your info, Mousie currently has be diagnosed with undescended testicles.

One (testicle) can be felt... the other is lost somewhere inside. He would need surgery or risk long-term health issues. You are free to inform your sister on this, and that his new family is quite well-to-do. The surgery will cost probably over $2000 estimated.

Pa had no intention of dragging this issue up again, but it was left on my blog's public domain. Hence some sort of reply is warranted. Though it was not really Pa's intention to rehome Mousie (renamed Micky as Mou-sie sounds like death in hokkien) because of his medical condition, Pa is glad that he is with a family that is more than willing and also able to afford his medical bills.

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DoMoFi said...

Undescended testicles if not operated will lead to cancer in the future.

We are glad Micky owners are taking good care of him!