Friday, May 21, 2010

Our visit to Mutts and Mittens / 75 dog project

As generally photography isn't allowed... and Uncle Furry takes much better pictures than Pa, we are fortunate to have him there when we visited the project and assessed the situation at Mutts and Mittens. Auntie Leng was clear ecstatic to finally meet us at last! We dun mind... she smells great.
Sounds like the project was taking a lot of heat from the media... and where the kennel was, the owner was clearly not very happy with the limelight. Especially with the crowds that have gone down to "take a look."
Moving to Mutts and Mittens then basically made the most sense especially when it cost about the same and the conditions are so much better than the other place before.
Armed with Uncle Furry's Camera, let's go visit the doggies we are helping out!!
Auntie Lynn has came along to see how the massive amount of money she collected has helped the doggies! About $6000 from her side alone! Impressive!!Doggies Galore!!! There were SO MANY OF THEM!!! And most of them were totally friendly.
Auntie Lynn totally enjoyed herself...
Yep! they smell totally great!
She wish she could bring some home... but she already has Jayden and Jenny, so she will be encouraging others to instead adopt one home!
Some we could see that they have been through a lot... and there is a lot of pain behind their eyes... But now... now its totally different... They were no longer sickly.
And they loved getting cuddled!
Meet Zeus who has been adopted by one of Auntie Lynn's friends! He hasn't gone to his new home yet... but should be this coming weekend! So happy for HIM!

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