Thursday, May 06, 2010

Puppies for Adoption!!! / Pets Magazine Photoshoot! / 75 dogs project

Time is running out.

Auntie Teri from Pets magazine recently found some really cute puppies and are looking for homes for them. Please contact the numbers above if you wanna adopt a new puppy for your family!
Well, Pets magazine had a photo shoot organized for the pooches that did the fashion catwalk... and I had to go and pose again.
Bruno however wasn't part of the shoot but he insisted on coming... so he had 2 minders with him... not that he mind... he was still up to his mischievous self anyway.
Other from the fact that it was a 8am shoot, nothing really happened... and when it was all done, we had a fantastic picture with the Pets Magazine gang.

That said and done... there has been an sms going around with very inaccurate information. Pa himself have gotten quite a few.

Please visit the proper webpage over the 75 dog project. I'm proud to say that we have garnered over $2000 worth of donations already for the project and hopefully more would contribute.
Please also go take a look at Uncle Nick's Webpage for any updates as well as some really good photos taken.

Time is running out. Do what you can to help them out.

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