Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking a break and its all about me today...

Its been a long few weeks since i blogged about just ME ME ME. this entry is about just ME.... and Bruno of course. This picture was taken over at the fashion runway thing... but it was actually corrupted. However, after having a few more pictures taken on the card, suddenly the picture is ok again... I like this picture. The male MC on the right kept fearing me... and he made it known over the mike... I wonder why. He must know he taste good.

She's way hotter.
This was after the group photo picture after the very hot morning sun. Bruno was as usual just chilling and i like this picture... He looks really stupid here.
And this was his handler for the morning... the one he happily dragged around the shoot location.
Ahhhh... Auntie Lynn's Doggies! Say hi to Jayden! He is a confident and beautiful dog... healthy too! nothing like the same ones like the BBC clip on them which i put up earlier in my blog.
And that is her beautiful sister Jenny. They had a WHALE of a time at the Doggie pool.
Jenny isn't as daring as her younger brother... but she had so much fun she ended up having a blister on her foot.
Jayden on the other hand, never been to the pool... but here he is impressively jumping right into it!
He tested the water first of course... but after seeing so many of us just jumping into the pool... he couldn't take it and had to join in the fun!
Admittedly... his leg here seems to be in a rather awkward position... but I am sure it will improve as he practices more.
Absolutely nothing to worry about. We'll both watch over them... like we watch over others.

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DoMoFi said...

Ur Pa photo taking skills is getting pawsome!