Sunday, April 20, 2008

What do Rottweilers do in their Spare time?

We Chill out together. In Pa's car preferably. Because its cool and he usually winds down for us to stick our heads outside. Its really fun.
We also pay hide and seek... Here I am playing Hide & Seek with Bruno... and what's that without a game of Tag?
Bruno's sometimes really lousy at this game. Am I already not obvious where I am?
He has to practically stumble over me before he gets it into his big dumb head its me!
Pa couldn't get the picture... but Bruno and me showed off by jumping over these pipes together! Oh no... I think Pa is now seriously consider giving us agility training!
Met up with Auntie nadnut at the Gardens... We went to our Favorite Coffee Shop as they always welcome us with open arms.
You can see in the background people are still afraid of us. Looks like we have a very long way to go!
Off to Changi Village! Pa brought us along for a drive and stopped to get a drink. This little boy was really into us!
His parents were great. I'm so glad they encouraged him to meet me... Among the cat calls from the public what we were little boy eating dogs.
Very soon it looked as if he was ready to bring us home or ride us!
I appreciated him frenly gesture and returned one of my one... He's not used to the licking part of dogs!
He's a sweet kid... Hope to see him soon!

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the pic of the little boy being shocked is damn cute can