Friday, April 18, 2008

Inside Mediacorp / Suntec City Road Show

Hahahahaa... Guess where am i today?
MEDIACORP! cool eh?
I even get my own pass key!
After that it was on to Suntec!
Pa was playing games with his teammates again!
Everyone was real happy! A road show for his mitsubishi challenge! and this time I was there!
Steve clowning around... making funny faces at me...
See what I mean?
Pa told me that he was going to be busy, so he wanted me to operate his precious camera.
I wanted to play too... but the MC drew the line with playing with a Rotti. Speciesist! He said he would kick me off the stage.
So I just went round taking somemore pictures for Pa.
Finally, I got tired taking pictures, and told Pa that since its my blog, there should be pictures of me and not only his frens. He reluctantly took this one and said I look good here.

Humph. I always look good.

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