Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mitsubishi Challenge Episode 1 is Tonight! Nikki's New Blog

This is SO exciting!! The Mitsubishi Challenge Episode is airing tonight! 9pm! Remember to tell everyone you know about it and watch it every Tuesday!
On a different note, Nikki's new Pa has started a blog for her. I miss her lots. In fact GrandPa was just saying he really missed the little charbor. But I know Pa did what was best for her. CHECK OUT HER VIEW!!!

Pa throws me at the farm all day. That lucky bitch.

But I can see she will be loved and taken care of proper. I will see her soon I hope! Get well soon! Read more about her here


4_eva said...

Apparently i didnt like rotties very much as i think they are dangerous..

But you really proven me wrong!
you guys are really adorable and cute!

BigBrownBearBear said...

Hello 4_eva, thank you for visiting. Rotties are great loyal dogs. Unfortunately many people do not understand the dedication needed for the dog.

come and visit us or do not be shy when you do see us in public functions.