Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Almost Indestructible Ball

Say hi to Auntie Hsien-Li! I am just so very happy to meet her... Not only does she come bearing gifts...
She said she read everything I wrote! And she even wrote a little note for Me and Bruno! Mostly for me of course.

She also asked why Bruno only wrote once... Well, it is called BEAR BEAR the FEARSOME ROTTI Dlog you know... Moreover Bruno is a lazy fellow. Always trying to gain attention and sleeping!

I was more excited that she actually read everything I wrote before! My very own Stalker! Pa says cannot use that word... but I dunch care! I like stalkers! Can't have enough attention as it is!

Maybe its time to start a fan-club.
This is like the coolest toy ever. This was designed for Lions and Tigers... Elephants! Its MINE. I caught Bruno eyeing at it. I'll share it with him later... MAYBE.
Its so cool. I have to use my paws and head to dribble the ball.
Picking it up is a bit of a hassle though... and Pa put water inside... Making it a lot heavier than it should be...
Thank you Auntie Hsien-Li!!! I'll be having plenty of fun with Bruno over this ball. I'll check with him if he wants to write a few things to you...

Bruno> Food. okthanksbye.

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Amber-Mae said...

Hey, kewl ball!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer