Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another one gone....like the sands of youth slipping away
Boy....what an eventful week i've had.
i was at the Dog Show at the Expo....and there were SO many friends there!!
Some of the competitors were very upset that i was looking at them. They even shooed Pa and myself away from them. Pa even apologise to them and asked me to sit....which i did.
they started scolding their own dogs why weren't they as responsive as me. Pa thought THAT was funny.
probably the greatest thing that happened to me was that someone at the Expo recognised me!! ME!! She said she read my blog!!! wow... i dun really know how to check who visits...so please leave a comment when you do come ok??
Also, it was Fei's Birthday party at Urban Pooch... we just had simply so much fun and Pa will post up some pictures later. I missed out on the yummy cake...but that was really beyond my control....when its my birthday, i'm going to have this big huge party and Everyone would be invited!!!
so keep the 26th or 27th of May 2007 FREE!!! (its a Saturday/Sunday, and i'm sure i booked you early enough! Jaffe may be celebrating with ME!!)


Boo Boo said...

Hi Bear,

Im sure I can spot you too if I see you.

You are one special Rotti different from the rest that I know. You are so much cuter and nicer

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hi Bear X2. I was at the dog show but didn't see you.

e said...

Hi Bear Bear

Eve is in love with ya! She couldn't stop talking about how cute you were and that you really did look like a bear! And she got some good shots of you which she will send your pa later.

haha about the silly show people who shooed away you. silly show people.

Hi TK:
Thanks heaps for coming to the party. Bear Bear is so well behaved and I like how he carefully chews all his food before eating. He's a good boy; not greedy. Sorry Fei was a bit grumpy that day. When I get the time, I'll send you pics of Bear we took. We have some good ones, including the one where he tried to eat my earring!
Maybe we can meet up again when I come back for Fei in Feb. I'll be gobsmacked when I see how big Bear has grown then.

Fei & E

jaffeboy said...

That is some cool tooth you have! MaMa "collected" a few of mine too.

I tell you, those show pple R wierd. Uptight too. tsk tsk tsk.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Bond> I think so too. I'm just lucky I've got him.

Scuba> it was way crowded. Did you see all the big dogs? I'll post some pictures up later.

Eve & Fei> Thanks for the invite and wished I could have stayed longer. Fei is a beautiful girl and I'm sure she was just spooked at the number of dogs around.

I'll be more than happy to meet up when you get back. This time it'll be my treat.

Jaffe> tell your mom that its the skill of the photographer that makes the photo so nice.


Yah...those show people were a bit odd, but I do not really blame them. They take their "investments" very seriously. Some really brought a WHOLE lot of stuff into the Expo. Nevermind the dogs, the other stuff was just as impressive.

Cost of...

Pedigree Show Dog = $5000
Equipment for Grooming = $2800
Premium Food & Supplements = $3200

Expressions on Faces when Bear sits when he is asked to while theirs disobey every single word = pricele$$.

Jay said...

Hi Bear Bear, I wonder why the competitors shooed you away. Maybe you looked too good and they were jealous?

Seems like you had fun this weekend! We had an "exciting" weekend too, but not the way I would like it to be!

Wow, you really book people so far ahead of your birthday party. Hmmm... so am I invited? *hopeful looks*

Anonymous said...

hello bear bear.. i'm the one u met at expo that day... dropped by to read ur nice blog again... haha... u are officially the cutest and the most handsome rottie i've seen...hope to see u around soon...

BigBrownBearBear said...

Bear says that anyone and everyone is invited. And thats you too Jay!!

Anon> didn't manage to catch your name, and thanks for making Bear's day!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have big teeth!

Bussie Kissies