Monday, October 02, 2006

First Day at the Beach @ KM8 Tanjong Beach
I am not really sure whether I like the water yet.
Pa brought me down to the beach at Sentosa and he was flabbergasted at the number of people at this place called KM8.
There was music, there were drinks, there were many humans in very little clothing. Little as in small.
Pa tells me that it is a very high chance we would be going back there every Sunday from now on. To get a tan and swimming practise of course. Says its good for my health.
I dun see how getting salt and sand in my fur is good for health....
When I came up from the water, there was a family of Koreans and their kids playing on the sand.
I didn't even do anything. I was shaking the water off and their father RAN to his kids and stood in front of them.... "blocking" them with his hands stretched out at the sides.

Pa really didn't know whether to go up to him to tell him....

a) this is a beach and there are MANY other dogs around.

b) I am really not that big. Maybe the fellow couldn't see me properly

c) I wasn't even going near his kids. Just shaking off the water.

So Pa just sat in the water to see what will happen. And I...thought...HEY! so friendly! I'm wet and you still wanna hug me?

But Pa say I cannot anyhow hug strangers. So I sat right down at his feet.

The big guy stood down there with his hands held to his sides for another good 20+ secs before he realise that he looks a little stupid.

Anyway Pa also met quite a few friends down there...some by accident. Maybe I will see some of you guys down there this coming SUNDAY!

For Jaffe's mom....I'm 12.5kg


Boo Boo said...

Hi Bear,

I can see that you draw very well ...... errr .... but why have you drawn yourself to look like a kangaroo instead ?


BigBrownBearBear said...

well... er.....

he doesn't have a thumb

jaffeboy said...

Holy gutsmoly... 12.5kg?! MaMa's gonna break her back the next time she attempts to carry you.

I guess we'll have to give the beach a miss for the next couple of months until "my bitch" is ready to go for a dip.