Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kaylie's always invited to Dinner
Today, Pa read Serene & Georgi's blog and Pa's heart goes out to their loss.
Sometimes, its simply just fate and not really how clean or dirty the pet shop is. (though it definately contributes)
Spunky is definately in a better place now.
Also, Pa read about a Life of a Dog's Rescuer... and Pa is humbled by her choice. Pa already has his hands full with me... and is busy with business. He wishes he could do more... but he has to make sure I do not kill someone in the future by accident.
At least that is what EVERYONE THINKS I'M GOING TO DO!!!
Pa is pretty sick and tired of old people passing comments like..."that Dog is going to grow up and kill you." *Happened this morning* Gosh. Human beings are just Irresponsible and discriminary. Death and maulings by animals...and much less Rotties are so rare that Death by Dengue or fungal infections are more likely.
Heard recently that there are plenty of JRTs at SPCA now... Maybe I'll go check them out later.


jaffeboy said...

Bear Bear, have you gone to dogs with blog & vote for my picture to win Photo of the Month? OkOk, even if you don't vote for me, just go vote for one of the pictures!!! I'll offer Kaylie as a treat, how's that... hahahaha

e said...

haha sorry I had to laugh about the comments the old fogeys make. I laughed because I get that too, about my little "Singaporean drain dog" and old people in my area always look at Fei and go,

"aiyah. tsk tsk" and silly men telling me I should muzzle my fei.

I really want to ask them what tsk tsk is. But I know I won't be able to refrain from swearing like a truck driver.

Bear Bear, can't wait to see you at the party!!

Eve and of course, Fei.

Jay said...

Hey Bear Bear, you are so misunderstood! Rotties can make good doggies too, although the photo that you put up seem to say otherwise :P


BigBrownBearBear said...

Jaffe> I'll do it soon. Where is the link?

e> We will need to re-educate these humans. Lock them up in a very small room and show them a bit of Love.

Jay> Its all the camera angle and media's fault. Its really just play-acting.