Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another lonely time for me??
Angel is going for an Operation...and would be away for 2 weeks.
Bailey's mummy will be in Hong Kong and Bailey's would be boarding over at somewhere.
Jaffe and his kid sister Kaylie would always be late.
I ish Lonely.
Looks like it'll just be with my Pa and me for now.


e said...

awww don't be lonely bear bear.

Hey Eve wants to invite you and your pa to a little doggy birthday do. Actually it's Fei and her sister's birthday and it looks like it's going to be held next weekend. What say you?

Fei & E

Jay said...

Hi Bear Bear, do not be lonely. Treat this as a private bonding time between your papa and yourself. OK?

jaffeboy said...

Sorry Bear. The next time you see Kaylie, do give her a few tips on paper training. That way we all get to go to park on time.

BigBrownBearBear said...

Wow. Bear's more popular than me.

e> sounds great, i'll email you in a while.

jay> Bear spends most of his time with me. he would very much prefer to spend time away from me.

jaffe> dun be hostage to your susters yepping!!

Katsu said...

bear bear..ur so adorable!! i love ur sleeping positions! u and guiness look so cute together..she's one pretty rottie!

Boo Boo said...

Bear Bear,

What time do you guys go to bishan park ? I was always wondering how come I keep missing you guys?

But I always see a 60 plus uncle with a JRT.

I can go play with you .... But please dont bully me like how you bully other dogs ....

oppppssss .... sorry, wrong word, I mean "play" not "bully" :P

BigBrownBearBear said...

Hi Bond,

Bear and myself usually try to reach the Park dog run by about 6.30pm-7pm.

You can always drop me a message at 98152481 if you're going down.