Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! / Auntie Barb's newborn

Say hi to one of the newest addition to the world. Auntie Barb's little Mikki. Its also Pa's first photoshoot of a newborn. Boy... did he learn new stuff.
When we have more pictures other from his crappy iPhone ones, we will put them up as it goes along.As the Chinese New Year was round the corner... Pa thought it would be fun to have little greeting pictures with us in it... as really massive black rabbits.
We have heard disturbing rumors that some people thought these were photoshopped on. Let us reassure you... that they were not. We were made to wear these and have our pictures taken.
We tried them with all sorts of positions... all to your amusement of course... and we decided on these two as our 2011 greeting pictures. Hope you enjoy them.
Yes... It takes a real confident dog to be seen like this... and we are in no doubt secure with our personality, speciesnality and sexuality.
So Happy Lunar New Year to all my Asian Friends and whoever else that benefits from this festive of food, reunion and red packets.
Nigel is also in a great mood during this period of time.

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