Monday, February 14, 2011

"Marble" the Mini Schnauzer might need a home after tomorrow...

Meet Marble (Shaggy is his NAME!) the mini male schnauzer that Pa found! We have retrieved his microchip number but so far no luck. Tomorrow we will go to AVA to search for his owner. If he is totally unregistered, then we will rehome him immediately.

SPCA has also been informed... but strangely no one seems to be looking for him. If you know someone that is missing their mini schnauzer, please ask them to contact Pa with the Pushme app at the sidebar directly into his iPhone.

More details for rehoming after confirmation from AVA!


Shaggy is REGISTERED! Pa has contacted the owner and have spoken to the her as well. He will be reunited with his family soon! They didn't know who to turn to, that is why they hoped someone (like Pa) will scan for the microchip and find them eventually!
***Another Update!***
Shaggy has been reunited with his original owner and he seems really happy to see him. This story has a happy ending! Found out that Shaggy is really about 6 years old! He must have had some mid-life crisis and wondered away then!

We hope to see Shaggy soon running around as he did with us over the weekend! I'm sure he had a whole bunch of fun! BYE SHAGGY!!!


lildogomine said...

So glad everything has worked out for the best and the microchip was found. I love happy tail wagging endings. Anyhowl I wanted to share some cute pics and such with you

Amber-Mae said...

Hi Bear Bear! Remember me? I am happy to know Shaggy has been reunited with his owners. Good thing he had a microchip & the owners transferred their names.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bear, Bruno and TK, I thought you might like this link - Alicia posted a cute Rottie video. The Rottie isn't as cute as you three but I thought you would enjoy seeing a Rotti getting attacked by a beagle.