Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mousie Goulie the WahWah for adoption!

Meet Mousie Goulie, the first Blog Chiwahwah to be rehomed! Here is Auntie Crystal who had found him outside her place at 3am in the morning... Smelly, frightened and alone... She took him in and washed him up before calling Pa to help.
Pa managed to locate the owner with the microchip imbedded in the dog, Mala from Sada Industries (9747 2734 to register your microchip number with them) called the owner up and had Pa contact the owner as well.

The owner had given up this 2+ year old CWW a year + ago because she had 2 kids at hand.
He was passed to a friend who then passed it to his sister-in-law. When the original owner called him up, he didn't know the dog was missing at all, and when he called his sister-in-law, apparently her husband was drunk and kicked the dog out...
MORE THAN 3days ago. In other words, there was absolutely no effort in locating the dog again.

This was for a CWW that isn't even 1kg and small even for his breed. He doesn't bark much, generally well-behaved, extremely affectionate... Though he has a pee and poo problem. He was never trained.
We'll have more pictures of us and him put up soon. But Pa would like to find a place for him. He has already been neutered and from his nature, he would be better in a 1dog family situation.

Please email for any enquiry and please include your family canine situation, experience and contact details.

Alternatively you can use my Pushme widget at the side here to drop your contact details directly to my iPhone.

To the dog run!

***due to current issues with auntie crystal, Mousie Goulie will be returned to his original registered owner and hence no longer available for adoption***


Daphne Maia said...

can i adopt the one on the right (in the first pic)?

hahahaha. kidding. anyway. such a cute doggy. i hope u manage to rehome him soon...

Anonymous said...

Haiz... stupid reason again... I really dont under human why can just dump the a tiny wawa out of their place...hope he can goes to a good home....


Nikki said...

Sigh, when adult human home is not stable, all else goes haywire and affects the little ones.

@KA!ge said...

People loves to treat these animals who were not granted absolute rights by the law as flings. Is the CWW adopted already?